Enema clinic stories

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I had had enemas regularly when I was a kid and got quite addicted to them when I was about When I went away to college, my mom packed an enema bag for me, but I was WAY too embarrassed Enema clinic stories use it in the communal dorm bathroom.

I managed to do without, although I sometimes got uncomfortable for a few days. Then, some kind of "flu" bug hit the campus in October and I was laid up for a couple of days, with much vomiting and the usual symptoms. I was in no condition to do anything about it for a couple of days, but finally decided I was in good enough condition to drag myself over to the student health service.

I explained what my condition was to the duty nurse, and she said that she could provide a laxative. She said, "Well, actually that would be my first choice, but you mention an enema today and the student is likely to leave a patient-sized hole in the wall as he dashes out in horror! She led me to a small room that had an examining table, a counter-top cabinet against the wall with a sink and a toilet in the corner with a curtain that could be pulled around it.

Hmm, fairly obvious what "treatment" this room was set up for, I thought. She had me sit on the table and open the front of my pants and lower them just a bit. She rubbed my belly all around the edge, feeling my colon, and then pressed in all around the lower right area, asking repeatedly if that hurt.

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I told her that it was all Enema clinic stories little sore, but that pressing in there didn't really hurt in particular. She then said that I was pretty negative for appendicitis symptoms, and she'd try to get me the enemas I needed.

She opened the door partly and leaned out. Then I heard her say, "Oh, Dawn, just who I needed. I think I've got a patient here who needs your specialty. Are you busy? Then the nurse said, "Okay, then," and stepped out of the room. Dawn then entered, and I was stunned at the beautiful young woman who walked into the room.

She had long, straight red hair, and stood about 5 foot 10 inches. I had always had a thing for tall women, and tall, buxom redhe nearly. She had a face that was so beautiful that it almost hurt your eyes at first. She had a very soft manner that was quite relaxing and reassuring, although I would have usually been VERY intimidated by such an incredibly sexy. Looking at her face more closely, it became apparent she was very young, maybe a couple of years older than me, at most.

I figured out she must actually be a student. Anyway, she asked me a couple of questions while also palpating my abdomen. I had never gotten a chance to zip up my pants. She asked me if I'd ever had an enema before. I told her, "Sure, my mom gave them to me all the time when I was living at home.

I told her that my mom gave me and my sister enemas every Saturday evening. I could hear her breathing as I finished that answer, and was wondering if she was getting excited by that sort of answer. She then asked if I had ever had a. My mom gave them first, then a rinse. After I was 12, I got 2 soap suds before the rinse. She said, "Well, some people get severe irritation of the colon.

It's called soap colitis, so I wanted to check that you wouldn't have a problem with that. She asked how much solution was used on me, and I told her that I got 2. Her heavy breathing was unmistakable at this point as she said, "Well, in that case I'm going to use the larger bags we have here for people with large colons, as it sounds like you are quite used to large enemas.

She unrolled the thing, and it was a really big bag with large s printed on it. The s were, and The nozzle had a bulge on the end. She told me to get undressed, and I could go behind the curtain while undressing and to put on the hospital gown she had laid out there. I did so, without much care for privacy, as I think she already expected me Enema clinic stories be aroused, and I was pretty sure she was aroused to some extent. While I disrobed, she was filling the bag and mixing the soap in. When I turned around after getting the gown on, she was sloshing the fluid in the bag and putting it on a hook on the wall.

I laid down on the table on my left side, and she said "Ah, looks like you know the drill here. She put on a glove, applied lube to the middle finger and inserted it into my rectum, lubing me inside. She said, "I can feel you are full. Enema clinic stories is not going be a very pleasant experience, I'm afraid. She inserted the nozzle and then said, "Okay, I'm going to start the water flowing in. Let me know if you get a cramp. I felt the water almost immediately. It soon became very warm, and as the bag was fairly low on the hook, the pressure wasn't too bad. I had noticed she had cc's of soap suds in the bag when we started.

After a couple of minutes, I asked her to slow it down a little, as I was getting a little bit of cramping. She said I was doing really well considering how packed I was. After a couple more minutes the bag was empty and I was quite full. She asked me to roll over on my back and she would rub my belly.

I suspected she had already seen my erection, so there was nothing to hide, and rolled over. The hospital gown was sticking way up in the air. She just raised it to my waist and began to gently rub my belly. The feeling was wonderful. She started out gently and then slowly became more vigorous. She started talking then, saying that it was obvious I was enjoying this enema.

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She asked me if I'd ever gotten an erection before when given an enema, and I told her that I almost always did at some point in an enema session, and that I had actually ejaculated in front of my mom and sister a few times, but that was rather embarrassing. I heard the heavy breathing again, and she asked did I get enemas in front of my sister very often. I told her that Enema clinic stories always got them in front of my sister, as we were given the enemas together. While I was on the pot, my sister got filled; while she was on the pot, I got filled.

It would take too long for us to do it separately. More heavy breathing followed, and Dawn started to make a sighing sound. There was absolutely no question at this point that she was about as sexually aroused as I was, but she was trying to maintain a professional demeanor.

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Her nipples were plainly obvious through her bra and uniform blouse. At this point I told Dawn I was not going to be able to hold the enema much longer, even with that nozzle to grip. She lifted the bag off the hook, looped the hose over her arm and helped me off the table and onto my feet. She walked with me to the toilet and then helped me turn and sit down, pulling the hose between my legs as I sat. She asked me to spread my legs and slouch. She gently pulled the hose and the nozzle slipped out of me, and all that water and poop exploded out of me.

I Enema clinic stories hunched over, just blasting all that muck out of me. She said she hated to embarrass me, but it was required for her to stay with me, as some patients fainted while expelling. I told her I wasn't embarrassed, as my mom and sister had seen me expel enemas hundreds of times. I then told her that when our family went on road trips, we all stayed in one motel room, and we got enemas every evening before bed. After me and my sister were done with our enemas, my parents would then give each other enemas.

Enema clinic stories

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