Erotic hanging story

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Hanging for Jenny. There was nothing to do but admit it. Peter could never lie to Jenny anyway. Few people could.

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She had a well-deserved reputation as Erotic hanging story of the best—and most ruthless— district attorneys in the state. Hardcore career criminals broke under her relentless cross-examinations. Besides, she already knew the truth. The credit card bills, the e-mails, even the birthday card Wendy had dared to send to their home. His wife stood in center of the living room, her well-tailored suit hugging her hot body, holding the evidence in her perfectly manicured hand. How could he have been so stupid? And even worse, why had he done it in the first place? How in the world could he have gambled away his marriage for a casual fling?

Peter stood there too stunned to speak afraid of what Jenny might say next. There was no hurt in her voice. Only a cool, contemptuous certainty. Peter knew there was no point in lying any further. It would only make things worse. I love you.

Please forgive me Jenny. Peter felt a dizzying panic. Tears filled his eyes. The idea of losing Jenny was unthinkable. She seemed to ponder his words for a moment.

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It was that fetish again. Over the last four years of their marriage Jenny had often mentioned her fascination with erotic asphyxiation. On occasion Peter even let her wrap a scarf or a tie around his throat while they made love. Peter had to admit it was an oddly erotic sensation.

The constriction of the blood in his throat seemed to thicken his penis inside her and make his orgasm that much more powerful. And, to be truthful, it seemed to be the only way that Jenny really got off. If he wanted to feel that his beautiful wife was really making love to him, and not some fantasy in her mind, Peter learned he had to let her strangle him. But hanging…that was a different story. Jenny argued that with a partner the practice was perfectly safe. The vast majority of tragic incidents involved those people who were practicing erotic asphyxiation by themselves and messed up.

But, still, Peter found the idea frightening and, frankly, more than a bit on the weird side. Now, at last, it looked like he had no choice. If you love me as much as you say, I would hardly Erotic hanging story you would need so much time to decide. Jenny sneered derisively. Any other way? Take it or leave it. And with that, she spun on her heel and left the room. Peter knew she was right. He had broken whatever trust had existed between them. But was putting his life literally in her hands the only way? Without Jenny, Peter considered there would be no life worth living anyway. Besides, he probably was just being a wuss.

Jenny was nothing if not supremely competent and circumspect. If she said she could hang him safely, then she meant it. Even if there was a tiny risk of something going wrong, it was worth it if it meant winning Jenny back. She looked up from some papers on her desk.

Hang me. He tried to make his voice sound more sure than he actually felt. Jenny nodded. A brief glance told him that they contained a full and sordid admission of his affair with Wendy and apologized in the most abject terms for having hurt his faithful and loving wife. He took the pen and ed the document. If she did decide to divorce him, this document would insure that Jenny could take everything they had. He would have lost the only thing that mattered to him: her.

Jenny folded up the papers and slid Erotic hanging story into a large envelope which she sealed and locked away in her desk drawer. With that, she dismissed him from her office to take a call. Just before he closed the door, Peter could hear his wife laughing softly and talking in low, unmistakably intimate terms with whoever was on the other end. The rest of the week passed with a kind of surreal normalcy. Peter went to work each morning and came home each night as usual. He and Jenny ate dinner together at home except for the nights she was held up at the courthouse.

Jenny was pleasant enough and they made the usual small talk. Peter bought her flowers and candy which she accepted without comment. After dinner, Jenny would retire to her office to work on legal briefs until bedtime. Peter took Wendy out for lunch one last time. He told her that their affair was over, that Jenny had found out. He told Wendy that they had to stop seeing each other.

He was in love with his wife and could never leave her. On Friday morning Peter showered, dressed, and left for work as usual. Jenny still made no mention of my punishment over breakfast and he almost wondered if she had forgotten all about it. He was disabused of any notion of clemency the moment he entered his office and read the. It was from Jenny, but not Erotic hanging story her usual. The message was brief, impersonal, and contained very explicit instructions of what he was to do that day.

Some of it, quite frankly, sounded rather strange. Peter thought, with a nervous laugh. Stranger than hanging me? Once there, the prisoner will shower and shave his entire body except for the hair on his head. Then he is to proceed to the storage area under the basement stairs where he will wait on his knees for the execution of his sentence.

Failure to comply, and divorce proceedings will be initiated at once.

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Peter shut the door and re-read the several times, jotting down the list of tasks on a small notepad, his cock stiffening inside his pants. Then he carefully deleted the from his mailbox afraid that someone in the office might see it. Could it be possible that this scenario was turning him on as much as it was Jenny? After a week of abstinence, Peter was dying to fuck his beautiful wife again. He showered, depilated his body, and now padded naked to the guest room. Lying on the spare bed was a simple pale blue shift that looked something like a hospital gown.

Beside it lay a pair of cheap rubber flip-flops. Peter shrugged, put on the outfit, sat on the bed, and poured out the first glass from the carafe of wine on the nightstand. He was starting to feel nervous, but, fortunately, the first glass of wine calmed him down.

The second mellowed him out. And the third made Peter almost sleepy. Before he passed out entirely, he snapped the cuffs Jenny had left on the nightstand beside the carafe around his wrists, slipped his bare feet into the rubber flip-flops, and scuffed his way down to the basement. He crouched down on his knees in the cramped Erotic hanging story and fell asleep while waiting for Jenny to arrive. Peter blinked into the light. Jenny was standing over him, wearing one of her grey powersuits and black pumps.

Zoning in and out of consciousness, Peter could hear that Jenny was taking her own shower and, afterwards, blowing out her hair as if she were going out for the evening. By the time he heard her high heels on the stairs, however, he was wide awake.

Erotic hanging story

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