Erotic male massage stories

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I closed my eyes and tried to relax as I lay face down on the massage table with only a sheet covering my bare naked ass. I had never in my life entertained a gay thought but his hands felt so good and erotic on my bare skin that I found myself wondering what it would be like to touch his naked body.

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The relaxing music and scented candles in the dimly lit room added to the strangely sexual atmosphere and I could feel my dick swell with excitement. My body tensed as he stood by my head and leaned over me. His hands moved down toward my sheet covered ass and the proximity of his manhood to my head was not lost on my lust filled mind.

My appointment at the salon had been with Dani, a pretty brunette who usually took care of my stress and back pain. Dani was a complete professional and gave a great Swedish massage but she had called out sick and Hank was the only masseuse available. I needed someone to work out the kinks in my back and neck so I agreed to keep my appointment. He wore a wedding ring and appeared to be a straight family man so I had no idea what the impetus for my odd and totally uncharacteristic fantasies was but my fully erect cock was pinned between my body and the massage table as he started rubbing my feet and legs.

My body was relaxed yet paradoxically excited and I was confused about what my homoerotic thoughts meant about my sexuality. I was recently divorced and it had been over a month since I had been with a woman but I had never been attracted to a man and I considered Erotic male massage stories totally straight. I had always been attracted to women of all shapes and sizes but there was no denying the feelings I felt as his hands moved up my legs to the extremely sensitive skin of my upper thighs.

His strong hands slid up my legs toward my hidden but very hard dick and I held my breath. I wanted him to continue his journey and touch my ass. I had to stifle a moan of disappointment when he stopped less than an inch from my smooth, shaved nut sack. His hands moved down my left leg and he repeated the agonizingly exciting process on my right leg before moving around my body and standing by my head.

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His words sent a shiver through my body as his warm breath tickled my ear. I knew my excitement would be revealed if I turned over but I had no choice. I inhaled deeply and slowly turned onto my back. My hard dick made a prominent tent in the sheet as my cheeks flushed crimson with embarrassment.

I could see a smile on his face and it made me feel much more at ease than I had been when I first rolled onto my back. I am used to it and in fact I take it as a compliment. His soft soothing voice quelled my fears but their was a hint of interest in his tone and my dick did not soften as I lay exposed on the massage table.

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Hank put his strong, yet soft hands on my head and started massaging my scalp and face. His fingers rubbed my temples and then slid across my forehead, down my nose and cheeks to my neck and then down my torso toward the tented sheet. It was as if he was trying to move the stress from my head down to my pelvis and it was working. My mind was spinning and my body tensed in anticipation of contact with my engorged dick each time his hands approached my swollen member.

Just like before, the proximity of his manhood to my naked body was oddly exciting and I wondered what it would be like to touch it. I could smell the faint scent of cologne as he leaned over my head and I inhaled deeply drawing the fresh scent into my lungs. Hank moved around to my side and began massaging my left arm.

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He held it outstretched and brushed it against his dick. At first I thought the contact was accidental but he repeated it several times. My eyes opened after the third time and he looked at me and smiled. Until that moment I had been engaged in an internal struggle with the uncomfortable desires I was feeling but the idea that I might do the things I was thinking about was not a realistic possibility.

Hank left my hand on his obviously hard cock and slid his hands under the sheet. He touched my painfully hard dick and squeezed it gently with one hand while the other gently massaged my balls. My fingers fumbled with the snap and zipper of his pants and ultimately freed his hard cock from their tight confines.

I pushed his pants and boxers down exposing his big hard cock to my trembling hand. The confusion I had felt earlier disappeared the moment my hand touched his hard dick. Hank pushed the sheet off my body and it fell to the floor leaving me completely exposed.

The fact that Hank was still almost fully dressed as I lay naked and vulnerable on the massage table made the situation even more erotic than it had been. My breathing was quick and it announced my excitement as Hank continued to stroke my rigid dick with his soft yet strong hands. I tried to mimic his rhythm as I slowly stroked his big hard cock. I had not opened my eyes to look at his erect manhood but I could tell he was bigger and thicker than my dick. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked hard as his hands stroked and massaged my cock and balls.

He brought me to the brink of orgasm with his talented Erotic male massage stories and held me there for several minutes as he teased the head of my cock with his firm wet tongue. I had never felt anything like it in my life and I started to moan with raw wanton desire.

He stepped toward my head and pointed his hard cock at my mouth. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too. I had never before harbored a gay or bi thought and yet I opened my mouth wide and accepted his drooling Erotic male massage stories inside me without hesitation. I could taste the salty, slightly briny flavor of his precum and it was actually quite tasty. I sucked hard on his cock as he stroked his shaft. His cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed quickly.

The second shot was bigger and it filled my cheeks as I tried to swallow it all. The third and fourth shots spilled from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin. His cream tasted surprisingly good and I instantly wondered why my ex wife had refused to swallow my cum during our ten years as husband and wife. Hank lowered his hungry lips to my still hard cock and worked his magic.

His lips, tongue and hands works in concert with each other to bring me to the point of no return in no time at all. He buried my entire cock in his throat and gulped repeatedly as I came inside him. Hank stood up and looked at the clock. I will be outside.

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My head was spinning. I felt guilty and confused. The orgasm I had was incredible but not nearly as intense as the feeling when his dick erupted in my mouth. I struggled with questions about my sexuality as I slowly got dressed in the dimly lit room. Hank was waiting with a bottle of water when I walked from the room. I thanked Hank and left the Salon in a daze. Clearly I would have to give him a call because I was already thinking about doing it again.

I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest. That is exactly how I want things. To go when I get my first male massage. If you Erotic male massage stories panties, that would cover all my fantasies.

Great surprise massage. I like how it slowly builds up for this straight guy. Thanks for sharing. ThT is actually my go to fantasy. Then ithappened at a health spa I was at with my wife. She arranged the whole encounter. I got two or three massages a day for a week!

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Ronald wrote Great surprise massage. Jon wrote ThT is actually my go to fantasy. A Four-Way for Panty Husband.

Erotic male massage stories

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