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for Free! My First Photoshoot "I started out as a good girl Score 4. Famous Story. Recommended Read. Published 6 years ago. My lips pouted with an unconscious tremble, knowing this was the moment of my surrender.

Regardless of how ingenuous an answer I received, this was the turning point, after which I could no longer be certain that photos of me in the nude would never find their way into the grubby hands of God-knows-whom. For weeks he had urged me to try this, just once. Flattered, wheedled, and fawned-over endlessly, until I had reluctantly given in to my boyfriend's pleas. I could feel the blush rising up my half-naked body, as the hot key lights raised a thin sheen of perspiration on my exposed skin.

My nipples rose spontaneously at just the thought of what I was doing, and my hands Erotic photoshoot stories covered my breasts again. Just give me a big smile! The click, the flash, and the jump of my heart all happened at the same Erotic photoshoot stories, and my first nude picture was in the camera.

I felt a rush of exhilaration and felt very naughty, but it was suddenly a challenge. Being as apparently vain as I had thought I was modest, I wanted my pictures to be as sexy as possible, so I twisted into a different pose, and followed my boyfriend's every direction.

I was anxious to see what I looked like, but I wondered again who else might see the photos, whether I consented or not. It wasn't that I didn't trust my boyfriend, but the internet was full of pretty girls who believed their pictures would never wind up in public view. My bare bottom was nothing to be nervous about, I told myself.

I had a nice butt and wore thongs in public, so why not show my ass for the camera? Besides, my tits would be almost out of view this way, and over-the-shoulder poses were always my best angle. Except once my panties came down, I knew what was coming next! I had told him before we started that I didn't want pictures of my pussy, but guys are guys! They nag, and beg, and flatter until we give in. And I always did.

He had talked me out of my virginity, so I knew, sooner or later I'd succumb, if pressured. I thrust my ass out with my back arched back so my figure would be accentuated, and snap, snap, snap! I pushed my long, billowing hair up on top of my head, and flirted with the camera. But in the back of my mind, I was flirting with whoever else would see these 'glamor' photos of me someday. I knew Erotic photoshoot stories was wicked. I knew I was being naughty when I enjoyed other guys ogling my body at the beach, and walked as seductively as I could, just to drive them crazy.

I smiled, even when I knew they were mentally undressing me with my boyfriend walking right beside me. I turned a bit, so the curve of my breast would show up in the rest of the pictures of my butt, and then further still, until my nipple was also clearly visible. It was starting to be a rush! But he knew how to play me. And I knew it was my weakness to be praised and flattered, especially where my vanity was concerned. He had told me over and over how perfect my body was, and how one day I might wish I had nude pictures of myself while I was at my peak.

He was right, of course. The future would take its toll on me. He had apparently thought of that.

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This was his way of always having me as I Erotic photoshoot stories now, assuming we stayed together. And if we didn't? I didn't want to think about that. But he would always have these photos, whether we did or not, on whatever terms we parted. But we'd stay together, I reassured myself. As long as I kept him happy. Turn around, and pull your panties all the way off! I swallowed hard, and did as he asked. As my panties departed my ankles, I took a deep breath. In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought.

I was naked. Completely naked. He took the camera off the tripod and circled around me. I kept my thighs together. I wanted these photos to be artistic, not porn! But somehow, as the hot lights were moved around, and I got tired of balancing myself with my knees pulled together, my thighs would spread wider for balance, and I knew my bare-shaved pussy was in the shot. And she was getting wet! I had imagined fear, and guilt.

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Before I agreed to do this, I had envisioned all kinds of scary emotions, which every girl feels when she's about to give it up. What I hadn't anticipated, was the thrill! I was starkers, and I suddenly wanted the whole world to see me like this. Jimmy got directly in front of me, camera cocked and ready, and finally, so was I. I was going to show everything. My pussy tingled between my wide-open thighs, and the shutter clicked incessantly, as I struck one erotic pose after another, filling the memory-card with dozens of explicit images of my naked body.

I was hot and wild, and wanted to show everyone how beautiful Erotic photoshoot stories was. The camera captured me in every porn-pose imaginable, and Jimmy, as turned-on as I was, put the camera aside, tore his clothes off, and fucked me like I'd never been fucked before!

Two hours later, I sat under the afghan, still naked and soaking wet; my pussy leaking out onto a towel beneath me. My boyfriend had been ing all my nude photos into his computer, while I sat with my knees drawn up to my breasts, wondering if I would regret this. Long after I had drained his lizard, not once, but three times, he now had another raging hard-on, as he sat before the monitor and viewed the of my photo-shoot. As I nervously twisted a strand of my long, blond hair through my fingertips, my curiosity finally got the best of me, and I sneaked up behind my boyfriend to see what I looked like naked in fourteen megapixels.

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I gasped when I saw what had him so aroused. Had I actually pulled my pussy-lips wide open while he took a POV shot of his seven-inch cock sliding inside of me? Apparently, I had. They're beautiful! Then, as an afterthought, he assured me they'd be safe.

He'd load the whole file onto a stick, and delete them from his laptop, after he'd looked at them for a few days. He turned to look at me, as if asking me if I was alright with that, and I just quietly nodded. Then we had sex again. Incredible, mind-blowing sex! I looked at them too, the next day, while he was at work. I wanted to delete the more explicit ones, but I knew Jimmy would kill me if I did. I wondered what he really planned to do with them, besides masturbate to them after we broke up.

Or show them to his friends? Or them to a porn-site! Good God! What had I done? I came this close to deleting the whole file, but I wasn't sure whether he had copied them onto a memory-stick already, and hid them someplace. Then I came to my senses. Jimmy loved me! I trusted him. I opened the bubble-pack of a new memory-stick, and copied all my pictures for myself, and hid them.

But that was the last nude photo-shoot I was ever going to do! Until the next weekend, anyway. I posed for another photo-shoot, and he didn't even have to coax me that much. After a few days, and the world hadn't come to an end, I reed myself to the idea that there were galleries of my naked pictures in existence, and that it was pretty cool.

We both looked Erotic photoshoot stories them often, and we never got around to deleting them from his computer. They were gorgeous! My face was made-up perfectly, and my breasts were to die for. Jimmy said I could be a model.

My photos showcased my natural D boobs with my wide, pale brown nipples that any guy would go crazy for. I imagined them being seen in a men's magazine, or a porn-site. And then I imagined getting fired Erotic photoshoot stories my boss ever saw them, and disowned, if my parents ever found out.

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A week went by, and the weather turned warm. Jimmy wanted to take my pictures outdoors, so we drove out to the country to a state park, and hiked up to a scenic waterfall. By now, I was comfortable enough naked in front of the camera, but it was the first time I had posed nude outdoors, and stripping naked for all the world to see took some real courage.

I could just picture us getting busted by some park ranger, and me riding in the back seat of a ranger's jeep, bundled up in a blanket, under arrest! We climbed to the waterfall and I got up the nerve to wade out into the shallows under the cold, cascading water, naked and alone.

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Jimmy kept my clothes close by, in case I needed them Erotic photoshoot stories, and he got some amazing pictures of me taken with a telephoto lens. He wanted some shots of me with my hair in wet strings, plastered to the curves of my breasts, while the cold water beaded up on my flesh, raising goosebumps. I spread my nude body out on a flat rock ledge at the water's edge, thankful that the sun would warm me back up.

We made love on that rock, after Jimmy had nearly filled the camera with my naked pictures. It was the first time I had been outdoors without any clothes on, and also the first time I'd had sex out in the open. I found all these new experiences exhilarating, and was proud of myself for summoning the courage to let loose of my parents' strict upbringing, and make my boyfriend happy at the same time.

I was kind of a new woman, and I liked what I was becoming. A few days later, my friend Sheri came over to our place, and I was struggling with the temptation to let her see some of my best pictures from the weekend's photo-shoot. Sheri had been my best friend since high school, but she always considered me a bit too much of a straight-arrow, so I was really eager to surprise her with my new-found freedom, and see what her reaction would be. I Erotic photoshoot stories sure how Jimmy would feel about it, since I was always the one who was worried about people seeing any of these racy photos.

While she was putting her bikini on, so we could spend the afternoon tanning on the patio, I pulled up the photo-file on the computer, and displayed the gallery of pictures from the waterfall. She came up behind me just as I was opening one of my best shots on the screen, and she gasped as she grabbed my shoulders and peered around me. Look at you! They're amazing! Do you really like them? You should totally get these published somewhere! You're beautiful! You could really cash in with these.

I'd love to have pics of myself like this. She wanted to see the whole portfolio, so we stood together in front of the computer screen, opening file after file, until we got to the explicit ones, where Jimmy had photographed us actually having sex.

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