Erotic pirate stories

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It took the pirate ship FireStar all of two minutes to draw next to and overwhelm the WindStorm. A far slower ship. And the Pirate Captain had every intention of collecting all the cargo as spoils. Unfortunately that entailed me since I was hiding in the cargo hold. But some quick thinking had me wrapping my extra shirt around my head to hide my hair and cover my feminine eyebrows and shadow my eyes. Untucking my shirt and stuffing loaves of bread in the thighs of my pants to make me seem as shapeless as possible. I heard the screams on the deck stop and the creaking of them popping the lock on Erotic pirate stories hold.

They flipped it open and I immediately cried surrender. Offering to be their cabin boy. The dark pirate captain watched me with unflinching intensity. Deep brown eyes gazing at me hungrily. Once inside, he kicked the door closed and tossed me against the wall.

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I gasped. Relieved when he retrieved only a loaf of bread. Pulling it out to eye it. Then tilting his head toward me contemptuously.

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He delved his hand in again and headed straight down the center. Unsurprised to follow my flat belly down over a flat pelvis. Hooking his finger to enter me. He pinned me harder against the door and pressed his finger in more deeply. Covering my mouth with his other hand. Using his torso to hold me to the wall. Then he withdrew it. Thanks for this author, looking forward to reading more of your books. Neelesh: Nice story. Far from reality.

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Overall it's a good story. Wolf Girl: Omg. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works. Pirated Note from the Author: Explicit sex. Rough sex. Forced sexual acts. Please read with caution. It is dark erotica with some brutality. A cabin boy.

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And I was very afraid he knew. I scrambled to keep up. Just mere Cabin Boy. I shrugged. He snorted. Have it your way. I was screaming and gasping behind his hand but no one could hear me. He worked his finger expertly in and out of me. Making me melt. Dampening his finger. Chapters 1. Further Recommendations. Scotch on the Rocks by S. Cant wait for book 2!!! Adriana: Another very beautiful story, thank you so much!!! Eclipse by Ct Katherine Sudario: I love the happy ending! Ayie: Short but sweet story. Easy read specially before bedtime. Jules Loving this plot.

Cabin by the Lake by nanny.

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More Recommendations. Nowhere To Run by K. Ginger Millard: Good book. Enjoy it so far. in.

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Erotic pirate stories

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A Pirate's Plaything