Erotic reluctance stories

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She found him attractive and on a hot day, decided to let him come insideĀ». He had no idea how grateful the troubled teenage girl was to him for that. As If that wasn't enough of a blow, he tells her it was with her best friend.

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This revelation brings her to do things she never thought she would. She is having little success at luring her brother into her bed until Mom gives her some behind the scenes coaching.

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It predictably backfires. What will happen next? Alyssa is slowly introduced to the activities.

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How far is she willing to go to gain forgiveness, restore relations among the girls, and win the Captain spot for the coming year? Madison and Brian play together.

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The consequences of this crowded car trip neither could have predicted. She planned a sleepover with two of her friends and her cousin. The sleepover got interesting.

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In this first part, we meet Brie and her parents, and find out what happens when she loses control of herself at school. But road to self-betterment is not an easy one as she soon finds out while doing dog sitting at her's friend house.

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Reluctance Stories