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My test subject woke up about ten minutes after I had strapped her to the gurney—right on time. Good, good. This was going to really be something. I nodded to myself, and came around the folding table where the old man had put the computer which controlled the whole apparatus. It was quiet and musty in the garage, with the distant smell of the mildew which had long since invaded the house. The walls were mostly pegboard, with some unpainted drywall in places.

There was a splintering workbench off to one side with a variety of tools and inscrutable bits of technology scattered on it. A rack of car batteries were stacked up Erotic shrinking stories a dirty window; Erotic shrinking stories cables all fed to the emitter. It looked surprisingly like a weapon—one right out of science fiction, a prototype laser cannon or something. Its tungsten focusing rod, which jutted out the front and was pointed at the lawyer chick, was ringed by solid-looking steel toroid shapes—part of the heat exchange apparatus.

Copper pipes, for the water that cooled it, ran through and between the toroids—critical to keep the thing from melting down in operation. All of it was surrounded by a complex array of tangled multi-colored cables and re-purposed exposed circuit boards, especially toward the back where it met the strut that kept it upright. The main body of the device was boxy, with various protrusions and glowing whatsadoozits on the outer housing—including a maddening collection of power cables coming up from the bottom and wrapping around the strut it was mounted on.

The metal strut itself was mounted on a rolling platform. It looked like it had been rolled right off the set of a low-budget sci-fi movie. Just enough to be dangerous when I got my hands on the machine, basically. I pulled my hand away and looked at the lawyer woman. Forgot her name. I had on a basic grey tee, fitted snugly over my skinny body and pump-up bra, and ripped blue jeans. This lawyer girl, though, she was something. A smooth, tanned body, athletic curves, black hair just past her shoulders, clear blue eyes on a lovely face with thin lips, gorgeous—if little—breasts… she had on a cute little navy business jacket and a cream-colored skirt, with a subdued pink blouse underneath.

Of course, the machine could do much more than make people shrink; it could do almost anything… sort of. It could only do a certain amount at a time without overheating—and the more you tried to do, the hotter it got. I had to be careful, since I doubted I could fix it if the thing broke… or worse, melted. Fortunately, from what it looked like in the other command codes I found, the machine could also help Lawyer Girl along toward realizing that shrinking that small was the best thing that would ever happen to her.

I waved a hand side to side. Her voice was actually pretty sexy when I listened to it, even when she was confused and groggy. Her eyes went wide.

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His daughter! Once he was no more, the vultures were circling. I waved a hand dismissively. What is this! Let me go! She suddenly shot me an angry glare.

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This is completely illegal! I drove here across a state line, you know. Erotic shrinking stories scowl seemed vicious—but, despite my usual wallflower personality, I summoned the will to weather it. I had the power now. She seemed even more frustrated with my response, and looked around again. Did you drug me, or knock me out? I shrugged, and finished the sequence. I tapped the Commit button, and heard the machine begin to make a low humming sound, coolant pumps churning—then a high-pitched noise, sort of like a tuning fork, filled my ears.

That would be the operational cycle. One of the car batteries along the wall powering it suddenly make a flash and sparks flew. Who knew what would happen if I did. She looked at the machine, and her face went from anger to panic. Fortunately, her personality was something that could now be addressed. I kicked both legs back and forth under the chair, my feet not quite reaching the floor.

Dad had set the chair to his height, then apparently broken the lever that let you set it. I spun around once, humming to myself in anticipation. I let one hand go down to where my legs met, squeezing my mons. I felt the wetness already gathering.

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God, she was gorgeous; I was tempted again to just skip right to miniaturizing her. It would give me more of an opportunity to make her even sexier, too. I Erotic shrinking stories wanly to myself for a moment as the machine finished powering up and the coolant pumps churned. Thanks, Dad. Its potential was truly limitless. This was going to be awesome. It somehow gathered something from spacetime itself, which the machine used to make its magic possible…. Plenty of cables ran out of it, to the emitter—but, oddly, no power ran into it.

I slid my foot across the heavy box, and felt a sense of energy from the thing—like unimaginable potential was inside. There was no visible beam, of course. The process had begun, this time on my first human subject… aside from dumb stuff just to confirm it worked, like making the mailman wear orange socks and a few joggers burst out into song as they ran. The hand at my mons sneaked under the hem of my jeans and panties and I licked my lips.

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Here goes nothing. She wailed loudly, at first in surprise and panic at the anticipation of pain, but the wail soon became a moan as the energy seeped into her body. Its power focused first on her breasts, B-cups under a pump-up bra like mine—and now, growing. She moaned further as I Erotic shrinking stories her boobs begin to expand. The front of her jacket pushed upward, the mounds pressing outward against her bra and growing further still. The fabric of her jacket and bra became strained as the burgeoning globes stretched them to the limit, and I heard some ripping sounds and a pop as her bra snapped.

Her back arched as it happened, and her moaning became louder. That would be the increased sensitivity that the machine was also causing in her new tits, magnifying that sexual pleasure she felt from them even as they grew. Only I knew to look for the nearly imperceptible change in size. She would finish this change about an inch and a half shorter. The whirring sound from inside the machine stopped as I got up out of my chair.

The sequence was finishing, but the jets of steam were still coming out of the machine for a time as it cooled off. It would be a few minutes before it would be usable again anyway; in the meantime, it was time to test the product. I sauntered over to her side. She was gasping and catching her breath, her whole torso twisting and writhing around as the sensitivity of her tits rubbing against the fabric inside her suit drove her wild.

What the hell—did—you—do—to—meee! Millions of women would give up their life savings for a bigger rack, let alone a pair like these. Before she could respond, I took a little pity on her, and began to unbutton the front of her jacket—easy, since all but one button had already popped off. She tried to fight back, but that basically just meant a futile wiggling. It practically flew open as I gave the last button a tug—and I beheld the big round globes… hidden only by a thin, sweat-soaked blouse and a bra. The blouse was soaking with her sweat, clinging to her generous, gorgeous boob-mass.

I licked my lips, and started to unbutton her blouse… a little more work, it actually could stretch to accommodate her bigger boobies. Her fighting continued, but I won again, easily undoing it, and pulling it Erotic shrinking stories as well. Her white bra was already undone and slid up her chest as I revealed them. Her new tits were magnificent, even more than I had hoped for. Large brown nipples capped proud Ds, or maybe even F-cups—pleasant globes, their mass sagging only a tiny bit to each side as she laid on her back. I reached out and took them, one in each hand, pushing them together—eliciting another moan from her.

I bent forward, opening my mouth, meeting her panicked eyes as I found one nipple.

Erotic shrinking stories

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