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I was then working in a brothel in Mumbai….

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A man at his early thirties often used to come to me…. Highly depressed…. He came and sat on a chair….

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Talked a lot, but not related to the purpose He is meant to visit a Brothel…. The shopping centre in the small town had once been a thriving business, then the recession hit which caused the owner of the shopping centre to go bankrupt, the few remaining shops in the shopping centre that had not already closed closed and the centre was boarded up with the loss of over a thousand … Continue reading Money Money Money. The big house had stood on the edge of the English town since before the war, the house had twenty five rooms but had been unoccupied for five years, the owner of the house had been a gambler and played the house as a bet in a game of cards and lost, The new owner … Continue reading The House part one.

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Gary was the son of one of the richest men in the world and lived with his parents in a large house on the outskirts of a small English town, he was not liked by many people because he was a peeping tom, he was a very good artist and sold a lot of his … Continue reading The Models. Karen was a sixteen year old girl from a small seaside town in England, her dad was in prison and her mum was hardly ever at home, Karen was well known for being a trouble making girl who was always bunking off school and hanging about the derelict railway station, during the summer months Karen … Continue reading Desperate.

Sixteen year old Steve had left school with no Erotic stories prostitute and after six months of leaving school was regreting not having paid attention in school, his parents had kicked him out of the house for not paying his way, he had no job and was not getting any money and was not getting any work, … Continue reading The Top Floor.

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Sixteen year old Sharon … Continue reading The Recession. Karen was a sixteen year old school girl who many boys thought was the best looking girl in town, she was very intelligent and her tutors thought that she would pass all her exams and get into university with out any problems, Karen was very polite and respected by many people in the town where … Continue reading Hungry. 1 … 8 Next .

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