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This is my second erotic story, so please, have mercy while criticizing. If you like it, just write a few words at pralat yahoo. Thanks for a feedback for my first story, after all. This particular story was inspired by marvelous stories of Orb. Supergirl belongs to the DC comics. Supergirl was flying above the sleeping city. Her slim, young legs were finished with red boots. Her short skirt hugged her curves.

Her blonde hair and blue eyes completed the picture of beauty. Supergirl was doing her patrol over the most dangerous and filled with vile criminals part of the Metropolis when she saw someone waving to her outside a abandoned looking warehouse. There was nothing suspicious around so Kara landed in front of the man. He was rather young, with short, brown hair and fear painted on his face.

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Please do something, they might rape or even kill her — his voice was trembling from emotions and fear. It was work for her. Supergirl kicked the doors out and stormed into the abandoned warehouse only to find inside nothing but impenetrable darkness. She walked inside, listening carefully, expecting to hear sounds of fight or cries of this girl he told her about.

There was nothing like this. Was this girl dead? Suddenly the light filled the room, almost blinding her for a few seconds. She raised her palm over the eyes and covered themthen blinked. Finally, she was able too see something. They were armed with grotesque big rifles.

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Kara smiled. So it was trap? Just like Superman, she was almost completely bulletproof, only a pieces of kryptonite might do her some damage. Kara was bored. Or you just stole it from the toy shop? Kara was little bored.

Many times evil scientists wanted to kill her with their puny inventions. How many more times? Instead of answering her questions, masked guys pulled the triggers of their grotesque looking riffles. Jolts of strange energy hit her from all sides. So it was their plan? They wanted to overpowered her with it? But how? She was Supergirl, no ordinary energies should work on her. She cried loudly, feeling no pain but energy that runs through her body. Kara moved forward and hit the nearest guy in his belly.

He fell on earth with loud gasp. Supergirl quickly attacked next one, kicking him straight into the wall. Last of her attackers lost Erotic supergirl stories of his teeth when her fist smashed his face with powerful blow. Still feeling this strange energy running through her body Kara stepped to the nearest one, who was clutching his stomach. Supergirl removed his mask and lifted his face to her.

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Be a good boy and tell me, what was that thing you were shooting and who planned this? In answer man reached to his pocket.

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Kara was sure that he wanted to show her a photo. To her surprise she saw something like vaporizer. Before she was able to do anything, he pulled the trigger and cloud of moist gas was shoot straight between her legs. She stepped out and then she touched her chest with a trembling hand. She reached to her womanhood She reached down and felt a moisture, some kind Erotic supergirl stories the thick liquid pouring from between her pussy Erotic supergirl stories.

Her legs went numb, she sat on cold floor, starring in horror at cock that started to grown from between her legs. It quickly rip her lace panties and stood erected at the high of her breasts. It was a nightmare. Or maybe was it ilussion? She touched the cock with trembling hand.

How it was possible? No, she quickly turned her head away. She heard a steps and turned around, to see a man, the same one who told her about this warehouse. So it was his plot! Kara quickly rose, feeling very uncomfortable with large dick dangling between her legs. If he was this plan, he surly knew the antidote Big cock, so long and veiny. Why should I And it smells It was first step. How it works? I think that title says everything. Supergirl was deaf for his words.

Her long and hard penis was rising out of her blond pussy hair. Her both hands were rubbing and fondling it with fever. Drops of her saliva touched the head of the dick. Finally she opened her small lips and took the head of a large penis inside, kissing and licking it.

Around her gathered the thugs, the ones whom she beat before. One of them held the video recorder. Take it all to your mouth! Harder, whore, harder! Her mouth were sliding down her shaft, as low as she could, coating her veiny member with her saliva. Finally it started to ejaculate. Another shoot of cum hit her pretty face, covering it with white, sticky jism. Solid portion reached her long, golden hair, soaking them with semen. Normally it could be cut down, but thanks to your super immunity surgical operation is impossible.

Just get used to it, Kara. I think it ends your career, could you imagine yourself flying above the city in your skirt with large cock dangling between your pretty legs? Her cock went soft for a little time but it starts to stiff again. Her fingers quickly wrapped around it and started to rub it furiously, making it bigger and harder again. Once again her cock was all her world.

Erotic supergirl stories

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