Erotic time stop stories

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About Publish In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. By Jezebel Rose. All of these erotica stories involve stopping time in order to fuck those stuck frozen in time. Time Stop Erotica Series Order. Words: 7, Language: English. Published: January 9, My daughter a lesbian? I was so mad I raped each girl, a few white girls, a couple Asians, some half-black girl and even a Hawaiian young woman.

All barely legal and untouched. I took them in the front, back, and even in their mouths as time stopped. Price: Free! Words: 2, Published: January 4, I stopped time and went into the local high school.

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Finding my beautiful young daughter caught, frozen in time, I decided the only thing a father would do in this situation. Her school outfit came off first, then her bra and panties. Link at the bottom of this ebook ! Words: 5, Published: January 13, After screwing my daughter during the time stop, I decided to have some more fun. The drop-dead gorgeous teacher, the Asian girl, and my girl-next-door crush that was mid-wedding were all there.

Other girls, young and very attractive were all here for me to enjoy. I decided to have some fun during this time stop. Words: 4, Published: January 14, All this during a time stop. Nothing moves during a time stop. Except for one man. A depraved sex addict. Big and small tits, hairy and clean shaven girls, virgins, and even bending girls over, taking them up their… --From male perspective With this new device, I could stop time.

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It worked so well I let out my darkest desires… I laid my fertile daughter on the bed and let my large horny bulldog breed my daughter. Words: 3, I stopped time after an accident. The first thing I decided to do was breed my daughter. I was not going to let her boyfriend take her virginity. She had to have my cum fill her womb and impregnate her. Laying her down on the bed was only the beginning. Taking off her clothes and taking her hard and without protection, shooting hard inside, he had only one desire; impregnating his daughter. Published: January 15, Time was frozen.

I was in a water park — so many beautiful girls at my depraved disposal. Planning to use one, I used her so good in every opening before moving to a mother and her son. Not only did I get the son up in her, but I got in her too. I dug my nails in, violently taking each girl without remorse. I will let them suck each me off before I take the next one.

Blood Play, Incest, Rape Published: January 16, With time at a standstill, John takes to his most inner, darkest desires and not only rapes his barely legal, innocent little virgin sisters but impregnates each. After taking them one by one, then both at the same time, will he use every opening the two young girls have? Will he actually impregnate his twin sisters? Erotic time stop stories happens when he can unload multiple times?

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Erotic time stop stories January 17, I stopped time then immediately went to have sex with my mother. Nothing could stop my hands from taking off her clothes and vigorously raping her. I did not expect the Time Stop to end so abruptly… I was balls deep inside my mother and could not freeze time again….

Published: January 18, The gym was frozen in time as I walked inside and checked out the barely legal seniors. There were thirteen of the young girls lined up, each sitting on a yoga mat, stretching their legs wide while touching their toes. I felt myself harden tight as I smirked to myself, knowing I would viciously rape each of the innocent young girls in every opening they had while they were stuck in a Time Stop The young high school girls in the gym were fun, but I was still so fucking horny.

After walking the high school halls, I came across the locker room. I went in to find every tight little virgin in the room half-naked, frozen in time, waiting for me to viciously rape them, which I eagerly would. Only then did I see the shower room, filled with naked girls to fulfill every oral anal and vaginal Published: January 22, Time Stop did not work anymore, so I tried something new.

Turn On mode. Well, now all the high school students are taking off their clothes then vigorously fucking. Some in groups of three on one barely legal girl, or some virgin girl on another innocent girl. I took one young redhead girl before all this happened though — god, she was good. Then I just had to have another big-breasted blonde Published: January 23, Curious about other settings on the Time Stop device, I pressed a new button that turned everyone into being so sexually active that they were borderline Erotic time stop stories.

The hallways were packed with the students tearing at each other, ripping off their clothes and viciously dominating, screwing and taking each other. Nothing was off limits. I found myself diving into the darkness. My mind enjoyed the pleasure of raping the barely legal girls.

In the deepest parts of my mind, I unlocked a desire to not only rape these girls but also want me to hurt them while I violently raped each. My dream came true when turned the dial on the Time Stop Device onto masochism to the max. The girls around me suddenly were viciously dominated Published: January 24, Within the Time Stop device, I found a special compartment that would allow me to force the various high school seniors to act like animals.

Excitedly, I decided to turn them into Cows. All these barely legal Cows would need to be milked and bred, without question, right away. Kinks: Milking female humans acting like cattle, oral milking, pregnant fucking, breeding, rough nipple and breast play I moved to a new city with a new high school.

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This time I wanted to humiliate girls beyond their wildest dreams. I wanted this to be so hardcore that it would be shown nationwide. First, I stopped time. Then, I took each girl in her mouth, then other parts before several other sexual deviants showed up to into the humiliating full body bukakkes.

Good thing I had deviants like me connections. Published: January 25, After countless hours of deciding what to do next, I realized the decision was simple. Published: January 29, With the sexual deviant now in Germany, his next target was a small High School outside of town. With Mothers coming to support their High Erotic time stop stories Sons during the basketball game, their Daughters were there too. I had the perfect opportunity to use my device on over people, mind controlling them into vigorous incest, stopping time to my advantage, and surprisingly enough, I found my Mother Published: January 30, I had all the fathers taking their daughters.

You see, I have this Time Stop device with a million different options. Therefore, they could see, but could not move. I even had daughter take her brother. Even father and daughter, or mother and daughter, then mother. Published: January 31, I had an idea. Well, once everyone showed up, I used my Time Stop machine to have each of the fathers hold onto their daughters so that I could take each girl at my own pleasure. Then, lastly, I let time return to normal for the students being held by their father. I could not wait to impregnate at least a couple.

Words: 57, Published: February 16,

Erotic time stop stories

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