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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Khushi was again thrashed by her husband Arnav. The thrashing had now become a daily routine. They were a happy family until six Erotic wattpad stories back. But the tetchy transformation in Arnav's behavior had made him alcoholic and ruined their happy family. Arnav was a daily labourer and Khushi worked as a housemaid to make ends meet. Arnav used to spend all his money in alcohol and Khushi used her meagre amount to run the kitchen in the house.

They were three people-Arnav, Khushi and their three month old baby girl. The girl was on her milk so she was not a problem for Khushi. The problem was she had to eat regularly to produce milk for her baby. Buying new clothes was beyond her dreams and she had only two pairs of sarees and blouse to wear. And, then the thrashings of Arnav had made her life hell. Khushi had contemplated suicide many a times but looking at her milk filled breasts and the little mouth sucking had stopped her from committing the extreme path.

Their sex life was still worse. Arnav was least attracted to her milk filled breasts. There was no foreplay and all he used to do was insert his erection into her and drain himself within a couple of minutes even before Khushi was anywhere near her climax. There was no money to buy the month's ration. The money which she had kept under the mattress had been accidentally discovered by her husband and was promptly invested in the local bar.

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She quarreled with Arnav to give back the money but had instead got two slaps over her face which had left an imprint over her face. Yes, the morning thrashings were painful but she had to forget it and move along with her daily routine.

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Khushi was working as a maid at three places and that none would pay her advance money for the month she was sure about that. Her only hope was Shyam Sahib. Shyam was a businessman. He lived alone in his house and his wife stayed at her paternal home due to some quarrel between them.

His bachelor life often made his eyes follow Khushi's nubile body while she worked at his home and Khushi was well aware of that. And, today, she had finally decided to exhibit her assets to him and then ask for some money for the month. Khushi went to the kitchen to prepare tea and Vijay took a glimpse of her curves from behind as she passed.

Khushi had to plan something quickly to make him fall foe her. She realized that there was fuel and only a little fire could ignite his passions. As she finished the tea, she adjusted her saree to the edge of her shoulders in such a way that it would fall off as soon as she bent to give the cup to Shyam.

She then went to the drawing room. Shyam looked at her chest. Her breasts were enormous and it was constantly trying to break the confines of her blouse. Khushi took all Erotic wattpad stories time in the world to put her pallu back on her chest.

Shyam had now crossed his legs to stop exhibiting the tent already formed in his pants. Her plan had succeeded partially and now she was ready for the next step. She bought the bucket partially filled Erotic wattpad stories water and a few drops of a liquid disinfectant and a cloth along with to clean the floor.

She knew that the display of her assets might end up in his bed but she was ready for it. And simultaneously, she also thought of how to avoid sex if matters actually went worse. She tried to remember her child's face as it was for her she was doing all this nasty things.

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She sat on the floor in front of Shyam and began wiping the floor by bending herself a little forward. Her saree fell down again uncovering her chest. The memory of her baby had activated her 'let-down'. As Shyam looked on, he saw the centre of her blouse get wet. On further analysis, he realized that tiny droplets of a white fluid had actually formed inside her blouse and they were rushing to the floor below.

He realized that it was the milk. He had to start a conversation. She put the question to prove her ignorance regarding her already wet blouse. She had lied regarding the timing of the feed and it was past couple of hours before her baby had unlatched. I am leaking. Sahib I am producing so much milk that the baby is unable to empty me completely.

I will adjust it the following month.

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She prepared herself to ask some good amount of money from him. She went on to finish the task at hand. Her blouse was now completely soaked in her milk and she made her way to the bathroom. Shyam called back. If it fits you then you can use them. She went inside the bathroom and didn't lock it from inside. She was desperate to make some money. She filled the bucket with water and then removed her blouse completely. Shyam moved to the bathroom door and opened it partially to have a look at her assets.

Khushi had to make the move aware that Shyam was behind the door. She removed her saree and then opened the petticoat and as it hit the floor, she climbed out naked. She placed her dry clothes in the towel rack and poured water from the bucket over her.

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Shyam looked at her body. She looked divine and didn't deserve to work as a maid. She was born for the palaces. She was born to fulfil his desires, he thought. Shyam didn't stop any further and went straight into the bathroom. His penis was aching staying within the confines of his pants. He picked up the naked body of Khushi in both his arms, came out of the bathroom and carried her to his bedroom.

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Shyam was ready for this offer and climbed himself on the bed. He placed his head on her lap and she took her right hand to his head and brought his mouth closer to her chest. As he opened his mouth she pushed his head to cover her nipple.

Her left Erotic wattpad stories was resting by her side. He instantly started sucking on her already leaking breasts and a gush of milk filled his mouth. His powerful suckles drew more milk from her left breast as she gently brushed his hairs. Her soft hands would move to his shoulders and then to his back to support him from falling down her lap. Shyam from the corner of his eyes saw that her other breast was also leaking. Like a greedy person, he unlatched from the left and moved his mouth to the right one. Khushi moved her right breast in the direction of his mouth and her hand guided his head.

He scoffed on the right nipple and this gifted him with more milk. He had hardly taken five to six gulps of her milk down his throat when Khushi asked him to finish the left one.

Erotic wattpad stories

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