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My wife, Beth, and I have been married for a of years. At 25, when we got married, she was gorgeous. Tall, brown hair, large breasts, fantastic legs and ass, and weighed about She was very outgoing, a tad flirtatious, and loved to dance. My name is Steve.

We were in a club one night with her brother-in-law, Dick, and a few other friends. Beth was dressed wearing a short skirt and blouse, no bra, and g-string panties. A friend named David and I had been playing pool while Dick danced with Beth. We decided to take a break and walked over near the dance floor and stood at a table nearby. We could see Dick and Beth from where we stood. Dick was spinning her frequently and, as he did, her skirt would fly up. But, she has a great ass so why not let people enjoy it.

We continued to watch until they finally quit dancing and ed us at the table. All eyes were on Beth because her blouse, a button down, was gaping open. As we gazed at her cleavage, I realized I enjoyed that everyone could see her like this. For the rest of the night, Erotic wife sharing stories and David both kept her dancing, and spinning, regularly. Beth was getting quite buzzed and she too seemed to enjoy the attention, particularly from Dick.

Dick is 12 years older than Beth, Elaine was 10 years older.

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Elaine and Beth are at times close, at other times they seem to dislike one another, the age difference kept them from being very close. The marriage between Dick and Elaine always seems strained. Elaine is bossy and difficult to be around. Dick is a flirt and a dirty minded man, as many of us are. They were dancing for a few songs when the music changed and a very slow song came on. They stood there for a minute and then Dick put his arms around her and she put hers around him and they began slow dancing.

During the dance, Dick would slide his hand to her ass and she would move it back up. Each time it seemed as if she allowed it to remain there just a little longer.

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They continued to dance together periodically throughout the night. By a little after midnight we were all pretty buzzed. A slow song came on and Dick took Beth immediately to the floor. I watched as his hand slid down her back and rested on her ass. As they danced he seemed to be rubbing her ass slightly.

I watched this and realized I was enjoying his forward behavior. We left shortly after and nothing else happened that night or for a while. It was a couple of months before we saw Dick again. His relationship with Elaine had deteriorated even more, I later found out it was because she was fucking her boss. He called me one day and said she had kicked him out of the house and wanted to know if he could stay with us for a while until he could get his own place.

When Elaine found out she and Beth had a huge fight. Elaine accused Beth of siding with Dick against her own sister. Well fucking have him! It was 3 months before they spoke again. Dick moved into our spare bedroom. It was right next to our room and had French doors that led onto a patio. The patio had a hot tub on it and a hammock on a stand, perfect for 1 person to sleep in but terrible for sex. I was surprised that Dick seemed so upset about his marriage. He just hung out at he house Erotic wife sharing stories watched tv and drank. He got buzzed, not drunk, most every night and even started smoking pot after not having done so for 15 years.

He had been living with us for about 2 months when he finally came out of his funk. I first noticed because he started flirting again with Beth, but a bit more aggressively than in the past. He would stop her as she walked by and grab her arms and talk dirty to her. She and I discussed it because I wanted to make sure she was ok with it. She assured me she was and that Dick is harmless and just having fun.

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She teased him back and flirted a bit as well. I loved the interaction and even asked Beth if there was any real attraction between them. She frequently walked around in nothing but a tshirt and panties…tiny panties! She would dress that way while cooking or cleaning, and even just watching tv.

The panties would climb until her ass was bare. Dick helped some but had started going out on Saturday nights rather than sitting there watching tv with us. One night after Dick left, Beth and I had dinner then started drinking wine. I switched to vodka and she continued sipping her wine. By 11 or so, I was pretty drunk. We decided to strip down and get in the hot tub.

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Beth got out and grabbed a pillow and blanket and told me to get in the hammock. She climbed back in the hot tub while I lay there listening to her talk about nothing. I dozed off at some point but woke up when I heard voices. Dick had apparently come home earlier than expected and caught Beth naked in the hot tub. I could see Dick standing by the tub, he was laughing and told her he wanted to her.

Beth told him she was fine with that, but she needed to put on her suit and asked him to go inside so she could get out. She argued with him, I could tell she was pretty buzzed by the slight slurring of her words, but he Erotic wife sharing stories her. He lit one of his ts and stood beside the hot tub only inches from my naked wife. Dick took a few hits of his t and then offered it to Beth. She had told me she tried pot twice in high school but never really enjoyed it because it made her talk stupidly and then fall asleep.

I hate smoking alone. This is different than the crap you probably smoked in high school. She hesitated and then took the t as he coached her on how to smoke it properly. They took turns passing the t to each other without talking. When they had smoked all but a tiny bit, Dick tossed it in the yard. When the silence was broken, it was Beth who spoke. What have you done to me Dick? My whole body is tingling! She was laughing at something but I have no clue what it was.

Dick then told her he was going to her. This content appeared first on new sex story. Dick stood there naked and lit the t then asked Beth to hold it so he could get in the hot tub. I noticed as he got in, Beth had already taken a couple of hits from the t. Dick was standing in front of her now, naked, waiting for her to give him the t. He stood there smoking it with his cock inches from her face.

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Dick continued to pass her the t, she continued to take it. When it was gone, he tossed it in the yard and sat down beside her.

Erotic wife sharing stories

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