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Suddenly feeling jealously possessive of his young, pretty, sexy wife having sex with older, obese men, Skip has reservations about participating in the swinging lifestyle with his wife, Yvonne. I'm Skip.

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Skip is the nickname I got that dates back to my time in the Navy as a Seabee. They called me Skip because I wouldn't skip any safety precautions and take Please send me an and tell me what you think! Yes I am a man but would love to hear what others think. What your about to read is true with a few changes to protect the guilty. Please don't copy or post on other web sites with out asking.

Finally tell me if there is a way to make this story sexier. Needless to say that I had an erection while writing t All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

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This story contains some light male on male contact MFM so if that isn't your thing please don't read! This is a fantasy I shared w It was almost nine in the morning when Jolene stirred and pulled the sheets up over her naked body. I moved up from between my wife's legs to lie next to her and slip my hand around her body. Jolene let out a low sigh and pressed her body backward against mine.

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My hand moved to her right breast as my cock began stirring between my wife's legs. Jolene asked m No longer able to get it up, a man masturbates over sharing his wife and watching. Jim sat in the darkened corner of his bedroom more contemplating his future with his wife, Natalie, than contemplating about masturbating while watching her having sex with yet another man.

If only his neighbors knew what was happening behind his closed, bedroom door, he wond A story about my wife and I If you don't like this type of story, please don't read it. If you enjoy or have enjoyed this type of event please read on Tuesday evening I was warming up the bar-b-que when my wife Jolene called from her hair salon.

Normally my wife would be home around in the evening on Tuesday's but it was almost seven when she called. Jolene explained that she had a walk in customer just as she was done with her last scheduled appointment and being the only stylist left in the salon sh It had been about eight months since Nicole had made my fantasy of watching her fuck another Erotic wife watching stories become a reality. Eight very horny months to be sure. The look of sheer ecstasy that overcame her entire body that day and night was priceless.

Over and over again I had j My wife Christa is a beautiful and sexy 48 year old woman. During our nearly 28 years of marriage we have explored many adventures in our bedroom. She's willing to try most anything as long as it doesn't involve inviting others into our bedroom. The funny part is we often share our fantasies with A continuation of an earlier story. This story is about my wife having sex with multiple male partners with and without me. We enjoy it, if you don't please don't read the story. There are plenty of other sex stories on the site if wives who like to fuck other men is not your thing.

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