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Before she went to work, she peered in on us, in our container on the ground. She was wearing a low cut top and a short blue mini-skirt with silver high-heels with straps that wrapped round her legs up to her knees. She Evil giantess stories briefly as she calculated who she would 'take. He scrambled to the corner of the cage on the floor, but she was to fast for him.

Her left hand clawed her panties to the side. He looked up just in time to see her pussy block out his vision as her right hand plunged him into it with a horrific 'sluuurp. He reflexed as he ran out of air and involuntarily took a breath in, her juices rushed into his lungs, finally killing him as his body lashed about in its death throes.

Nikki could feel his writhing. She opened her mouth in ecstasy, her face contorted with pleasure, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, as her mouth broke into a smile. She let out as soft groan that shook the insides of those still alive in the cage. She slowly opened her eyes. With her head still bent back she slowly tilted her head to the right for a better view. She saw a woman franticly stumbling and falling over herself in a pathetic attempt to run away.

She scrambled to try to stand up in time but couldn't, all she could Evil giantess stories was raise her hands above her head as Nikki raised her shoe over her. She bit her bottom lip to contain herself. Those in the cage could easily see up her tight fitting skirt.

The orgasm has pushed the victim to the surface of her pussy where his corpse hung upside down, his hands dangling towards the ground, with only one leg trapped between her lips. Cum trickled from his mouth from his cum filled lungs when he drowned in her, it collected into a pool on the floor. After she stopped grunting see peered over us, her chest was still heaving from her exertions.

One shuddered as he witnessed the spectacle. They could still see the body dangling from her pussy. As she walked towards the door, each time her leg moved forward the body moved up and down in her pussy. There was a squelch with every step, and every time the body moved down cum pumped out of his lungs, leaving a trail on her way to the door. She lifted her keys and then snapped her panties back into position; it looked as though she was going to keep his corpse in her for the rest of the day.

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On her way out of the door she looked back and laughed; the door slammed shut. It was five O'clock, as she strode in from work - putting her keys and shopping on the kitchen counter. Upon reaching the sofa she stripped her clothes off down to her bra and panties. Lying down she sensuously moved her hands over her breasts, down her stomach to the sides of her hips, where she wrapped her fingers around each side of her thong Evil giantess stories slowly glided them down her legs, over her feet and softly dropped them onto the floor. Her left hand parted her pussy as she put an inquisitive finger deep into herself.

A grunt of recognition was followed by the slow withdrawal of her finger, followed by the dislocated and broken body of the man she had been playing with in the morning. Her lips only parted slightly as he passed through them, he wasn't now solid enough to be able to move them ificantly. As he passed through them the audible popping noise of his shoulders and legs dislocating could be heard throughout the room, his removal slowed slightly as she tried to pull him side ways by his leg through her lips. There was an audible snap as his Evil giantess stories broke, his glistening, lubricated body glided out of her and with a slop landed as a sodden heap between her legs on the white leather sofa.

He was sticky as she peeled him of the leather, she held him above her head as her mouth broke into a wide smile. Her eyes flicked towards them as they watched in horror. He was so lubricated, and his body almost putty-like, that he glided down her tongue, so smooth she didn't even have to gulp as he slid down her throat.

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She walked over and stood above the cage. All seven of them were liquidated instantly and spurt through the gaps in her toes. She sat down on the floor, bringing her foot towards her mouth to wipe off the mess completely forgetting the other thirteen she had just released. They vanished, pulverized underneath her ass.

I didn't even mean to kill those ones," she whined. When she had filled the bath, she put her four bath-toys into the water whilst [while] she put her cleaning products on the edge of the bath. As she glided into the bath the waves sent all four flailing and splashing in the bath, one more than most. Putting her head under water she pinched the weak swimmers leg underwater and held him there.

She watched him thrash and claw, trying to get back to the surface for air. But she just held him there; she just wanted to see Evil giantess stories pain of him dying. Finally he stopped flailing, his eyes glazed over and he spasmed a few times in her clasp to mark his death throes. She let go and he slowly floated, lifeless, to the surface. She took the baby oil off the shelf and squirting some into Evil giantess stories hands, started to sensuously rub if over her body, she needed to soften the skin to be able to peel the imprinted bodies of her skin.

Her body now almost glistened under the water. She started to peel the paper thin bodies of her skin. Most wouldn't peel of in one go, she needed to peel them off in bits - after half an hour she had removed all traces of them of her body, the water had turned a pale red. One managed to stutter "W-what are you going to do with us? He started begging for his life "I-I-I have a lot of money. She laughed mirthlessly, her mountainous breasts jiggled in the water, causing a series of waves to cascade down the bath, swirling and tossing the lone survivor.

He pleadingly looked up at her. Treading water he waited, she had been under for what seemed an eternity. Her open mouth burst out of the water directly beneath him, she continued to rise until only below her naval remained submerged. She swallowed some water, but was careful not to swallow him; she'd be taking a bit more time with this one! Her tongue hungrily searched for him in her mouth and on finding him slammed him onto her pallet breaking his ribs.

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She pulled her tongue back but he remained stuck for a few seconds until he peeled of and fell onto her waiting saliva covered tongue. She threw him about her mouth for another few seconds tasting his bleeding body on her tongue. He was unable to offer any resistance, the sticky saliva that drenched his body was making his arms and legs stick to him. He realized her body was preparing to swallow him.

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Finally she stopped throwing him around her mouth and he landed sideways across her teeth. He started screaming hysterically which echoed around her mouth, the vibrations going down her spine. With his head and shoulders resting on the bottom molars he looked up to see the top set rushing towards him.

All he could do was put his arms up to act as a brace between the sets.

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But his arms broke like twigs and his head burst like a grape, splattering the inside of her mouth in blood. His screaming had been cut short as her teeth smashed his mouth through the back of his head. She tilted her head back. She gulped, his lifeless body offering no resistance as it disappeared past her tonsils Evil giantess stories powerful throat muscles forced him down to eventually be digested.

She traced his passage down her throat by running her finger down her neck. The further down he went, so did her groping hands. Her hands glided over her baby oiled body, when she felt him going past her chest she rubbed and massaged her tits, groaning in ecstasy. Her hands traveled further down to her stomach. She drew her palm lightly over her pussy as she though of his final departure from her. She slowly fingered herself until she came, at the thought of him being absorbed into her body.

Drying herself she walked towards her bedroom to go to sleep, it had been a long day, and she had killed far more than she had intended too, she wanted as many as she could gather for Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.

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Evil giantess stories

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