Exotic spanking stories

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. She had been late again.

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Mr Larson was young—in his early twenties—but he was as fierce and unforgiving as a military drill sergeant and had the bearing of an old headmaster. You clearly have no respect for me, my company, or the position I have given you. I pay you to do a job, and I expect you here on time to do it. If you cannot then, you must go. I promise I will be better. Please give me another chance.

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You do not belong in my company. I expect my employees to be disciplined. Mr Larson sat back in his chair and studied Layla. She felt his eyes on her, but she did not look up. The type you will remember. Refuse and you are fired. Layla felt sick. She loved this job, and it paid well. Without this job, she would be destitute.

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How could she get another job that paid so well? No one would take her on once they learned she had been fired and had no reference. You will not have broken skin or scars. She sat on her chair. She could already feel her bottom burning at the thought of what was to come. She felt anxious, but she forced herself to concentrate on her work. She did not want to make her punishment worse by angering Mr Larson. The day went faster than usual, and Layla became increasingly filled with dread.

She barely touched her lunch.

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She had managed to complete a lot of work and had secured a new client for the company, over her lunch break no less, who would bring in a few thousand extra each month. She hoped Mr Larson would be pleased, and he would ease off her a little.

All too soon the work day ended, and everyone else left. She was alone in the office. She took a deep breath and stood up. Layla entered and stood in the doorway. Take a seat, and I will talk you through your punishment. The cane is quite severe and would leave you with welts. As you are new to this practice, I will not cane you. Instead, I will spank you with my hand over your clothes at first and then on your bare bottom. This will give you the chance to adjust before I move on to hitting you with other implements.

Layla swallowed. Is that clear? He stood, removing his jacket and hanging it on his chair. He walked to a cupboard and removed a fold-up chair which he placed next to his desk. He sat down and patted his thigh.

She stood anxiously for a moment before she awkwardly bent and lowered herself over his knees. She hung across his legs in a most undignified way and presented him with her bottom. She felt her face flush with embarrassment. She gasped as Mr Larson began to rain down smacks on her bottom. They were hard, and he covered her whole bottom and alternated between her cheeks. She grasped his calf and held him to stop herself from falling as she twitched under his blows. He seemed to like that she thanked him and paused to rub his hand across her hot cheeks.

She stood and felt her face burning with shame as she removed the lower half of her clothing. Mr Larson indicated for her to lie over his knees, and she complied. His blows got heavier, and she gritted her teeth. His Exotic spanking stories felt incredible as he rubbed her stinging skin. She raised her bottom into his hand to encourage him to do it more. She lowered herself slightly onto her elbows with her palms flat on the desk. Layla looked behind her and saw Mr Larson pick up a leather riding crop from the floor.

She turned her head sharply forward and braced herself. Mr Larson did not whip her hard as she expected. Instead, he gave her lots of short, sharp bites with the crop. It stung differently than his hand, and the bites covered her bottom before he started to hit the backs of her thighs. She moaned. Layla burned with shame as she felt the moistness between her legs. She was laid over a desk receiving a beating from her boss, but she found the experience intensely erotic. She cursed her body its betrayal. Mr Larson rubbed her bottom and thighs, and Layla felt herself getting wetter, her juices trickling down her thighs.

Mr Larson rubbed his hand along the inside of her thighs and touched Exotic spanking stories wetness. I perhaps should have caned you after all. I will take care of this. It already hurt. What Exotic spanking stories he going to do to her now? She looked backwards and saw that he had raised the thick, leather paddle. She cried out as it struck her hard over and over again. That hurts. Please not so hard. The blows continued, and Layla felt tears spring to her eyes as he beat her ass. He stopped and rubbed her bottom.

She stifled her moan this time. She did not feel aroused, but she did feel something. Something about submitting to this man. Something about allowing him to discipline her.

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This time with a short, leather strap. She shrieked as it hit her skin. It stung terribly, and she cried. The blows stopped, and Mr Larson rubbed her bottom as she sobbed from the pain. He moved to sit at his desk. She remained bent over, as he had not commanded her to move. Layla stood in the toilets with her lower half still naked. She washed her face to rid it of the tears and looked in the mirror.

Her make-up was a mess. She turned her bottom to face the mirror and angled her head so she peered to see it. She was shocked at how red it was. Her thighs were red, but her bottom glowed scarlet. She retrieved her phone from her bag and double clicked the home button to load the camera. She switched it to selfie and took an image of her bottom.

Wowshe thought as she stared at the screen. She began to moisten again. She ignored her thoughts, cleaned and dried herself, reapplied her make-up, changed into her uniform for her bar job, and left the toilets. She was relieved not to encounter Mr Larson before she left the office and Exotic spanking stories to get outside in the fresh air. Well, the city air, but at least the cool breeze on her face was refreshing. Layla made her way straight to the bar. Usually, she would call somewhere for dinner before work, but she was out of time.

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Layla was exhausted when she returned to her flat after her bar shift. She was starving, having barely eaten that day, and she was so preoccupied with the earlier events that she had made lots of errors and had her pay docked to cover them.

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Her bottom was very sore, and every time she walked or bent down her skirt would rub against her tender skin. She was sure people standing close to her could feel the heat that emanated from her behind. It was after midnight, and Layla desperately wanted to sleep.

She would habitually spend time watching TV when she got home, but she did not want to risk getting up late. After she wolfed down a couple of slices of toast, she went to her bedroom and began to undress. It was still red with flashes of purple where Mr Larson had bruised her. She took several photographs and felt her pussy burn as she looked through them. She was shocked at how turned on she felt at the sight of her bruised posterior. She rubbed her hands over it. It was hot and sore, but it was strangely pleasant. She let her hands roam between her thighs.

Her clitoris was already swollen, and her pussy was wet. She had not felt so turned on in so long. Excitedly she searched through her underwear drawer for her vibrator, and after taking the batteries from the TV remote, she began to pleasure herself. She let the toy buzz against her clit as she imagined Mr Larson having his way with her. She imagined him finding the wetness on her thighs and dipping his fingers into her soaking sex.

She imagined him finishing her spanking and unfastening his trousers and plunging his cock into her pussy and giving her a hard fuck—his skin slapping against Exotic spanking stories sore ass. She imagined him telling her to kneel before him and suck him when he Exotic spanking stories taken a seat at his desk. Layla moaned loudly as she made herself come. She had not orgasmed so well in a long time and still felt incredibly turned on.

Exotic spanking stories

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