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I'm addicted to exhibitionism. Before my boyfriend I was never compelled to show my body off to strangers outside of a tight dress at the club to attract attention.

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Soon after dating he asked if I wouldn't wear a bra with my dress as we got ready to go out to dinner. I was hesitant but aim to please. I was shy at first, being sure to have my long hair or sweater cover my unrestrained breasts. After a drink or two and some support from him I loosened up and started to enjoy it.

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The feeling of my naked breasts being covered ever so subtly with thin fabric in a busy public place was not only freeing but started turning me on. As time went on I would always go braless with him it was out fun little thing. I began pushing the limits wearing tighter tops that were impossible to hide my protruding nipples.

I began to enjoy the looks, and the hit rush it gave me.

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One time walking home in a short, low cut summer dress, my boyfriend started touching and kissing me on the sidewalk. Right in the open he pulled down my panties and I stepped out of them. I almost came it was so exciting.

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We decided to take a long route home and with him arm around me would flash a tit or ass or my pussy to passing cars and people behind us. My adrenaline was pumping so hard it made me super wet. Since then I started to really enjoy for myself, not just for him. Running errands or answering the door wearing practically nothing became a regular source of pleasure. I've gotten rid of most of my underwear. Just recently I took it to the next level. I work in a shared office and one day wearing only heels and a dress I pulled it up.

I started to rub by naked clit. I pulled out my tits so essentially naked except my waist. My office has a glass wall and the thought of anyone passing by in this state made me cum so hard. Now I only masturbate in public. Sometimes on the train, or in a coffee shop, often with people watching.

I love finding new ways to expose myself and new places to cum. I even took off my shorts and walked pussy out for a city block, what a rush! You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Public-exposure Confessions Public-exposure confession stories and Exposed in public stories. Confession Stories Confessions Current: public-exposure.

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I cant stop exposing my pussy in public