Family road trip sex stories

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We had planned a fishing trip and camp out for the first week after school closed. Ashley was a neighbor who lived a few doors down the block. For a few days we had all excitedly prepared for the trip. The day before we were to leave, our son Jack came down with a virus and it looked like the trip was going to have to be cancelled.

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The girls were extremely disappointed and complained something awful. The morning that we were supposed to leave, my wife suggested that I take the girls and she would stay home with Jack. He was better, but she thought it best that he stay close to home.

Camping and fishing was not exactly her favorite activity anyway.

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I think she welcomed the excuse to back out. The girls were thrilled, the car was almost all packed, so of we went. On the way up to the lake, Ashley was looking very sexy in her short nylon shorts and too tight T shirts as they chattered incessantly all the way up there. We set up the tent, got settled, and fished all afternoon.

We cooked a fine meal with all the fish we caught, and all sat around the campfire singing songs, telling stories and toasting marshmallows. Both girls were feeling warm and cuddly with all three of us under the blanket that I had brought to ward off the chilly night.

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They both were snuggled up closely to me as they dazed dreamily into the fire. I slipped down to my jockey shorts and crawled in. Tammy was still fooling around with something, and minutes later I saw her pull down her cute little short shorts. She was wearing those tiny little string panties that girls wear.

Just a small patch barely covering her pubic area and a string that ran around her waist and disappeared between the tight crease of her hard ass. My, she had a gorgeous ass. Round white hard globes that sat high up on her curvy thighs. She saw me looking at her and just smiled. She was never bashful around the house and I had seen her close to naked many times, but I guess she had blossomed quite a bit since the last time I saw her that way.

She then unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra. She looked down at her perky little breast and pinched both nipples pulling them up higher. It hardly came past her waist. She made no attempt to hide herself, rather she just smiled again and turned out the oil lamp hanging in the tent.

As she crawled into the sleeping bag, I could feel the sweat shirt creep even higher. I put my arm over her and pulled her closer to me. As I did my hand touched her right tittie. We were snuggled up against each other like the big spoon and the little spoon, and I was hugging her tightly to me. She kept squirming around trying to get closer and warmer. Her little ass was practically naked with just that tiny string running between the crack of her ass. I could feel those gorgeous buns Family road trip sex stories me and I was beginning to get really hard as she wiggled back against me.

She squirmed back again, harder and more deliberately this time. She could definitely feel my hard cock pressing against her naked ass now. She was hunching her ass boldly against me now, trying to feel my stiff cock with her ass. I helped a little and pulled one foot loose too. She settled back into the spoon and really squirmed her ass against my throbbing cock. It felt so good I had to reach down and give my hard a rub. She pulled my hand away from my cock and placed it up under her hirt against her firm bare young tit.

Her hand then went down and encircled my cock which was as hard as it had ever been. She clenched my dick between her legs and hunched back and forth sliding it against her slippery wet slit. Every time it brushed against her clit I felt her shiver and groan softly.

Tammy turned halfway on her back and slid her right leg up over my hips opening her legs to give me more access to her virgin cunt.

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My left arm was under her playing with her left tittie. As my fingers traced circles around her nipples, they were as hard as my dick. I massaged and squeezed as I played with them as she moaned softly. She held my cock and rubbed it against her clit as I slid the length on the outside of her slippery slit. I asked her. I could just imagine some school punk fucking that sexy little teeny bopper sleeping next to us. Tammy was grinding her ass all over my hard now. She kept trying to push the head inside her, but the angle was wrong.

Finally she rotated her hips and did manage to get the knob of my stiff cock in her entrance. I turned toward her a little more on my side and pulled her leg up higher to my chest. At the same time she shifted more on her back. This opened her entrance nice and wide as my cock slid in a little more. In that position we both could finger her clit.

I could feel her finger touching it and sliding around. Now between her hip action, and my humping, I was sliding in and out of her cunt pretty good. About 4 inches was slipping in by now. My cock slid almost all the way in as Tawny gasped loudly. She pulled her leg even further apart as she raised her knee higher to open wider. It was all the way in her tight virgin cunt now and the feeling for both of us was ecstasy.

Gently I stroked in and out of her increasingly slippery pussy. She was groaning and moaning so loudly, I was afraid she would wake up Ashley. Finally I felt her fine lithe teen body stiffen and her breathing stopped. The mussels in her cunt were having spasms and clenching my cock unmercifully as she came for the first time with a cock Family road trip sex stories in her. I kept stroking into her and she kept cumming loudly. I could feel my sticky cum all over her as we finally rifted off to sleep after a lot of loving caresses.

A couple of hours later this insatiable little nymph was on top of me again getting me Family road trip sex stories and trying to get my cock back into her wet pussy. She was straddled over me letting her tits tease my mouth. She got another good fucking and this time, and after she came a few times, I told her I was ready to cum again. She slid off me and down to my cock sucking it into her petit opening. As I came, I felt her head jerk back with the unexpected. Then she d with more vigor and swallowed every drop. The next morning, Ashley was up first and got dressed.

I am sure she must have noticed how we were cuddled together. As we woke, Tammy was the first to crawl out of the sleeping bag. Ashley looked at her still naked body in amazement as her eyes almost popped out oh her head.

Tammy casually yawned and stretched like a cat in the sun. She was in no hurry. They were gone about 20 minutes.

Family road trip sex stories

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