Fantasy cannibal stories

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Stories of cooking humans have been around pretty much forever. We scratch at the theme like a scab: from witches popping children in their cauldrons, to Hannibal Lecter dining on liver with fava beans, to lurid re-tellings of real life cannibalism.

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I picked the titles below for a range of cooking methods, reasons for cooking, and the ways in which the author deals with the subject. She manages to fool her own daughter into thinking she killed him, then forces her to help get rid of the body by putting him into a stew.

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Somehow I feel as if it were all mine. What would this list be without a mention of Sweeney Todd and Mrs. The String of Pearls is the first penny dreadful that features the murder-and-pie duo. Sweeney Todd constructs an ingenious chair that tips his customers headfirst into an underground passage; Mrs. Lovett picks the corpses up to feed her booming pie business. No further introductions needed, but interesting reading for those only familiar with the musical or film.

Serial killer Andrew meets decadent playboy Jay. They click.

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They go off on a cannibalistic serial killer spree that is both beautifully written and at times extremely difficult reading: Brite goes into poetic, graphic and minute detail. Contains a packed lunch in the form of a sandwich with a piece of flank lightly fried in butter.

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To hide the body, Big George does the logical thing and puts Frank on the barbecue. Satisfaction and disgust in one neat package. I mentioned that cooking people is a horrific act in most cultures. Not all. A warrior has died, and his loved ones carefully and lovingly bake his body into a cake, which will then be offered to the gods. She has also written three pieces of fiction that involve cooking people. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website.

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Fantasy cannibal stories

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