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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The Working Wife. Thread starter Walterp Start date Dec 30, Walterp Member. Location Pembrokeshire. The old Carmarthenshire joke is that a farming couple shares the daily tasks - the wife does all the milking, all the s and all the housework, whilst the husband drives the tractor and does all the gossiping.

It's what I recall of my mother and grandmother, too, bustling about chasing cows, feeding calves and my favourite memory of my genteel but hard-bitten Methodist grandmother killing an under-performing hen for Sunday dinner Methodists don't have 'lunch'. So it was a surprise when I moved to Pembrokeshire and learnt that, here, many farmers wives either stay in the house or go out to work. I don't know why this might be, but I suspect that it's linked to a long tradition in Carmarthenshire of small, owner-occupied, dairy farms that would be just as likely to be passed down to a daughter as to a son - with a daughter that inherits a farm often making a formidable farmer in her own right.

It was an even bigger surprise to see, on TFF, so few farmers refer to their business as 'ours' - I had imagined that the majority of UK farm businesses involve both husband and wife, working alongside one another, whilst gently bickering about whose fault that dead ewe really was, and whether dinner might, perhaps, be a remote possibility sometime before three o'clock. I always get slightly depressed thinking about spouses who don't share the day-to-day tribulations - and the occasional minor triumphs - that farming involves.

Historically, it was the reason why farming divorces were so rare: having shared - and often risked - so much, it made no sense to give up their shared investment of time and energy. So why do I feel a sense of the loss of something Farm wife threads Walterp said:. Click to expand Shutesy Moderator Arable Farmer.

Location North Lincolnshire. Location Cumbrian born and bread. My late mother never had a jobshe did the Farm wife threads and she helped at lambing time, she was from an old Methodist family though she was C of E and there seemed to be a general view that girls 'kept house'' It was a real shame and a waste that my mother never went into teaching where she would have excelled, especially at sports, as she had a real winners mentality. Staying at home all the time was and is unhealthy for the mind I think, in reality my mother, as much as I loved her had an easy life and didn't realise it.

My wife is exactly as you say Walterpearning over 30k for 32 hours a weekhow can she earn that at home? Still Farming Member Mixed Farmer. Location Glamorgan Wales. A lot of wives outside incomes prop. Up many a farm!

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Location Ceredigion, wales. My mother never had a job after she married my father but she worked bloody hard all her life. She was always a partner in the business. Initially it was a corner shop and milk round in London before they started farming here. She would keep the house spotless, prepare all the meals, do the paperwork, help with lambing, help with everything else, paint the house etc etc etc.

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Anyone who called would be welcomed with a cup of tea and something to eat whether they wanted it or not. She was no different to any other farm wife of her age group, this is what they all did and never thought twice about it. The sad thing for me is that she never got to enjoy her retirement. My wife on the other hand also works bloody hard but has always worked off farm, apart from when the kids were small.

She works full time plus keeps the house tidy ish and keeps us all fed. Her wage doesn't actually prop up the farm but it does mean that I can draw less from the business. I draw enough for us to live on and my wife's wage means that we can afford a very limited social life and to put our daughter through uni. Without her wage I'd we'd have to draw twice as much from the business and I'm not sure the business could afford it tbh.

GTB said:. Yale Member Livestock Farmer. Location North East Wales,upland farm,ft. Surely these days the working wife holds the cards. Work,get a career then divorce and take half the farm. Cake and eat it? Clever Dic Member. Location Melton. My wife works in the office pretty much full time. She is the hard one chasing overdue s I am the salesman scmoozing new and existing business it's a good combination and allows me to pass the buck strategically some times.

Also begrudgingly I like the fact she questions Farm wife threads of my decisions, it makes me take a second or third look and not get carried away on one of my optimistic projects. I could not employ someone to do that as effectively.

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Location N. Clever Dic said:. Y Fan Wen Member. Location N W Snowdonia. I married a teacher. She continued until she retired and now her pension is a valuable income stream as was her wage before! Derrick Hughes Member. Location Ceredigion. You should change the heading "The working wife"? Wendy10 Member. Location Carmarthenshire.

She would keep the house spotlesarm s, prepare all the meals, do the paperwork, help with lambing, help with everything else, paint the house etc etc etc. JD-Kid Member. Location Akaroa. New Zealand. JD-Kid said:. Whitewalker Member. Yale said:. Post reply. Insert quotes…. Deere Studio Evening Events Oct We will send out alerts closer to the events to remind you they are on and all 3 are in the TFF calendar

Farm wife threads

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