Father son spanking stories

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Lawrence Tomkins rolled over in bed and look at the alarm clock. The large LCD display read A. He couldn't believe how inconsiderate his son was. Yes, it was true that Brad was 19 years old and off at college but, he was now home for a few days over Christmas break. Lawrence had informed him that while he was visiting him Brad was expected to follow the same rules he had followed before going off to college.

And that meant a A. As Lawrence lay there stewing he saw headlights pass by his bedroom window. Since he lived on a relatively private street he thought this might be Brad. Since Lawrence slept in the nude he stood off to the side of the window and peaked out the side of the curtain so no one outside would see his nakedness. The passenger side front door opened and out stepped Brad. He was smiling and Lawrence couldn't help but notice how much Brad looked like him at that age.

And it was true never had a father and son looked so much alike--same sandy brown hair, same dark eyes, and the same muscular physique. While Brad's build came from working out to compete as a college wrestler Lawrence came from his days as a college football hero. And Lawrence worked hard to maintain this build even at There was one other attribute Brad and his father shared, their big bubble butts. When they walked down the street together he turned and mouths dropped. All the ladies and most of the men wanted them.

And the men that didn't want them wanted to be them. Brad made his up the walk and Lawrence grabbed his white mid thigh length cotton bathrobe from the hook on the back of his bedroom door as he exited the room. It was late December and Lawrence felt a chill as he pulled the robe on covering his huge ass. His big cheeks bounced from side to side as he hurried down the stairs. He finished tying the robe as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

The front door opened and in walked Brad. You know how it is. No big deal,' said Brad casually as he headed for the kitchen, his big round ass bouncing in his tight jeans as he did so. You could have called! Okay, next time. I promise. I don't see what the big deal is I am 19 years old. You can calm down a little,' said Brad opening the refrigerator and pulling out a diet soda. That did it. That something inside of you that keeps you rational snapped inside Lawrence.

He couldn't believe the disrespect his son was showing him. Lawrence had been a good father. He practically raised Brad alone when his mother ran off and he wouldn't be talked to like this. I pay your school bills and you are in my home! Upstairs now, young man! Lawrence followed close behind. His short robe was riding up in the back as he made his way upstairs exposing the bottom part of his firm round ass flesh.

Once inside Brad's room Lawrence adjusted his robe and sat on the edge of Brad's bed. You have shown me no respect and have behaved like so that's how you'll be treated. Lawrence grew red with anger, 'We can do this the hard way or the easy way but either way that big ass of yours will be over my knee. If it's the Father son spanking stories way let's just say you'll have to find a way to pay for your own schooling. Brad hadn't seen his father this angry since his high Father son spanking stories graduation when he mooned the whole crowd.

Lawrence had charged the stage and dragged Brad from it with his big melons hanging out for all to see. So Brad knew his Dad meant business therefore he reluctantly went over Father son spanking stories lap. Get those pants off! And if you say one more word I'll consider this the hard way. Brad gulped. What else could he do. If his Dad stopped paying for his schooling he'd have to drop out. If only he hadn't been such a smart ass. He could apologize but his dad said, 'Not another word! He could feel his face get hot from embarrassment but began to undress anyway.

He pulled off his sneakers slowly--then his socks. There really was no reason for Brad to remove his socks but he thought that if his Dad saw him obey that maybe he would change his mind about the spanking. So he figured the more time he took the more chance for his Dad to reconsider.

Brad was embarrassed about having to strip in front of his father. But he was more embarrassed about what he was wearing underneath. Brad had chosen this day to wear a skimpy red thong and he really didn't want to parade around in front of his dad in it. While it was true that Brad did run around in his underwear when in the house he certainly never did it in a thong.

The stall didn't seem to be working; his Father just sat there in his bathrobe watching Brad disrobe. This was it Brad undid his belt and pulled it from the loops. He then slowly unbuttoned his pants. He then went for the zipper hoping that Lawrence would stop him but he didn't.

Once the zipper was down Brad began to wiggle his big melons free from his jeans. He believe couldn't he had to do this. He kept his back to his Father giving him a clear view of his muscular rear end with his little red thong creeping between his massive loaves. Then it occurred to Brad that sometimes when he got spanked he got an erection and even worse came. What if that happened here?

But this was different. Oh, sure the other guys did it under the guise of punishment as well but Brad knew it was just an excuse to fondle his monster butt cheeks. Brad slowly turned to face his Father wearing just his red thong and black sweatshirt, 'It's a thong, Dad. Brad blush, 'No dad they're not panties.

They are men's underwear. You know I have trouble finding clothing to fit over my big ass, dad. Well whatever they are--drop 'em now! Then get over my knee! Brad put his fingers in the waistband and began prying the string from deep inside the confines of his large ass cheeks turning his back to his father and bending over. His big ass was inches from his fathers face as he did so. He removed the thong and stood with his back to Lawrence his big dick and low hanging balls out of view.

Father son spanking stories

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