Feline transformation stories

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General Rating. Download Submission. Like PhobosWrites's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Transformation Stories. File type : Acrobat Portable Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Animal Crossing comes out tomorrow and part of me wants to wait to post this then, but on the other hand, I can just get in while they hype is at the most hype! So, whatever their name is, I'm fairly confident I wrote the first story involving this fella, especially since I wrote this like a week or two ago and just haven't posted it yet whoops lol.

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The display full of frames only really served to fluster Aurora. She furrowed her brow, looking over all the glasses trying to figure out which one to go with. Shopping for glasses was new to her and she really had no clue how to go about it. And that alone made it seem all the more important to choose the right pair. At first Aurora had been a little excited when the doctor told her she needed glasses. After all, glasses were cute, and she had always liked them. And with all the different colors and shapes and patterns, she was a little bit overwhelmed. Would certain frames look tacky?

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Did she even mind if they looked a little tacky? But did she even like the tacky ones? She shook her head and looked around for someone to help her. There was a tired looking woman behind the counter. Apparently the whole selling point is that they look fashionable on any face? They were sleek, but nothing really seemed to stand out about them.

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But maybe that was the point, a more subtle, kind of classy look to them. They fit her face very well and certainly felt comfortable. She adjusted them a little before turning to the woman for her opinion. Not getting angry. Every so often she tugged at the glasses a bit, only to still have next to no wiggle from the eyewear. But what she did feel was this strange pressure on her chest. She gave her chest a few pats as she felt absolutely nothing there but soft fur on a flat body. Excuse me?

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As the stress built up a bit inside of her, small sharp claws poked out from her fingers. She pulled her hand away, noticing the purple fur looked much darker, closer to black if anything. Looking down revealed her whole body was shifting.

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Unless you counted that long, feline tail of course. She looked back curiously, watching it wiggle and sway like a really showy snake. On the one hand, changing form, especially in public, was awkward. But on the other hand nobody was witnessing it besides a woman who based on all the weird questions either probably thought she was dreaming or just had given up on Aurora being normal.

And her neutral, bordering on positive, thoughts on these changes were only strengthened by the clothes. Her outfit changed into something a little less casual but a million times more snazzy. Soft greyish pants, a white button down shirt, a grey vest, and a neatly tucked blue tie.

Her face felt all stuffed up as her head reshaped.

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Whiskers popped out of her face and those big ears of hers got a little smaller and sharpened into fluffy grey triangles. The biggest change though was that hair, not as much falling out as much as it just seemed to grow back in, only some of it growing back out as a tuft of flippy blonde hair on the top of their head. Aurora looked in the mirror and saw a rather nice looking cat.

They rubbed their face, suddenly feeling rather comfortable with what they saw and who they were. Maybe it was something in the changes rewiring a bit of how they thought. Heck, maybe Aurora kind of liked the new perspective. Maybe it was just what they wanted. Maybe show off their makeover a bit. Yeah, that sounded nice. Listed in Folders Transformation Stories.

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Feline transformation stories

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