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Over and counting! Tempermental, aloof, and dramatic, this elf wizard was not intending to summon anything less than the best, instead, he gets a human. Due to my high levels of anxiety, I have come to enjoy a certain amount of order in my life.

There was my cat Cocoa, who I lost a few years ago - I loved her. There are my books. There are the small things I can comfortably take for granted in my everyday routine. Anxiety makes me want to be prepared for most things; if I feel I have a grasp on them, then perhaps I can go about my day without worry.

Only thing is, there are just some things that one cannot prepare for. In my mind it was an instant thing, a sort of Alice in Wonderland trip. Then I fell so fast and for so long, I think I must have lost consciousness. A sort of tangy live static mingled with a clean damp, which makes your tongue feel tingly and your nose cold. I lay there for a long time, playing dead, because the longer I stay still the more time I have to collect my wits, to plan. I take slow, deep breaths just like I was taught.

In with the good air, out with the bad. I crack my eyes open a few times. The room around me is silent, but I can hear a fire crackling, and if I listen really, really, closely I think I can hear someone breathing. My field of vision is limited by the hair hanging in front of my eyes and the furniture blocking off the rest of the room. I can see the roaring fire under the legs of a chair. To the left of me there is a tall table with a cauldron sitting underneath it. As I start to get a sense of my surroundings, I hear footsteps. Every hair on my body stands on end, like the hair of a cat getting ready Female elf x male reader pounce and maim.

He sounds irritated and tired. It takes everything in my power not to move at that moment. He falls backwards as I jump up, scrambling and grabbing a stool that I hold in front of me. A stream of strange words slips from his mouth like a song. The stool turns into silk scarves in my grasp, and the scarves bind my wrists and coil up around my arms.

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One of them ties itself around my mouth. The man rises from the shadows as I fall onto my rear from shock. He scoffs, dusting off his wine-colored robe as he looks down at me. He grimaces at me, his thick brows pinching together while he rubs his palm against his sharp jaw. His long white hair is tied back into a thick braid that hangs over his shoulder.

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His skin is what gets me though. His lip curls up over his teeth which looks like a mouth from a horror movie. So blame fate or stupid luck, what have you. He adjusts my glasses on my face, then sighs heavily. He clasps his face between his hands. How the hell did this happen? The lights start over his head, blinking on in a fluid motion over my head before turning into a spiral that circles the entire ceiling. They flicker lavender, peach, rose gold, and lime. The blue man is flipping through a book, growling and grumbling under his breath.

I try to fight against my restraints, managing to stand up as I braced myself against the wall.

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My hands are still bound, but at least now I can talk. Where the hell am I? And what the fuck do you want with me? I grit my teeth, trying hard not to bite a hole in my cheek. Now explain yourself! He rolls his eyes, flapping his arms out in the air. He grimaces. Just admit you made a mistake and send me home. He turns on his heel to glare back at me. Merilinor turns his cold eyes on me again. No sir! Merilinor shakes his head. Whatever he was saying was cut off as I lash out with my bound hands, grabbing hold of the tip of his ear between my fingers, pinching him as hard as I can.

Let go, let go, let go, let go! You are not my master. Merilinor looks up at me with watery eyes. Merilinor clenches his eyes shut tight, somehow weak against my assault on his ear. He glares back at me. I drop him and he stumbles away from me. He cups his hand over his ear and bares his teeth. Merilinor goes to turn back to his book but he stops.

He glances back at me and waves his finger around. I scoff. Being stuck under his thumb makes me want to know as little about him as I can.

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One of the few things I enjoy about this whole mess, funnily enough, is the view. From the window of the room I am given, I can see out over a forest, towards rows of snow-capped mountains on the horizon. I have always loved the mountains, and looking at them brings me a sense of peace.

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I can sit alone in my room, quiet and content, with a small breakfast and tea. He could easily get himself ready with a simple flick of his wrist and a snap of his fingers, but instead he has taken to shouting for me. I have to help him don his robe, braid his hair, pluck his eyebrows into a fine shape. I unorganize his books, often switching covers on them to double the confusion. So once he gets used to them one way, I swap them around again. One morning as I am tending to the grande dame himself, braiding his hair in his beloved fishtail style, I start humming to myself.

Nothing to concern yourself with. Merilinor rolls his eyes and nestles back down in his seat. Does it bother you? I stand up and go to his vanity, where I pull out the tweezers. Merilinor scowls at me. I sit down beside him, still looking at him strangely. I order you to call me by my name!

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Not some nickname. Not some cutesy interpretation that brain of yours comes up with.

Female elf x male reader

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