Fiction kidnapping short stories

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Re: Likes: 1 Shelves: 0 Comments: 1. More Details. Add to Read List. Everything blurry. Voices everywhere. Green s in front of me.

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A four? Black again. Clearer this time. A clock was on the table, reading At night?

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Dirty stucco walls surrounded me, no more than 10 feet both ways. Other than the clock in the middle of the floor along with the cold metal chair where I was handcuffed, the room was vacant. Searching for the events of the last few hours, I drew a blank. A middle aged man working hard just to get by and provide for his family, no money, no high position. A sound behind the door, quiet, then a ear splitting groan as an old, unrecognizable bearded man with glasses entered. Too high to give to someone in need? What do you want with me!

Before I had a chance to think, the clock struck twelve, and a small clack contraction raised out of the clock. It gave a small hiss as something shot into Fiction kidnapping short stories chest from the device. Regaining my senses, I found I lay a metal table smelling highly of antiseptic. I took in my surroundings, a large light leaned over the table, and other surgical equipment lay on a cart. I moved to get up, eager to escape. I swung my legs over the side of the table. Then came crashing to the floor. My leg. It was gone. I looked up, horrified.

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Fiction kidnapping short stories

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