First ejaculation stories

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Once, during an especially horny weekend while I was in high school, my Mom was sunbathing with her younger sisters who are twins and gorgeous, but not as curvaceous as my Mom. I was in my bedroom watching them and eagerly jacking off. I could tell they were trading body compliments and admiring each others tits. Suddenly, a longtime prayer of mine was answered. After glancing nervously toward the house, Mom reached up behind her neck and untied her bikini top.

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Her large breasts sprang out and bounced against each other, settling into perfect jutting teardrops with just a natural touch of sag. As she removed her top completely, my eyes focused on her aureoles round and dark red, with small nipples poking out.

So there was Mom, innocently gabbing with her sisters about butt exercises and her fruit diet, while I mentally pounded my cock in and out of her pussy, moaning obscenely and pumping a bucket of cum out of my balls. I flopped onto my back panting, my shorts around my ankles, and watched Mom struggle to fit her melons back into her bikini top.

The first time I had an orgasm, I screamed.

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I remember it vividly. I was 11, and I was rubbing my penis on the mattress, like I did every night. It felt wonderful, but I always stopped when it started feeling too intense.

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I enjoyed the feeling, but it scared me. I thought I was going to pee the bed.

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Well, this time First ejaculation stories went too far. I felt this intense wave of pleasure--it felt kind of like when you finally go pee after you have been holding it for too long, only much, much more intense. Anyway, I felt this pleasure, and I thought I was going to pee, so I panicked.

I tried to stop it! I tried to hold it back! I was somewhat successful. As I was experiencing an orgasm, I managed to get onto my hands and knees to pull myself away from the mattress. I was clamping down hard to stop it. I was holding it back, like I would stop a stream of urine. I swear that I held it for at least ten seconds. I was thinking while I was holding it that I had to get up and run to the bathroom before peed everywhere, but it was so intense, I couldn't get up. I remember struggling and taking slow, deliberate breaths, trying retain control, and the breaths became moans.

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I couldn't stop it. I screamed as I let go. I ejaculated all over my headboard and pillow. My room was in the basement, and I was so loud that my mom came downstairs to check on me. She had been sleeping upstairs. I told her that it had been a nightmare. She believed me and went upstairs. I was exhausted afterwards. I wiped up as best as I could with Kleenexes. The next morning, I went to the bathroom and tried to do it again. That time, I just enjoyed it. I had discovered something wonderful. The Wondrous Summer Of '97!!!

Back in the Summer ofmy three Sisters and I were very curious about each other and how our teenaged bodies looked and worked. My "first-time" was with my big Sister when I was 15, and less than a week later, I was both of my little Sister's "first-time". We four siblings were secretly and constantly experimenting and First ejaculation stories everything we could to enjoy ourselves and each other.

Mom shooed the girls out and sat down on the bed with me and asked me what the girls and I were doing in her bed. Anyway, I was naked and my Mother was looking down at my lap and she could tell that I was still up to having some more physical fun. My Mother went to her bedroom door and shut and locked it, then came back over next to where I was sitting.

I was totally clueless ab to what was going on. Clueless that is, until my Mother slowly un-clothed herself right in front of my wondering eyes. I quickly learned that a 33 year-old Mother's body is a LOT different than a 16 year-old or 14 year-old Sister's body is.

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And an active and experienced 33 year-old divorced Mother of four has a lot she can teach a 15 year-old young man. And my Mother most certainly did, and I am most profoundly grateful that she did. Over 20 years have passed since that wonderous Summer, and I wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe to start earlier, do it more than three times a day, and make sure that our Mother caught us doing "IT" much sooner!

It's a dominance thing for her I have premature ejaculation issues so that's usually enough to make me shoot inside my boxers and it's so uncomfortable but hot at the same time. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

Ejaculation Confessions Ejaculation confession stories and sins. Confession Stories Confessions Current: ejaculation.

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Lucky guy. I also wish you could let us see how she looks-fully clothed. It's a dominance thing for her I have premature ejaculation issues so that's usually enough to make me shoot inside my boxers and it's so uncomfortable but hot at the same time Sex femdom cuck premature ejaculation. Wow that's hot. Sounds like you find the perfect partner. You're on 1 2 .

First ejaculation stories

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