First gay hookup story

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Luckily, most of us get lots of chances to try, try again. Here to take you back to those formative years are fifteen Whisper about that first time hooking up with a guy. And perhaps tell us about your first time in the comments section.

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Over the weekend, a video went viral. In the video were two young men, from Anambra, confessing to the murder of a young man who they said was gay. My first time was in an all boys boarding school…. Exactly a hundred and fifty eight days from today.

Meh the thirst First gay hookup story real. All you people that are having grown-up first times… Hmm, those of us that had first times as teenagers nko? But your own case be like sey e waka come alone sha, poor rotten. Hahahaha hahahahaha… Skl days… I left quite a few body trail. Yeah me too…. I was six my first time was six with my best friend J behind the couch in NY living room.

Mine was 5th of December last year, and the only thing I still clearly remember is that I was more concerned that something might go wrong so much that I barely gave in to the moment. Simply put, no amount of videos or information whatsoever, can fully prepare you for that 1st front row experience. I was green, trust me. It was all Him. The other guy. He was the one with mad skills on bedroom antics. Everytime is like a first time to me because it takes forever before hooking up with someone else so each time feels like u am starting over again.

Did that sound corny? Well it is true nah. The others are just like leaves blown like the wind in my head. I cannot remember them and it is most like because the time we shared was boring or not good enough to be remembered. Did this sound less corny now? Oh, my first time was with 3 guys when I was Five. Yes, Molested and No, its no cliche! I was Btw I was just 14yrs old wink. And ppl were already getting royally plunged… Hmmmm. Nice name though. It has one ring to it.

Maybe my first time,the person in question will get me alcohol so that I can just dozz off ……,I wonder how alcoholic drinks taste sef…. My first time was awkward and uncomfortable. But the foreplay and afterplay was great. Lasted the entire night.

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We both went up disappointed. My first time was not as bad as I thought it would be. Was that naive.

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Its a therapy for being disvirgined…. At least you will be rest assured that you will not be aware of what is going on until everything don finish. I say the pain for a first time na die oooo Its better not to know what happens on your first time…. If anal sex is too uncomfortable then you should probably stop trying to have it.

At first I thought being gay was about kissing and vaseline in between thighs.

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A year plus later an older classmate of mine made me penetrate and fuck him, I was in high heavens. And so did I become top, living the black stereotype, as like yesterday. Hun, ur 1st time was pretty gud :I mean he took u on a couple dates, got 2 know u b4 making a move, dats sweet. My first time was with my neighbour in school…it hurt tho…the guy was abnormally big…buh I wanted more later on…. Had my first time with another male back in the early nineties when I was about 8….

I gave him a head and he used my laps. Thank God there was no penetration. Sweet Lord! My first time was with my handsome corper maths teacher…enjoyed every bit on it was about 15 then and in ss3…. Winsh, this ya ass was a good student ooo. To get the perfect A in the most dreaded subject maths.

My first time was with my neighbours sales boy. He was always groping my cock whenever no one was watching us and I was very excited and looked forward seeing him.

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One day he asked me to come to the tailoring shop where he worked and he picked a Sunday. Well,once I got home I braced up and sneaked out of the house damning all consequences. I got to the shop and he was waiting. He got a fanta and buscuit for me and before I could touch the refreshment he descended on me.

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He has just had his bath and was oiling his body in front of me and came to me. Pulling me up he started slowly touching me and asked me to turn. I thought at first we would do our usual cock rubbing and that was all but how wrong I was. He brought a huge dressing mirror and positioned in front of a big table.

He told me lean on the table which In my state of confusion,I obeyed. I went biserk like a terrified chicken but his strong hands gripped my hips very tight and dragged me back to his throbbing cock. I was in pain…my legs where shivering while I bit my hands in agony.

I could see us in front of the mirror and my neighbors sales boy was flexing his muscles and doing fine boy faces to himself while fucking me. After what seemed like eternity he started talking some rubbish and began to rock his body back and forth while moving his head from side to side. I felt something rush into my stomach and dripping down my thighs. My neighbours sales boy Obinna by name staggered out of me and stumbled to hold a chair while First gay hookup story.

Thick white cum was oozing from his cock. I have never seen sperm in all my life. I was just 10 and he was about Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. December 20, Comments 68 Pink Panther Views. For better or for worse, everyone remembers their first time. Category Editor's Desk. Share this post: a b c d j. Editor's Desk 14 Comments. Editor's Desk 18 Comments. Now Where Were We? Our Stories 3 Comments. Lord II December 20, Reply.

First gay hookup story

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What Was Your First Time Like? 15 Guys Share Their First Gay Hookup Stories