First time brother sister sex stories

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This is not my story but of my family. I had a little party after my brother 9 and my sister 10 were in bed. We played some daring games of kissing and show and tell. My siblings were watching from the top of the stairs.

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Then one girl had a Porno and we put it in television and we dreamed of doing it. Then we had to make up stories of who we had done it with. It was fun and all lies as we were all virgins still. I went up stairs after everyone had left.

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I was brushing my teeth when I could noise in my sisters room. I walked in and the lights were on. They were naked doing what they saw on the porno. They were getting it on like rabbits and my little sister was uh uh uh uh going down on my brother.

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I said stop but they had ear pods in from the I pod. I said stop two more times not wanting to physically grab her and pull her off. How good could sex be so young. I went and touched her arm and they smiled and kept going. I pulled the music out of their ears. Stop I said.

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Your nine and your 10 there is no majic at your age. So my sister reluctantly got off and we talked alone. I told her about getting a period and making babies and sexual responses. I felt it all over she said a few times she said. Then I talked to my brother and he had so many questions and I did my best to tell him about sex and babies. Well he said he was all stirred up and so hard.

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Well I went to sleep and the next morning they were naked in bed sound asleep. I pulled back the sheets and I saw evidence that my brother ejactulated in my sister. I covered them up and was pacing back and forth till they woke up. Straight by master on December 28, Processing your request, Please wait Rate your experience on a scale from 0 to Report Abuse Other.

First time brother sister sex stories

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