First time nude beach stories

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My husband Roger and I are not swingers, but we are exhibitionists. He loves to show me off to other men, especially at the beach. We live in Europe, so he insists on me going topless and wearing only a tiny thong to sunbathe in.

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My husband likes to see the effect I have on other men. This is a true story that took place on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. I am a little nervous writing this, as my husband does not know the whole story, and he is an avid reader on this site.

I have changed the names to keep our anonymity. We were staying at a gorgeous hotel in the middle of Skiathos Town. The rooms were lovely, and we were lucky enough to have one with a very nice balcony that overlooked the pool. This proved a very interesting place to have fun and watch others, but that is a story for another day.

So my husband rented a scooter for us to be able to explore the island and visit some of the sixty-four beaches available to us. One beach he was keen to see was that famous one right at the end of the runway. When planes were taking off or landing, they flew straight over your First time nude beach stories. It was more of a novelty factor, but he wanted to see it, so we packed our things for the day, and set off to find the beach.

It barely covers my ass. But he loves me to wear it, as it makes him so horny seeing all the men checking me out. Even though it was the first day I already had a nice tan from sunbathing in our garden, so I thought, why not? These always make my legs look twice as long, which also drives Roger crazy. He likes to walk behind me and take pictures and videos. He says my ass looks like two volleyballs in a bag swinging from side to side.

It was way too short to wear on a bike. So short, that it rode up First time nude beach stories my bare ass to a group of guys walking past as I mounted the bike. They seemed to enjoy the view, as I got lots of wolf whistles and whoops. Roger loved the fact that I had just flashed a group of horny young men, but I was a little embarrassed. Even though I pulled it down, it kept riding up as we heading along the road. I have never had so many cars toot at me. Tomorrow will have to be hot pants. The road to the beach takes you alongside the runway up to the north-east corner of the island.

There is not a great deal to see, but just off to our left we noticed a few mopeds parked up at the side of the cliff in some trees, as if their owners had tried to hide them. Being nosey and inquisitive, we decided to go and investigate. To do this, we had to negotiate a bumpy dirt track that, unbeknown to us, le you straight off the edge of the cliffs. Luckily we realised in time and managed to stop and park next to the other bikes.

Down at the bottom of the cliffs stood a beautiful, long beach. It looked idyllic, without a single person on it. This seemed a little strange as the bikes obviously belonged to someone, but wherever they were, they were not on the beach that we were looking at. Curiously, we walked to our left, along the cliffs and past a small headland, and there below were the bright coloured towels of the bike owners.

The first mystery was over, but then we were baffled as to why they were all at one end, and not enjoying the beauty of the whole beach. That was until we noticed that every one of them was naked. We had stumbled across an unofficial nudist beach. We knew there were nude beaches on the island, as we had discussed visiting one for the first time, but this was definitely not one of the official beaches we had read about.

I had seen that look before. It was the look of mischievous intent and a question. It normally meant that he wanted sex, and was looking for my approval. The look always caught me by surprise, but also filled me with excitement. Because I knew it would lead to us doing something exciting and naughty. In fact they all looked young and fit. I will need to be drunk if we go down there, especially if you want me to get naked.

Roger was disappointed, but understanding. So we set off for our original beach. The beach was very nice. One saving grace was that it did have a cute little taverna on the edge of the beach, so we decided to stay and have a bite to eat. The food was good, and it was fun to see the planes coming in to land right over our he. There is something about Greek wine that always seems to get me tipsy. The first carafe was finished in no time, so when Roger suggested I have another, I knew exactly what his plan was.

It did look like a nice beach. What is it about seeing me naked that turns you on so much? I am naked all the time at home. But you look so hot, I just want to show you off. They are not going to be interested in me! Your beautiful olive skin drives men crazy. Those legs are to die for.

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Your tits are perky and firm, and your ass is the best I have ever seen. I have always told you, you should have been a glamour model. You still could. That was all the encouragement I needed. I love the fact that my husband adores me so much. I love that he loves my body the way he does. If this is going to make him happy, then who am I to deny him. Besides, I was feeling in a naughty mood. It might be fun to get naked in front of strangers. We finished our drinks and paid the bill.

I have never seen Roger so eager to part with his money. We jumped back on our bike and headed back to the nude beach. There is little more than a tiny goat track to take you down to the left-hand side of the beach. Once down there, we walked along to the right-hand side where everyone else was sitting.

We found a spot just off to one side. There were two handsome guys just under the cliffs to our right, and the other two couples and the other guy, who was actually quite a lot First time nude beach stories than I thought he was from above, to our left. It was interesting seeing everyone laying there naked. The two guys nearest us were both about twenty-five. Both had beautiful tanned and toned bodies. They had obviously spent a lot of time in the gym. On the other side of us, one of the couples was young, maybe twenty-five to thirty and the other a little older than us, forty-five to fifty.

Both couples were attractive, but the girl in the younger couple was stunning. She looked like a younger version of me. The same long, black hair, tanned olive skin, and a slim sexy, body. She had bigger boobs than me. I know Roger is going to do everything he can to be able to keep looking at those amazing tits. But that was ok, because her boyfriend was pretty gorgeous, too. We have never swapped partners before, but if we ever did, this would be the sort of couple that we would swap with.

The second couple looked German or Swedish. They were both blonde, but good looking, and First time nude beach stories both gave us a warm and friendly smile, which was lovely. She had a beautiful body, slim and tall with golden skin.

Looking round the beach again, I found myself checking out the guys again. I was going to get naked in front of them, and it excited me. In my single days, I would have slept with every one of them. Even the older guy was very handsome. He was big, rugged and had a face like an older movie star. What surprised me was how interested I was to see their cocks. I had been with a lot of men before I met Roger, and I have enjoyed quite a few beautiful cocks. Some big, some small, but I enjoyed all of them. Here on the beach was a delightful selection.

I was drawn to the two young studs behind us, as their cocks could not have been any more different if they tried. One was smaller than average size and thin, but the other was massive. It was long and thick and powerful looking. It was bigger than any I had ever encountered.

This boy could be a porn star. He must have seen me staring, as he slid his hand down the entire length and back again. He knew he had a monster and he was proud of it.

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I am not going to lie, the sight of him touching it sent a tingle straight to my pussy. My immediate thought was, If it's that big now, how big will it be when he gets hard? Roger had set up our towels, so it was time to get undressed. I deliberately turned my back to the two guys, as I knew they would get a good upskirt view when I bent over to untie my shoes.

Then I turned to face them, and pulled each strap slowly off each shoulder, then pulled it down over my boobs, giving them a good look at my tits.

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Then I turned and with my back to them, slid my dress over my hips, past my ass, and let it drop to the ground, keeping my legs together and straight the whole time. Roger loves it when I do this. He thinks I have the most erotic body ever. Following the great unveiling, about an hour passed uneventfully, and it was beginning to feel quite normal now to be naked amongst all these strangers.

In your average public setting you think everyone is doing their own thing, and not interested in anyone else. I knew Roger would love this, so I asked him to rub some lotion on my back for me. Little did I know, but this was to be the turning point of the day that started this whole sexy adventure. Roger loves to massage me, and never misses the chance to if he can. Normally if we are in private, this often le to sex, so I love receiving them, too. But as we were on a beach in front of seven complete strangers, I figured this would be just about the sun lotion.

First time nude beach stories

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