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One that could only come from a very relaxed and satisfied place. Lying in bed, I reflected on what had happened to me over the last 24 hours and thought about Forced butt plug stories dull ache that still emanated from my arse. But more importantly, I wondered about what was to come! Less than 12 hours ago, I had been an anal virgin and had been scared and trembling at the thought of having my butt plundered by a hard penis yet now, I was looking forward to it happening all over again.

What was going on in my head? The circumstances had been of my choosing but the reality of the journey was not lost on me. I had been butt fucked. Nothing else but taken and used and drilled and I had loved it. The way I was held in bondage was just how I had wanted it. Immobile, available, out of control and ready for whatever was to happen. And now I was looking forward to it happening all over again. My arse had been still plugged with an over large butt plug that had kept the cum I had received inside.

That and a large amount of lube that Gail had squirted inside of me had dribbled out of me as soon as the plug was removed but I felt empty without it so had replugged myself with a slightly smaller one before falling exhausted into bed. Gail and I had agreed to talk this morning and discuss last night and the night to come so I rolled over to check the clock. Not surprising I mused as I lay there and thought about all that had happened. As I did my hands explored my body, feeling the effects of the experiences of the last few day.

My fingers found and wandered over the hard steel of the cock cage and revelled in the solid and absolute security it afforded. I had to smirk to myself how I had always prided myself in being able to circumvent the other plastic cages I had tried.

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As good as they looked and as solid as they felt, there was always a weakness that would allow me to escape. This one though was quite different. I had experimented with the various rings it had come with and found a combination that, try as I might, there was absolutely no way I could get my penis out of the cage or the ring off my balls and cock. As far as the way it fitted me, it was full proof. My hands continued their exploration and eventually found the small, soft welts that adorned my butt from the whipping and caning Gail had given me on Tuesday night.

I worried that they may still show when I picked up my wife on Sunday so thought it best I check them out. I got out of bed and padded into the ensuite and stood with my back against the mirror. I could certainly still see the reddish lines across my cheeks and could definitely feel them but I knew well that I did heal quickly and with a bit of healing cream, I was sure they would fade enough not to be seen. My mind drifted back to the whipping I had received and I thought to myself that I would so love to experience that again and with that the phone rang. It was Gail and she wanted to know how I was.

Any requests? We had played these games in the past with her dictating how I was to arrive at her home. Sometimes she had me cross dress with skirt, stockings and heels though one time she dictated that I arrive completely naked. That was a challenge as I was not sure what her neighbours would have thought or said if they had seen me.

Anyway, it was too late now, I had put it out for her so just had to wait for her decision. See you at 4 then. I headed back to the bathroom and got the shower cranked up good and strong then got in. The hot water on my skin felt great and when I took the removable shower head and started to run it round my arse and balls, felt only too well that I was still locked into my chastity cage. I was locked until tonight was over and that was that. I did have the presence of mind to remove the plug in the shower and even though the water was running, could feel things oozing down my legs which brought a wicked smile to my face.

Just as I was finishing, my phone buzzed and I had a text from Gail. Once I had read it through, I realised that Gail was at her most adventurous and inventive self. Wear the locking crotch strap to hold it in and a diaper just in case. Skirt, stay ups and heels too. I had shared with her years ago how I had discovered on line, a that mentioned stuffing bananas up your arse that had been well lubed with glycerine. The glycerine was like a suppository and it made keeping the bananas inside an impossibility. The neat trick though was to use a rolled up sanitary pad or multiple tampons to keep the bananas inside so the pressure could build up — and it did!

The thing was, I had only filled Forced butt plug stories arse like this in the safety of my own home and now Gail was wanting me to load up then drive to her place and face a very uncertain outcome once there. I tried to Forced butt plug stories myself busy during the day, thanking goodness and anything else around that I had taken the Friday off work as well.

Not having anything set to do, I invented things that needed work just to stay busy and have the time go quicker. By pm I had assembled all the bits and pieces I needed and had also got out my clothes Gail wanted me in. It was still a little cool outside but regardless, I had elected to wear very sheer stay up stockings with a stretch velvet skirt even though the skirt was pretty short.

The heels were a difficult decision. I had two pairs, one stiletto and the other more sensible that I could walk in better. I had already prepared the ensuite and had a series of towels I kept just for this purpose, arranged on the floor. Hanging the bag from the shower door, I made sure that there was a minimum of air in the enema line then, getting down on my knees on the floor, slid the well lubed nozzle inside me. As always, the first little burst of water took a bit of getting used to but once I was relaxed and bent over onto my elbows, the water flowed freely and in no time I was feeling very full and the bag was starting to gurgle indicating it was getting very empty.

I always have difficulty with that next movement when I have to raise myself and remove the nozzle without spilling the contents of my butt all over the floor. I have to clench down really hard as the nozzle comes free then very carefully stand to move toward the toilet. The relief when I let go is always worth the effort in getting a good fill inside. The bananas were short at about 15 - 20cm long but were quite thick so I knew they would be fun to get inside.

I also reckoned that as they were so short, I would try to get four in and if possible, keep them whole. The web I had read had recommended breaking them in half but I wanted to push the boundaries a bit and anyway, I had had a much bigger thing than this banana up my arse last night and was going to have it in again tonight!! I had had my medium plug in for most of the day so my anus was well stretched and I knew that getting the first banana in was going to be relatively easy.

I peeled the first one and doused it well with glycerine then bending over, pushed the tip of the banana against my loose butt hole. It slid easily in for the first few centimetres then stopped. I had to take a breath and ease it out while baring down as I put more pressure onto the banana. Slowly it eased into me until almost with a pop, it disappeared inside my very empty rectum. It has always amused me that the first is always the most difficult to get in and the following ones just seem to flow in afterwards which is just what this one did.

Reaching for a third banana, I wondered whether four was too many but was willing to try. The third banana slid in really easily and even the fourth one was not too much of a struggle but when I stood to find my butt plug, I knew very quickly that I was VERY full and that the glycerine was Forced butt plug stories already! The large plug slid in as easily as the last banana but in doing so, pressed the four bananas I had inside, further up into me, making the pressure almost uncomfortable but I could not delay.

Taking the crotch strap, I buckled the waist belt on securely then took the strap that was riveted to the back, up between my legs, seating it firmly on top of the plug. The strap between my legs split just rear of my ball sack and was pulled tight into Forced butt plug stories then buckled to the waist belt. Even though I had the keys myself, I then used small padlocks to lock the buckles closed, ensuring that Gail would have the power over when it came off. Getting the diaper on was easy.

I had bought some adult ones that fit just like the babies ones so all that involved in getting it in place was basically pulling on a pair of shorts. I headed to the garage to my car and lastly had to make my mind up about the heels. The drive was horrendous.

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Not only was the glycerine working on my bowels but the plug in my butt was hurting me, the crotch strap was too tight once I was sitting on it and the chastity cage was squeezing everything a little too tightly. I tried to wriggle around to find a comfortable position but in the end gave up and just drove wondering all the while what a traffic policeman would have said if he had stopped me!

Fortunately Gail had heard me arrive so had the front door open and welcomed me inside without making me stand in the entrance way. As I entered the house, Gail stood back and looked me up and down. I noted that the pillory was already set up though perhaps it was still there from the night before. On the bench top though were other bits of bondage gear that had definitely not been there the night before. I did as I was told and felt Gail putting some handcuffs on me.

I had noticed them on the bench top and realised they were hinged cuffs that were very heavy and solid looking. Gail walked round me so she was now standing before me then with absolute determination, reached under the hem of the skirt I was wearing, pulled the diaper down and grasped my balls in her small hand. The cage had now been locked on me for three days and the ball sack was stretched tight over my balls. As she Forced butt plug stories them in her hand and squeezed gently, I could only wonder what was coming next.

Gail released my balls and reached up to the neck of my shirt and retrieved the chain holding the keys. Carefully she undid the locks holding the buckles closed, then slowly undid the buckles of the strap and the waist belt. Pulling the diaper further aside, she now slid the straps out from under me, leaving the plug still well seated but now not having anything other than my quivering sphincter to hold the pressure back.

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At this I broke out in a sweat. I lifted my hands up behind me and slid them over the back of the chair as I carefully sat down. I sat there on the chair and really did break out in a cold sweat. The pressure now was becoming unbearable and my bowels were cramping in a rhythm that was getting faster and faster. I could feel the plug starting to be pushed out but of course, it met the hardness of the chair under the diaper and with nowhere to go, sat firmly inside me, preventing the release I knew had to come.

My shirt was damp with sweat and I was almost gasping for air seeking relief. I figured I had to just take a little pressure off the plug and it would explode out so grasping the back of the chair I managed to lift myself a few inches.

Nothing happened to start with as the action made my sphincter hold the plug that much harder then I felt a movement and froze. The plug started coming out slowly then with a rush accompanied by gooey squirting sounds, the plug and the bananas shot out of my arse and filled the diaper to the brim. I almost passed out from the relief of the expulsion Forced butt plug stories sat down on top of all the bananas, feeling the long, thick plug rest between my buttocks as I did so.

Within seconds my bladder decided to empty too and I remembered past experiences when this had happened and I had had absolutely no control over that either. All together I knew I had a real mess inside my diaper. The feeling was not only of relief to get the pressure out but also a warm, gooey sensation that coated my arse and balls.

There was no smell save for the sweet aroma of mashed bananas as I had been so clean inside to start with so I simply sat there and allowed the sensations to flow over me. I can feel the mushed bananas coating everything inside the diaper and can also feel that it is a VERY full diaper at that so I hope you have somewhere to dispose of it.

I stood with great care as the diaper was sodden and very full and I was worried that it might leak. Gail directed Forced butt plug stories down the hall way to a bathroom that not only had a toilet in it but hanging from the shower stall was yet another enema bag that looked filled to almost busting. I did as I was told and in no time was luxuriating in the hot water pounding against my skin.

Forced butt plug stories

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