Forced diaper wearing stories

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It was the first day of a long Christmas break. I was going to get three glorious weeks off. This was the result of some labor dispute the teachers at my school were having. It meant that the school year would have to run long into the summer. What mattered was enjoying my vacation now. It was important though, I thought, to not betray any excitement about Christmas.

I was almost a teenager after all and I was very proud of what I considered to be my near adult status. My mom and I were spending the holiday with my Aunt Linda and her daughter Sarah. Aunt Linda had hit the jackpot with some wise investments many years earlier, she was able live a fairly comfortable lifestyle without a day-to-day job.

But she found it worth her while to baby-sit for some extra cash from time to time. She specialized in long term child-care, watching after kids while their parents took trips.

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Sarah, who was a few years older than me, would pitch in and together they would bring in enough money fill in the gaps. The car rolled up the long drive way to the front of the large house. Linda and Sarah greeted us and we were shown to the rooms would be staying in. There were enough rooms to allow us both to have our own.

Afterwards we all sat in the living room and talked. I braced myself. Her philosophy had led her to give me a string of gifts that were inappropriate for my age, and I had no doubt that this gift would be any different. The box was set before me and hesitantly began to unwrap it.

Inside were some PJs. But these were decorated with cartoon spaceships. I mustered enough gratitude to thank her. I figured it could have been worse, even if I had to wear them no friend would ever have to see me in them. I started to set the box aside but my Forced diaper wearing stories quickly spoke up. I removed them from the box and my heart sank. And beneath the first pair were two others. A few hours later my mom declared that it was time for me to go bed. I tried to whine that it was too early, but she cut more short explaining that it had been a long day and we were getting up early in the morning.

I looked at my new pajamas and gulped. Besides the one with spaceships there was one with dinosaurs and one with cowboys.

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Each was blue and decidedly juvenile. Mom saw I was having trouble deciding so she selected the cowboy pair. Closer inspection revealed that the zipper was in the back. As I stepped into them a felt a slight shock followed by an odd tingling sensation, I dismissed it as static and attempted to finish putting the thing on. I got the zipper about halfway up before I could no longer reach it. I struggled for a moment before my mom came in. She quickly reached behind me and finished zipping me into my sleeper, again I felt a small shock. There a few things that are change when we get home.

Now lets get downstairs. I followed her down the stairs and into the family room where my Aunt and Sarah were sitting watching TV. After I sat down she ducked into the kitchen and came out with a glass of milk. Aunt Linda began to speak up but mom immediately knew what she was going to say.

Sitting in my footed PJs and drinking a glass of milk Forced diaper wearing stories was clear that first night that a line had been drawn. There were three adults my mom, my aunt, and even my cousin; and then there was me, the. After the show was over I was sent up to bed.

I lifted back the sheets and saw that even they were babyish. There were little cartoon cars all over them. And sighed and hoped this would be limited to sheets and PJs. I climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep. In my dreams I was walking down the beach. Further on down the beach the waves began to rise ever higher.

I tried to walk to higher ground but I Forced diaper wearing stories hit by large powerful wave and knocked to the ground. The wave receded back into the ocean and was left in soaking wet clothes. The PJs were clinging my skin and began to try to pull them away from me. I sat straight up and pulled back the sheets.

My PJs and the bed surrounding me were soaked. How could this happen? But here I was 12 years sitting in a wet footed sleeper. I opened my bedroom door. The sounds of the three women of the house having breakfast could already be heard. You can come down here and tell me. There was no need for me to explain anything when I appeared in the kitchen that morning with a large wet spot that spread halfway down to my knee with one small trickle running down to the right padded foot. I was in a daze having just woken up in a wet bed for the first time I could remember. It was obvious that I was not going to be treated like the adult I thought I was on this vacation.

I even have a few bags on hand.

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My heart sank. My 15 year old cousin was now advising my mom on what sort of baby diaper I should be put it. I was led up to my room where my mom proceeded to help me out of the soaked sleeper. After I was done showering I overhead the three women discussing my accident. I decided to simply put up with it for now. I was certain that it would all blow over after I woke up dry the next morning. So I got dressed and went downstairs. The rest of the day was uneventful and I managed to forget about what was awaiting me that night. But eventually reality came barging in. When mom decided it was my bedtime she asked my aunt where the diapers could be found.

She asked Sarah to go grab them and she soon came back with not only a bag of Pampers but also some baby powder. Again I was led up to my room. Mom told me to sit on the bed and I complied. She began untying my shoes.

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She took off my shoes and told me to raise my arms, my shirt was pulled off over my head and neatly laid on the dresser. Then she gently pushed me onto my back and began to unbutton my pants which she quickly pulled off and laid on top of my shirt.

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Then she removed my underwear I was laying naked on the bed waiting for my mom to diaper me like a little baby. She opened the powder and liberally sprinkled it over my diaper area. Then she grabbed a fresh diaper Forced diaper wearing stories the bag and unfolded it. She then brought the diaper up from between my legs and expertly taped it on both sides.

I worked my way into the babyish thing as she zipped me into it. Once again I got a static shock, but this one left me with a warm feeling all over. Then she pulled back the covers and patted my diapered butt as I climbed into bed. She turned out the light and left the room. I could smell the baby powder and hear my diaper rustling beneath my PJs. I felt small, helpless, and babyish. I wondered how long this would go on and drifted slowly off to sleep. I woke up the next morning and slowly began to remember the events of the last few days. For a moment I was relieved that the bed was dry, but then I remembered that I was diapered.

It was hard to tell if the diaper was wet. She stuck a finger in my diaper and pronounced me soaked. And without another word she untaped my diaper removed it and threw it away. She then grabbed a baby wipe and started to clean my diaper area. I realized that the odd buttons in my PJs had been placed there to facilitate diaper changing. Why would Aunt Linda give me such a thing? And where did she get them?

Now lets go downstairs and get some breakfast. In the kitchen Aunt Linda and Sarah were setting out breakfast. Anything to keep those cute PJs from getting all worn out. It was just that I was having some weird problem that was soon to pass. If only I knew how. We had breakfast and to my great relief my bedwetting was not discussed. After we finished we all showered and went to the mall.

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The mall was packed with Christmas shoppers. We made our way from store to store and my mind wandered far away from bedwetting and diapers. In the middle of the mall was seated the requisite man in a Santa suit. But something moved my mom to request that I do it one last time. I scoffed but she claimed she just wanted to see it one least time and promised that there might be a video game in it for me.

Reluctantly I agreed and we got in line. While the line slowly progressed I began to feel a growing urge to go the bathroom. I tried to ignore it.

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I tried to explain to the man that I was just doing this so my mom could get a picture. But there was some problem with the camera and I was forced to wait. I strained with all my might but my bladder eventually released. We get wet little guys all the time. My mom took my hand and began to walk me towards the restrooms. I just looked at the ground and wondered what was happening to me. Maybe I really was turning into a baby. Maybe I always was baby. The line for the restrooms seemed to stretch on forever.

Forced diaper wearing stories

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