Forced into panties stories

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I stared at the image on the screen as I furiously wanked my cock. I was watching Forced into panties stories tube video of a 20 something cheerleader sucking the dick of her college professor for good grades. I have always loved the sight of a woman on her knees sucking a dick and whenever my wife goes out I will usually head straight for the computer and load up one of my favourite tube sites and find a BJ video. Find A Mistress or Kinky Girl to chat with here. Tina, my wife, had gone shopping with her friend Gayle and I had a day off from work so naturally the first thing I did was boot up the PC and find a good video.

The computer faces the wall of the spare bedroom so I could not see the door but I heard the voice and the anger that went with it. Call Uk Mistress for kinky Panty chat and more. I spun round in my seat with my heart pounding and my blood running cold. Tina was standing in the doorway with her arms out to her sides and her palms pointed towards me. She had a face like thunder and a mean scowl on her face that I had never seen before. And with that, she spun around and stormed downstairs. I jumped up from my chair and half ran and half stumbled as I tried frantically to pull up my pants.

Sissy humiliation cams — Forced into panties. I flew into the kitchen where she was dragging clothes from the hamper and throwing them into the machine. The fact you were staring at some young dolly bird sucking off an old guy?

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I stared at her, unable to think of anything to say. She shook her head and began putting the clothes in the washer again.

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She suddenly stopped. She looked around at me with a scowl on her face and her eyes were cold. She obviously had a plan. She spun around to face me. She was leaning on the worktop, a pair of her red silk panties in her hand. She looked at me like a crocodile might look at an antelope before it attacks.

ME and me alone. Has all the wanking fried your brain? I mean I run this marriage from this second on. I blinked in astonishment. Where was this coming from? I was speechless and at a total loss for words. I looked at them with a puzzled look on my face. Are you totally stupid. I said I wanted to erode your masculinity so stop dilly dallying and put my fucking knickers on. I threw my head back.

What on earth was happening here? What choice did I have?

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I slowly reached out and took the panties in my hand. I gulped and sighed. I instinctively looked at the ground, unable to grasp what was happening here. I took the sides of my boxer shorts and slid them down. I stepped out of them and was now totally naked and ashamed.

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I could feel her glaring at me, her eyes boring holes in me. I took a deep breath and looked up at her. She had her arms folded and was staring right at me. I closed my eyes and gulped. I sorted the panties and bent over as I lifted my right leg and held it over the knickers. I slid my right leg in the hole then repeated the act for my left. I pulled them up and forced them over my thighs and ass. They were very tight and uncomfortable but the feeling of the material against my skin was surprisingly pleasant. I stood there before her, not sure what to do now. Ready to read our sex slave story?

I lifted my head, my eyes heavy and I was already broken. A grown man forced into panties by his wife. She had the most sadistic smirk on her face I have ever seen.

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She knew she was now the boss and I was nothing. Id get used to the feeling of the silk if I were you. No more male underwear for you from now on. I was utterly dejected. In an instant, my life has now changed beyond belief. Serves me right though. More sissy humiliation — Videos, pictures and webcam. More sissy stories here. Author: Slave Jerry Now Pantie girl writing for livebdsmcams.

Find A Mistress or Kinky Girl to chat with here Tina, my wife, had gone shopping with her friend Gayle and I had a day off from work so naturally the first thing I did was boot up the PC and find a good video.

Forced into panties stories

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