Frontal wedgie girl stories

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I was hung by the front of my breifs till i finally got down!! FloridaFreak Posted Dec 17, I want a wedgie. But then my cuz saw my mum cuming home so he unhooked me and said there would be a lot of toilet water included if i told her so i was quiet, well untill 5 hours later Any way i was getting my lunch-mash potatoes and gravey, very squichy choco cake wiv choco sauce and soup-i sat wiv my gang, tommy, jake, matt and my best friend of all connor.

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Suddenly i was pantsed, hung in midair wiv no pants, i was thinking why today i wear my tighty whities, why today! But wat i forgot is he gets on the school bus with me-gulp-so the next day i was waiting by the bus stop, hopeing his mum would drop him of, as she sometimes did. I then felt a chubby, wet finger swirling around my ear.

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He was obviously planning this, because i saw him a get some things out of his school bag, the thing that really caught my attention was the hand cuffs and the duck tape. For the rest of the journey i9 was sat on by chuck the guy who wedgied me and if anyone needed to fart, they had to sit on me Finally the bus stopped, i knew it wasnt over, but i thought he would at least let me see, but no, he had to drag me by the legs right out the bus to the school yard, i heard a wave of laughter, and giggles as wed headed in to the school as the bell rang, still not being able to see i sat down on my desk, i let out a loud grunt, i was streatching them more by sitting down.

I suddenly felt an icy touch on my ear as i felt my self being draged to the front of the class by just my ear uh oh. No doubt the most worse and embarresing wedgie known to man!

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It contains contributions from countless s of travellers and researchers. Write an entry. A Conversation for Wedgies. I was givin a wedgie Post 1. I was givin a wedgie Post 2. I was givin a wedgie Post 3.

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Frontal wedgie girl stories

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