Full leg cast stories

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Lynn's husband of three weeks was in the kitchen refilling their wine glasses. Lynn could hear the sound of the wine cork being pulled and glasses rattling. Ken emerged from the kitchen bearing two glasses of wine. I'd say a arrival would be in order. Each December, the firm's 37 partners, 68 associates, and 80 clerical and administrative personnel gathered at Myers Park Country Club for an afternoon of celebration.

Liquor and wine would flow freely for an hour before the gathered were presented with a buffet dinner of sliced tenderloin, shrimp scampi, and chicken l'orange. Dress of the day would be high preppie. Lynn appropriately wore a white pressed blouse, plaid skirt, white pantyhose, and understated flat shoes.

Whenever possible, Lynn stayed away from high heels. At 5'10" she was already tall for a woman. With heels she assumed an almost overpowering presence. The afternoon was particularly special because Lynn and Ken rarely could spend weekends together.

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As a second year associate with the firm, Ken's minimum work week was 80 hours. Saturdays were routinely spent in the office trying to prepare for the next week's deluge of work. While Ken spent his Saturdays at the office, Lynn could usually be found in a study carrel at the Law Library.

She is in her final year of law school. In addition to the normal law school workload, Lynn had begun her study for the bar exam which she would take in July. With graduation looming in May, Lynn had begun the daunting task of looking for her first job.

She returned the salutation and raised the glass to her mouth. The blush wine tingled her tongue and cheeks. Lynn kicked off her black pumps, lay down on the sofa, and put her stockinged feet in Ken's lap. Lynn rubbed the sole of her left foot against Ken's crotch. Even under the hose, Lynn's feet were handsome. Her toes were long and narrow. Her nails were painted a deep red They appear pinkish under the white stockings. Isn't once a day enough for you? Ken shut his eyes and smiled. Keep Willie in the holster until tonight. I've got work to do. What work? Lynn removed her feet from Ken's lap and slipped on her pumps.

She nodded up at the naked light bulb on the living room ceiling. I need to put the light fixture back up and brush my teeth before we go. Why don't you wait. Can't we free Willie now? If you insist" Ken reed himself to his fate. Chapter Two - The Fall "Where is the light fixture anyway. The thing was absolutely filthy. Lynn pulled a dining room chair into the small living room and centered it under the naked light bulb.

The chair was part of a set that had belonged to her parents. Over 30 years old, the dining set had been an integral part of her childhood. She had sat on the chairs during dinner each evening, for homework sessions, and for long Saturday afternoon chats with her mother over tea. She carefully climbed onto the chair and paused for a second to maintain her balance on the wobbly legs.

Ken admired Lynn's shapely legs from the sofa. I'd hate to see anything happen to that beautiful body of yours" "Thanks for your concern" said Lynn over her shoulder laughing. Lynn rose on tip toes trying to slip the hole in the light fixture over a screw that extends from the ceiling base. As she rose, the chair creaked and tilted slightly. Sensing Full leg cast stories, Lynn pulled the fixture away from the ceiling and lowered her feet back Full leg cast stories the seat of the chair. At that moment, the left rear chair leg gave way sending Lynn tumbling toward the floor. For many years to come, Lynn would recall the seemingly eternal seconds leading up to her leg fracture.

When the chair leg gave way, Lynn fell awkwardly. The outside of her left foot contacting the floor first. Simultaneously, Lynn's hips and shoulders catapulted toward the floor. The light fixture tumbled aimlessly toward the sofa. As she fell, Lynn could feel the torque mounting on her planted lower left leg. She felt the bones twisting. Then she felt the shock wave as her tibia shattered at mid calf.

Lynn heard a loud snap that reverberated through the living room. Then she heard the sound of her own scream that was muted as her left shoulder slammed to the floor. The initial impact with the floor took Lynn's breath away. She was momentarily stunned.

She heard Ken's voice but could not make out the words.

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Slowly the words became clearer. She saw Ken's eyes focused on her left leg.

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Slowly she pushed herself to her elbows and understood immediately the source of Ken's concern. Her lower left leg was broken at mid shaft. A lump the size of a pecan was visible on the front of Lynn's shin. Below the lump, Lynn's leg was pointed at a grotesque angle.

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The lower portion of her shin angled sharply inward so the sole of her left foot pointed toward her right leg. There was no blood. Fortunately the break was not compound. Her leg was, however, mutilated. Instinctively, Lynn sat upright and reached down to touch her mutilated leg.

Ken grabbed her arms and forced her onto her back. Don't touch it. I'm going to get help. I'll be back in a second. She could feel the blood drain from her face and she momentarily had trouble breathing. Although she was cold, Lynn felt be of sweat forming on her upper lip. In the background, Lynn heard Ken on the phone with the operator. His voice was tense and filled with fear. Strangely there was no pain. Lynn tried to move her ankle and foot but it was as if they were no longer part of her.

She tried to wiggle her toes. No response.

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Her leg felt distant. He bent down and stroked Lynn's curly blond hair slowly. She looked up at him. We're going to get you all fixed up. I've got no feeling below my knee. I'd try to walk but I think we would make it worse. We know its broken. Ken was right. The leg was broken. There was not doubt about that.

Judging from the look of her leg, she guessed the process of realigning the broken bones would be difficult. Maybe surgery would be required.

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She would almost certainly be in a cast. How big would it be? How long would she be in the cast? Would she be able to walk normally again? God she wished this day had never started. The older of the two men had gray hair and a kind face. Lynn guessed his age at He entered the living room and placed his oversized medical bag on the floor near Lynn's head. I'm Dan and this is Tommy. Is this your first fracture? Be back in a second. He took Lynn's blood pressure and pulse.

Satisfied with the readings, he removed a walkie talkie from his belt. Do you copy. Medic two here. This is St. Jude ER. What is your status? Early 20's. Fracture of the lower left leg. Blood pressure over 70, pulse Probable fracture of the tibial shaft with overriding and separation. Moderate bruising in the fracture area. How's the patient holding up? I've lost feeling in my leg. Everything is numb below my knee. I feel tingling but no pain. Jude, the patient has paralysis distal to the injury. Please check capillary response and the lower pulses. Through the stocking, he Full leg cast stories as the depressed area turned white and stayed white for several seconds.

He then pressed his thumb against the top of Lynn's left foot and held it still for a few seconds.

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All s indicate vascular compromise at the fracture site. Ken was kneeling beside her now.

Full leg cast stories

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