Gay bathhouse sex stories

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Chip goes home for Thanksgiving to come out to his dad. After a stop at the bathhouse and a hot fuck, he he home to surprise his dad by coming home a day early A young virgin continues his first bathhouse experience. Fortunately a Masterful Black Daddy takes him under his wing. I wanted to relax at local gay sauna here in Thailand.

Unfortunately there were too many beautiful gay buys who wanted to explore my foreign body. Taken to a private party at a bathhouse for my first bathhouse visit, I learn yet another lesson from Fran about pleasure, trust and history. My stories are all true taken out of actual adventures Ive experienced as a gay man. This is a story about my adventures the first time I went to a bathhouse. I went with my friend Darren to Iceland and Amsterdam as a post-college vacation. It rained on Sunday afternoon and so we went to Sauna NZ, a gay bathhouse.

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This was brand new territory for me, and I was turned on the moment we walked in Leon accompanies to the Club where he not only uses my body for his own gratification but also pimps me out to the men he feels deserve me. I got to stall early waiting for Ken.

On my way into stall. Another guy at park came and plowed my sissy butt.

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Now I have to wait 20 minutes for ken. A few minutes after the three young guys emerged from the spa, I noticed the door open from the building and a very tall guy emerged. He had a baseball hat on and was obviously in great shape.

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I watched him, moving towards the parking lot where I was watching, head down, beard showing in the streetlights. Only when he got to the familiar car parked in the lot did I realize it was my Coach Steve. I got caught jerking off while watching my Dad's coal mining crew as they showered in bathhouse and got punished. At a hotel in Chicago, Jay, Matt, and Chico meet an assortment of interesting characters. Chico knew that he would be ordering room service again! Callum makes good on his promise to Dustin about a visit to the ancient roman bathhouse.

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Tomlin and Holt try and figure out what to do with each other, while a slight detail is revealed. Ethan does not know why he has started having these sexual dreams. They started after his work colleague had told him about the sex club he visits and the things that happen there. During the summer break after my freshmen year of college, I take on a summer job at a resort and hope to forget about my bisexual tendencies. It doesn't work. Eric takes a flight from Amsterdam after a wild night at a sex club with fuck buddy Rick to meet gorgeous horny Patrick Law for their first sexual encounter. AT 30 years old, Kevin decides to leave his life in the midwest and move West to explore his sexuality.

After a great weekend in Las Vegas, Kevin focuses on work. But two weeks of all work and no play makes Kevin a dull boy.

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After blowing off some steam at the boathouse with his friends, Kevin has an unexpected reaction. Kevin continues his exploration at the bathhouse and has the most intense sexual experience of his life.

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The boys explore Las Vegas and end up at the bathhouse, and Randy gets more than he bargained for. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

Gay bathhouse sex stories

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Gay Bathhouse & Sauna Stories