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The story of a college aged cub becoming comfortable with his body and sexuality. I posted this on another site a few years ago but I hope that it gets more exposure here. Brynnan and Samir have morning sex. He s the Warlord and Geraint in the practice arena. Samir fights. He encounters the surgeon who healed him ly. Is there another chance? Brynnan begins to disclose his fundamental purpose to Samir. A terrible fact is revealed. A promise is made. Brynnan is put in the care of Geraint while the Warlord comes to grips with the truth.

Brynnan is under orders to serve Geraint as he would serve the Warlord himself. He becomes Geraint's dog. Geraint fucks him, followed by sucking his cock. Brynnan asks to be taught by Geraint. They return to Samir and Nijal to discuss options. Nijal will assess the Bard's injuries with an eye to possible treatment. An unusual gathering is planned. Will Brynnan be subject to more sexual Brynnan reviews new discoveries about the past, the Warlord gives him sleep by way of an ass fucking, the Bard trains his voice, the young singer, Andri is fucked by Brynnan Gay bear erotic stories the first time, under the direction of Samir and Geraint.

Brynnan returns alone to practice a Shadow-Song that he has composed for the Warlord. When he performs it, what will happen? Has his voice truly returned? The Bard plays a dangerous game. He reveals his reasons and makes a request.

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Alarmed, the Warlord punishes Brynnan with a brutal fucking. After lessons with the young singer Andri, Brynnan sucks both Andri and Geraint. Samir holds council with Geraint, Nijal and the Bard. He grants Brynnan's request - be careful what you wish for. Samir and Brynnan come together. The Bard is allowed work out again. They gather in the steam room where steamy sex ensues. Samir prepares a message for his General. A night of love is planned. A destination where gay guys could go relax, work out and swim There was a beefy bear hunk of a man that I met there.

This story is part fiction and part true. We did in fact fool around in the steam room But that's it. This is a fictional story about men on the net. One gorgeous bear IN particular. I want this hunky JoeBear. This is Gay bear erotic stories fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hothot. That okay? This is a fictional story about something i think is hot. Guys with big bull nuts. How hot is it to be sucking on some big ole nuts.

Or getting it by the guy and his big balls smacking against you. Guys with big bull nuts On a seldom day off of work, I decided to enjoy the weather and head to the park.

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I expected to see the usual amounts of handsome guys, but never thought I'd follow a bear home. The last guy I hooked up with was Terrance, another Black bear dom. Chapter 1 - Ted was walking at the park looking for that homeless man, luckily he found him as soon as he saw him, he was crying. Will Ted approach him? Ted asks Derrick if he would like to sleep in his house and reluctantly agree, god will Ted even tell Derrick that he's gay Young adolescent Sam is awoken sexually when he sees a fine specimen of a man.

An encounter between the two of them occurs in a hot, must read story. I am a teenaged lad Gay bear erotic stories likes the big straight bears you find in a well-known British supermarket. I never thought I would meet one. And then Rob appeared. The bearded handsome bear was wearing a long sleeve baseball looking shirt, with blue sleeves and a white middle, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows showing off those huge forearms and accentuating his biceps and chest.

He had a worn pair of jeans on and was bare foot. I nearly shot my load just looking at the muscle bear slowly moving towards me with a grin on his face. I slowly came into consciousness, feeling the scruffiness of a beard at the back of my neck and the movement of a large hand on my lower back and ass. Then his tongue licked my ear. Nick had the hottest night in his life with a sex god, but that was only the beginning since the man was part of a group of sexually enhanced men all built to get it on. Now Nick's with the dude in a bar in Asia The past week I had to call AAA twice to jump my dead battery.

On a cold Tuesday evening in January I realized it was time to get a new battery and stop putting off the needed purchase. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

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