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Check out my sexy ebooks for more: Douglas Benjamin's erotic novels. At the time I moved back home, I felt like a total failure. Honestly, it felt like I was destined for nothing but a life of total banality and disappointment. Dropping out of college is rough, but it definitely helps having good friends around. Friends like Mr. Well, I guess I should just call him Wes at this point. He always calls me Cade, so I should just call him Wes, right? I guess he just felt like more hands makes less work and he would save a lot of time if he had someone helping out.

After a few months of mowing his lawn and doing other yard maintenance work, we started hanging out just for the hell of it. After a few months of thatI started coming over to play poker with some of his work friends, who of course all happened to be the same brand of burly, buff, mature dude as Wes. I noticed that pretty much all of his Gay bear stories tumblr except for the women he brought around—were gay, and I soon figured out that he was too, thanks to some snooping in his bathroom while I was using it. That was totally fine by me, too. I guess it started when I started mowing his lawn.

He would come out to do some of his own garden work—pulling weeds, laying mulch, trimming hedges and shit—but, like me, would work without a shirt on. It escalated during our porch sessions. Several times, I swear I brushed the tip of his stiff cock head, but without any noticeable reaction from him; so, naturally, I let him do the same with me, and what should I care if he felt that I had a hard on which he did, because I so often did around him. Things really escalated during our poker nights.

Since the closest guy my age in his friend group was 33—12 years my senior at this point—I was the resident cutie and was treated as such. Except with Wes… no, his touches always felt like those of a lover; gentle every time but always lingering longer in eagerness on my skin. I loved it, even more so because it gave me an opportunity to feel up his muscle tits while he felt me up. I could never see them from my vantage during these impromptu lap dances, but Wes told me that his friends would always smirk and roll their eyes at us—I could only guess that it was because of the clearly mutual but mysteriously unaddressed attraction between the two of us.

Unaddressedthat is, until last night. He then wrapped his hand around my upper thighs near my ass and squeezed. It was almost enough for me to cream my shorts right then. The night continued as it always did—more casual lusting, more drinks, more games of poker, more jokes—until midnight rolled around, which was usually our cue to head back to our respective homes. Keep reading. Posts Likes Following Archive. Transformations ; Hey, guys this is my new Gay bear stories tumblr and if you want you can follow my old one for my old stories-musclegrowthtf.

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Gay bear stories tumblr

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