Gay boy incest stories

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Gay erotic stories : The Family Cum Rag I've always been a big shooter, my cum has always been quitea lot, so when I started hearing the familiar noises coming from my littlebrothers bed I had a great desire and curiosity to see if he was the same as me--a big blower! I'm 17 years old now and like everyone been jacking off fora few years and love masturbation!

My kid brother just turned 14 years old and we lookidentical except for my height and broad shoulders My Dad is quite young for a father as he had me when he was19 years old, so now he is only 36 years old He is very open and we had the sex talk when I was 13 yearsold as he noticed me with boners every morning when he would come in to mybedroom and wake me up for school He explained everything in great detail and was reallyparticular about making me aware of when you masturbate you will end upcumming, even though at 13 I had only just started and it dribbled out allclear and tasted sweet and yummy!

Believe me I tried it!

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All guys blow a different amount of cum right, we have allchecked out our best friends or our big brother and seen how big their cock isand how much they blow, so when I started to cum when I jacked off it grew involume. I mean a lot! Like on those Gay Porn sites we see guys blow ropes and ropes of cum andit covers their face and chest.

Well I'm one of those guys!

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I always had problems hiding my cum if I wanked in bed lateat night Gay boy incest stories my sheets were always messed up, and I soon caught on that I neededto have something ready for when I blew We went inside my room and he closed the door. He is gentle and very carefully picks up my balls and fondlingthem in between his fingers. By now I'm semi hard and my cock is starting to point to thesky and not about to stop I'm close to blowing my load already, cause someone has beenplaying with my balls, even if it was Dad, hell when you close your eyes it canbe anyone, me and my mate Jimmy have jacked each other off lots of times whenhe sleeps over, he says my hand always feels better than his Again he is gently touching me and it is all I need to putme over the edge I blow 3 or 4 good ropes of cum and he is still holding thetowel over my cock helping with the milking of the last few squirts He removes the towel away from me to inspect, it is prettywet but the towel seems to have done the trick -- it has caught all my cum andnone on the floor or bed And so when I started hearing my little Bro grunting andmoaning, I wanted to warn him and help him with being able to be prepared if heblows a big load like me So I figure it is a good time to start the conversation I'm lying on my back with my hard cock in my hand, under mysheets, and whisper to him "Dude, it's fine, I love rubbing my cock too" "It's normal, all guys do it" I slowly stroke my cock as Itry and open up the conversation It does feel good, I didn't know everyone didit.

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Although I've heard you some nightsmoving around in your bed and moaning. Not wanting to let Mum and Dad hear ustalking. There is more? I switch on the bed side lamp, and his eyes are likesaucers, and he is speechless. He is not only dumbfounded about my size but the pre cumalready oozing out of the top of my cock slit I can't believe how quickly he got into wanking in front of me --lying right next to me with no embarrassment -- stroking his 6" cock That's it for me, watching him pushes me over the edge, Istart pumping hard and am moaning "I'm getting ready to cum Brad" "Cool" he squeaks with excitement not letting go of his nowthrobbing cock He reaches down and grabs my cum stained hand towel Dad gaveme, I use to clean up with or blow directly into sometimes.

It's crusty and weboth get a good whiff of it when he brings it onto the bed between us. It smell rank and awesome at the same time. Brad doesn't know where Gay boy incest stories look, he if fascinated with megoing at it full steam with my cock so hard and all the pre cum oozing out buthe is suddenly studying the cum rag, gently touching it and running his teenagefingers over the crusty cum that has hardened from last night's wank. He does as I ask and starts to spread it out from my chestdown to the base of my cock, he gently smoothed it out so it is ready to catchmy load, then without warning he touches the tip of my cock to get some morepre cum for him to use His touch is what makes me cum!!!

I moan and blow at the same time -- 1,2,3,4, 8 squirts big thick ropey cum shots All this time he is watching and fisting his 6" cock nowwith perfect timing He is on his knees right next to me; he looks deep into myeyes and whispers "Lucas I'm going to cum" "Go for it buddie!. He throws his head back and lets out a low moaning noise, fromthe bottom of his stomach, twitching as he spurts his boy juice 1,2,3 good sizesquirts He is absolutely glowing and has a big smile on his face Then he takes me completely by surprise, with his cock stillin his hand he has blown onto the towel that is still lying on Gay boy incest stories stomach, hemoves forward slightly so he can touch the towel with the head of his cock, andstarts to gently rub the head of his cock in the pool of my cum and his cum onthe towel As though it is the most natural thing in the world, he ispurring as the feeling of our hot cum now being smeared all over his cock head It'stoo much I'm too sensitive and start to giggle I'm stunned justwatching him enjoy this after orgasm ritual This is the story of his success The utopian.

Her hips moved into me and soon I would need to release myself. Maria's lust was so intense already excited from my oral adventure it just needed a little more to push her over again. I leaned onto her and put. Horny cousins "Oooo She opened her eyes and shuddered as she squeezed her thighs together. The same dream that had filled her nights for months had left her virgin pussy on fire and he. Fat girl playing alone Sheila was a fat girl, a Big Beautiful woman; with an emphasis on both the 'big' and the 'beautiful'.

But she wasn't scared of using the 'f' word, in fact it annoyed her when other overweight women described themselves as 'Big' or used some other pse. Sharing a shower with Mom It was the summer after my highschool graduation, and my dad had decided our family should go on this camping trip. He took p.

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My Next Adventure - Working Late A little exhibitionism le to more I'm an ing manager and work in an office building. The building is three stories tall and sits right next to the freeway. My office is on the third floor on the freeway side. A couple times a month I work late, sometimes well into the night.

Gay boy incest stories

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