Gay dog slave stories

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The homies jumped him, not knowing he was under the Master's protection. It turned out that Stockman was a tough nut to crack. The Master had taught the punk well. And used his newfound sexual skills to dominate the black alley cat in a gay leather club.

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He has his hand over my mouth to stop me screaming out from the pain of the fuck. With a final hard thrust he dumps his load deep in my arse. I agreed, and we got right into things. I was directed to remove my clothes, which were taken away. I was to be on my hands and knees unless granted the privilege of standing, and I was to address him as 'Master' all the time.

He put a leather collar on my neck, a thick black one with studs on it. These are meant to be the chronicles of how I came to learn I was a faggot. This is loosely based on some true experiences, with creative embellishment to replace things I don't exactly remember or to enhance the story.

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As I continue to write, I have let my sexual energy take it in directions that veer from what really happened in some ways. I hope you enjoy.

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I knelt behind him, then lowered my mouth to his ass, licking and kissing every inch of him. I managed to get lubricant on my fingers I slid the first finger in gently, fucking him with it to relax and open him. Christopher's dog slave, Randy, accepts Christopher's terms and conditions and thereby cements their relationship. If you've ever wanted to be bound and gagged or told what to do during sex, or maybe you want to greet your boyfriend with blowjobs, here's the how-to guide on how to have lots of kinky fun.

A boy who handles just a bit more than he can chew. Abducting boys day in day out, robbing them off their freedom, putting them in dog kennels. How does he live with himself?

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Now even Joey, himself, knows. Funny how a simple walk can feel like a lifetime Liam and Marcus enter the notorious Quiet Lounge, where the real action happens and anything goes.

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Sexual tensions rise and a new sub s them for a steamy threesome. Zaxxon has stolen Mallor's son, Venn, and plans to turn all three of them into his own personal slaves. In the mean time, Zaxxon's guards decide to have some fun with Cam Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

Gay dog slave stories

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