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When dad would go freeballing, I would do anything I could to snap a quick pic of his outlined cock bouncing around in his basket ball shorts. As soon as I finished my exercise routine at the gym, I went to the bathroom to urinate. As I did, I thought I heard a laugh or something, but when I entered, the bathroom was empty, maybe my mind just trolled me. When I finished, I washed my hands, and taking advantage of the fact that I was alone there, I decided to take off my shirt and show my good body to Gay freeballing stories a photo that I would publish on my instagram.

However, when I was taking a photo in front of the mirror, I felt something cold that was getting more and more into my ear, and then I felt a little dizzy. Fuck, everything I could do with a body like this " were the words that came out of my mouth But I didn't mean to say them!

My body moved and took another photo " Damn, I can't wait to put this body to use, hehehe " my body said How the hell does this happen?! Gay freeballing stories more at bottom, aren't you? By the way, I'm Dave " said the ghost that controlled me They say life peaks at I try to escape this sad excuse of existence by reminiscing the old days - like when I was in college. Or that time when Henry, God rest his soul, pushed me to confess to Cole.

We were twenty, still green by that time, but amidst red-flushed embarrassment, I was ready for your acceptance. We are friends but I wanted it to be more than that. It took me till the graduation that my hopes were just delusions. We walked our different paths in life. I stayed in our hometown while you went abroad to work the job your parents aspired to have.

Last I saw you were in a casket, death by stress due to overworking. Even in death, you still had that cute smile you gave me in life.

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Those were the good old days. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. I just hate how lackluster our ending was. If I had a chance to turn it all back again, I wanted to fix everything.

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I wanted a miracle, and by some deity who has heard me, a miracle was received. I woke up in a bed with more pillows than usual.

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When I stretched my limbs, I was surprised by how quickly I did it. I looked at my arms in confusion and saw it differently. Not only that, but my entire body changed into that of a guy in his early 20s. Bu- But he was dead? No - I look like Cole when he was younger, back when we were in college.

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This will be a chance to turn events in my favor. His eyes, brown and full, twinkled in the light.

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I smiled at myself and lost to the excitement because I still considered the Gay freeballing stories as him. One by one, my clothes dropped on the floor. The last time I saw him naked was in memories of Gay freeballing stories, and now, I can touch his abdominal muscles and trace the crevasses separating them. My pits smell like hard sweat mixed with Fabric conditioner. I thought I had forgotten this smell but one sniff made me remember it all.

His smell was the reason why I fell for him in the first place. We were seatmates and he always smelled this way. Once my shirt hit the ground, I undressed my boxers, revealing a piece I hungered for in ages past. He has conservative parents so I expected him to be circumcised. I pulled the foreskin and saw the cute pink tip peek at me. I thank whoever made me experience all of this. I took the time to know every inch of my body well. I scrubbed my skin with soap whilst my head spread it on every corner of my skin. I rubbed the areas behind my ear, my lovely cheeks, and even my nipple who grew alive at the slightest of touch.

I scoured my groin and cleaned my balls, shaft, and the inside of my foreskin. This body is so sensitive, yet so tender and meaningful. I wanted to do the thing right now like I always did in the shower when I was young.

I wanted to feel it again, the pleasure robbed from me by age. This youthful body screamed at me to just do it, to revel in the hormones given by my body, but I have plans and doing it would ruin it all. And so, with great willpower, I acted against it. It took a long while before I found the right road which le to the campus.

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Nevertheless, I reached the campus and went to an all so nostalgic rooftop garden where my friends meet every morning. There, I met Henry who brought a rush of memories when I saw his face. Beside him, is me, my past self smiling at the sight of my face. Who could blame me? I never thought about how good-looking I was. I better leave you two before I mess something up. At that moment, it struck me. Gay freeballing stories is the moment where I was supposed to confess my infatuation with Cole.

So, here it goes. Can you be my boyfriend? Fuck, looking at myself is melting my heart. He just smiled and apologized for making me infatuated with him. I want to be your boyfriend. I touched his chin and carried his lips into mine. It was a small kiss but it left him in a steaming daze.

Keep reading. I check my wrist, beside my watch was a timer with a rubber strap. The LED looked like it was an ordinary digital watch, black s with a greyish-green background. This never happened in the past four months that I had this.

Everything was going south today. He should have been in the gym a hour ago, but there was no of him when I came to check thirty minutes ago. Mind transfer technology, people had hyped this idea but when it actually became reality, people had realized how sketchy the whole deal would be. They quickly realized that not everyone was excited about the idea of another person wearing having their face.

I was one of those people crazy enough to actually do it. No one could rebut my decision since my only living family were my siblings and they lived in other cities for work, I had friends but none of them were close, and my job was home-based. According to articles online, one of the top reasons for doing this was physical freedom. Someone who was paralyzed for a long time was suddenly given the opportunity to move again. Yeah, those types of things were headline worthy. Of course, that also meant that someone was completely willing to be paralyzed for some time, which lead to moral debates about the whole process.

The other reason, which was the one that I picked, was fitness. So, have someone put the effort for you. The initial process was Gay freeballing stories, just paperwork after paperwork. Medical records, legal documents, and consent forms seemed endless, but I guess it was to stop any potential legal loopholes from happening. The next part was simple, picking a trainer. Turns out my document had been passed around to their employees, again, it was part of the contracts that permitted them to do just that. Honestly, I aimed for someone who had the closest life to mine and he fit the bill.

He had few living family and a fresh college graduate. I only graduated a year ago. Shortly after making my decision, they had to fly the guy here. It took a few days before I had a chance to actually meet him. Despite that, he manages to make a great conversation with me. I told him some crucial things like my allergies to seafood. He simply just told me not to get his body to the hospital. Once that exchange was done, we were asked to enter the transfer room. The machine was massive probably as big as a supercomputer, attached to it were two chairs with helmets attached to it.

The helmets was like putting on a bicycle helmet, except they had to tape some wires around your head. Once that was done, the transfer begun. The process itself was Gay freeballing stories, but it was like something forcefully stopping your thoughts for a brief moment. When I open my eyes, the immediate response was like my brain just kicked, my thoughts were in a scramble. When the doctors assisted in getting the equipment off of me, mentally adjusting to moving was another issue. My sense of balance and depth perception had been thrown off, putting more weight on one leg immediately to me losing balance, and I misjudge how far things were, I end up pushing the things I was reaching for.

The next thing the doctors did was to escort me to a room that looked like a fitting room. It only had a bench and a massive mirror on the wall. I guess it was a way of tricking your brain that the person in the mirror was you. It worked pretty well, whenever I move my limbs or my face, Maryn mimics the action. It was surreal. The whole thing felt like a bizarre dream when I walk out of the room and see myself standing outside the room. I clench a fist, the light sounds of popping followed.

Gay freeballing stories

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Gay freeballing stories