Gay gloryhole stories

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It was all her fault.

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Really it was, I swear. I mean why else would I have ended up at the pornshop sucking cock and getting fucked through a gloryhole? It was her fault.

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Can't you see that?? Ok, maybe I better start from the beginning. I was on a business trip to Wheeling a few years back. Yea, Wheeling. Nail City.

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And about as exciting as a sack of nails. I was looking for some fun so I went to the strip club on the island in the middle of town. Well, somebody had complained and they had cracked down, no total nudity and alcohol at the same time.

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I had to take care of some business on the other side of town and on the way home I decided to stop at the ABS where my first couple cock sucking experiences took place. It was still a little before noon when I stopped in but I thought I might be able to catch some of the lunch time crowd.

When I pulled in the parking lot there were several cars but not as many as I had expected. I guess the gas prices are taking a toll on all kinds of businesses. Total 0 votes. What the? What the hell is going on over there?

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There is a dick sticking through a hole in the wall! Here I am in an adult video booth, my own dick in my hand, watching a blonde give a guy a very loving blowjob, and now this. Category: Gay Male. Note: Your comments or constructive criticism mean a lot to me. Feel free to leave me a private message if you'd like to share your thoughts, get updates on future chapters or receive a personalized photo of my cock. Statement of veracity: This is a true story.

Well, everything up to the break point.

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I'll leave it to you to guess which of these is the full true story. At first glance, you probably wouldn't guess me for the type that I really am. I look no different than any other college student. Eighteen years old, medium long blonde hair, nice smile, honest eyes, decently built. I spent most of my time like all my other friends. I go to lectures, I do my homework, I party, I go out with friends. Nothing really special For those who read my first story, "Giving it Up," this is the lead in. These events were my first excursion into the dark side of my sexuality.

If you have read the story you will know that I was a virgin when it happened just a couple of years ago. What happens in this current story, over 20 years ago, is all true until the end. There is one point where fantasy takes over when reality ends. Work's done for the week, I'm showered, and I'm heading to my usual Friday night haunt. As I walk Gay gloryhole stories I'm greeted with a smile from Tanya. By looking at Her You wouldn't think She works in a porn shop and supervises the theaters and booths out back, too.

I have found out over time that She has a kinky core. Category: Group Sex. Dave's wife Sue was going to be out of town for the weekend, so he invited several of his buddies over for poker night. They had played for about two hours, and downed half of a keg of beer when Dave mentioned that instead of smoking cigars after the game, he had an alternative activity.

Everyone was curious and when he told them the plan, they all agreed that it sounded fantastic. As I walked into the bathroom, I immediately took note of its strange cleanliness, considering its location off of a highway. I sat down in one of the stalls and closed the door. As I finished my business, I turned around to flush the toilet, and noticed a hole in the wall, about 3 inches in Gay gloryhole stories.

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Category: Fetish. Around 10 years ago, when we were both in our early thirties my wife and I had a relationship with another couple. It started at a party we were throwing; I'd bumped into an old college friend I'd not seen for years a few weeks prior and I'd invited her along. As I'd returned to college as a mature student she and her boyfriend were 5 or 6 years younger than us and I'd always had the hots for her. s: 1 2 ยป.

Gay gloryhole stories

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