Gay insest stories

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Ricky was just another one of those averagely built 18 year-olds in the middle of college.

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One day, Ricky was visiting his father juring spring break, it was only them two because he had no siblings, and his mother divorced his father. But Ricky always recalled loud moans from the garage whenever he was visiting his father, but he never new what it was.

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So one afternoon, his father sent him out to the supermarket to pick up a couple of groceries, he did so. He got back quite earlier than expected but didnt care less. He heard some sounds coming from the garage and decided to see what it was. He peered in the window and couldn't believe his eyes! Ricky nelt down, seizing Hanks meat in his hand he started liking the shaft. Rickys father, Bill, was jerking off to this. Ricky couldnt bear it! Ricky swallowed every last drop of the hot, steamy cum, and played with Hanks cock. Then his father said "what do you wanna do next?

Bill said "alright, what do you wanna do till then Ricky?

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Bill lay down and did the same to Ricky. Ricky felt it all. A Gay Sex. Review s 0 Add review. Author: Ricky Smith. Note : This story is completely fictional! Allow us to process your personal data? Random Eric and Nick Ch.

Gay insest stories

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Me and My Dad (Gay, Incest, True Story)