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I thought that this place is dedicated to fisting content, but it actually has a little bit of everything; from naughty galleries to dirty erotic stories, and forums. Whether this place is worth your Gay macrophile stories is up to you, so keep reading to find out what coiledfist. The first thing I read here is that coiled fist actually means get fisted, but the rest of their content would disagree.

Their home is nothing you need to explore unless you want to be an artist yourself. They are always looking for new content they can share on their site. So, if you like to write stories, make naughty images or share videos, you should check out their rules and all that crap. They describe themselves as a forum where people with same interests like to meet. You have lots of fantasies to explore, and they also state that their current focus are the giants and the small guys, known as macrophilia. For those who did not know, macrophilia is the love of everything big, while microphilia is the love for everything small… quite simple really.

Actually, they have all of this explained on their website, which is not something sites often do. They tend to leave the audience in dark, but coiledfist. This means that they offer a lot of random crap when talking about a couple particular. Their home, as I have mentioned is very confusing, lucky for you, I am here to simplify all of this crap for you.

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On top, you have the usual, a menu like on most forum sites, and that is all you need to get to the specific aspects of the site that interest you. Keep in mind that if you are not into macrophilia and microphilia, you will not really find anything good here… I mean they do have a variety of content outside of what I have mentioned, but they mostly cover that fetish.

Their first tab will show you exactly that, the fetish about growing and shrinking, which can be quite fucking hot… who knew I was into this? In the beginning, I did not think much about it, but not it looks rather interesting. Here, you can see just what kind of content they have to offer, and as I was browsing I saw that they have a lot of random shit and they are mostly related Gay macrophile stories macro and microphilia; from stories to galleries and some other random aspects I am sure you will not really fucking care about.

You mostly have macrophilia stories and galleries. While I was browsing I realized that even though they stated that they are currently focusing on this crap, this is actually all they really have to offer.

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I mean, there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you are into such crap, but if you came here for something else, then, fat luck. Of course, I took my time and explored what they have to offer, and there was a lot… even if most of the galleries were related to macrophilia. One of the first gallery I checked out featured a dude with a very small cock who was jerked off by his ex-boyfriend, who apparently has huge hands, or so the title said.

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There were also the make-believe pictures, that were basically photoshopped, and made one of the dudes look tiny compared to the cock. It was quite interesting to see most of the galleries here, as they nicely displayed this particular fetish, and since I was a stranger to this fetish not long ago, I am happy to see that there is a place solely dedicated to this.

Of course, there were lots of galleries with animated characters, where the same fetish applied. For example, there was this one teen dude made in 3D, who was feeling a bit lonely today, so he decided to shrink his friend and use him as a pleasure machine while rubbing his small body on Gay macrophile stories huge cock.

It was quite an interesting set of pictures. This reminds me, you also have lots of naughty stories to explore… and I am not really into stories since I need to see some real action to make my dick hard. However, I am not really here to judge, I am just here to state what they really have to offer. There are lots of different stories for you to explore, and this is where the variety kicks in. While the galleries will mostly cover this particular fetish, the stories are different. There, you have a lot of random crap, from normal gay stories to kinky ones, and even fiction. I think that the stories are what makes this place so different since they are unpredictable.

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Check out the forum if you have any questions. For those who do not know what the fuck is going on, or they have Gay macrophile stories random questions, the community on coiledfist. Their forum is very useful, but if you want to ask questions comment and all that crap, you should first make anobviously.

I mean, how the fuck do you expect to do anything without an. Is there even a need for me to actually go into detail as to what this place really has to offer when talking about their forum ? It is a fucking forum, what the hell are you expecting? You have lots of thre, you can make new ones, ask questions, talk to users, comment on other thre and so on.

Just make sure that you read the rules and all that crap if you intend to post anything on this site. Other features coiledfist. As I browsed I saw that many of them were quite personal as well, so it was interesting to read. That is quite fucking dope if you ask me. What I have enjoyed is the fact that they do offer a special section for the search, something a lot of sites tend to forget these days.

You have the search box, and a couple of filters below, together with the option to browse for content alphabetically. I mean, all this shit is quite straightforward, not to mention, that you can choose to search through galleries, stories, forums, and members!

They have lots of polls for you to answer to and see what other people think or what the majority thinks. However, before Gay macrophile stories do so, you should talk to the members instead, since they are bound to know the answer to your questions. You can also report any issues or broken rules. Every member will have their customized profile, with all the necessary information, as well as a list of content they have posted. There is a lot for you to explore on coiledfist.

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Gay macrophile stories

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Gay Macrophilia Stories