Gay macrophilia stories

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All about male feet and guys stomping little people. Always looking to hire male models. Order videos at www. You ed the volunteers fire fighters at station 14 in the hottest July on record. It was a good job, respectable and honest; you just never ed for how rowdy and raunchy they could get.

The men a mill about drinking miller lights and eating firehouse chilli. Every fireman loves his chili and station 14 was no exception. He crushed his beer on his chest and let out a belch. He was the thickness, hairiest, filthiest firefighter you had ever seen. He never changed his under armour. He delighted in stinking up the truck.

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He had finished his second pot of chili by lunch. He got down on all fours, backing up on your chest so that his ass was only a few inches from your chin. The chief nodded in response. Dom reached back and slowly peeled down his shorts. Even in the garage you could make out the wet sound of his well worn shirts being pulled from his ass. It was like flesh on leather. He was wearing a jock strap, so you could see his bulbous cheeks. The forest of gnarled and matted hair between his crack was a frightful sight.

All but the most sadistic fled. Dom straighted up. He took pride in slowly lowering his raw ass on your face.

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Centimeter by centimeter he let the supple flab ooze over your skin and consumer your face. He sat full weight. Your head was surrounded by asscheeks. You could taste his sweat: salty with the indescribable taste of months of farts. You could hear the beasts in his bowels stir. He shifted and a crackling blast splattered across your face. It was like a wet balloon sputtering across the floor. Dom groaned in pleasure. He let rip with a roaring fart that would shane a dragon. It was as foul as it was long. You nearly passed out. God I love this job.

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You like that rookie? Your eyes burned, but your mouth smiled. Posts Likes Following Archive. Gay erotica and pictures Hello! My Ass Fetish. Macro and Micro Giants, muscle, gay, macrophilia, big guys. Super Mega God I am larger than anything all is but lost in my balls, I am endlessly huge I have no limit and i am always growing, ofcource I am god of all gods, if you think there is bigger?

Some posts here that are not sourced link directly to my coildfist Supergodlynic.

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Scurry Erotic things that catch my eye, Must be 18 please. The Approching Shadow. Jock Foot Humiliation All about male feet and guys stomping little people.

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Recently Liked. The Rookie You ed the volunteers fire fighters at station 14 in the hottest July on record.

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With each wrong answer things just got work. You started to sweat. You knew this. By god you had to be right. You coughed.

Gay macrophilia stories

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