Gay muscle worship stories

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Tyler is the big dumb hunk who lives next door. I have a total crush on him, but try not to let on. At fourteen, I'm beginning to realize my interest in the big sexy muscle stud is more than just kid stuff. I'm totally queer for him. Tyler and I aren't exactly friends. He's three years older, and a total jock, plays soccer and wrestles, not really all that dumb, he can quote endless stats about every football, baseball and basketball player and team, but he scorns anything that doesn't relate to sports; while I'm a nerdy kid with a skate-board who likes astronomy and comic books.

So when I hang around him while he's working out on their patio he lets me set up his weights for him and spot for him and when he's all pumped up he'll pose for me and ask me how his muscles look and I tell him he's totally awesome. He even lets me feel his muscles while he flexes, and I slowly rub and squeeze his awesome pecs and biceps and abs and thighs and calves and glutes and generally worship his muscle-boy physique, telling him how awesome his muscles are, while he flexes them under my touch.

I get totally hard, of course, and have to keep adjusting myself so my erection won't show so much and give me away, and sometimes I catch Tyler checking me out as I do that. I imagine he wants my cock the way I want his. Pretty soon my attention to his body turns him on too, I see his cock start to swell in his tight workout shorts and when my fingers stray in that direction, wanting to feel that part of the big dumb stud too - brushing against his boner through his shorts first, being casual about it, then touching it outright, squeezing it gently, cupping my hands on his balls, squeezing there too, then letting my fingers slip inside the waistband of his short, going for the prize, hoping to touch his bare sex - Tyler tolerates the intimacy at first, but when I get too bold he pushes my hands away and tells me to get lost and he goes back inside his house.

And I go back to my house, to my bedroom, and close and lock the door and strip naked and lie on my bed and jerk off while I picture Tyler naked jerking off. I imagine him looking at himself in the mirror while he strips off those workout shorts to free his cock, then posing for himself, flexing his muscles and rubbing and stroking his naked body all over, then stroking his big boner until it's rock hard, turning every which way to see his entire awesomely muscular body, and huge cock.

I imagine I'm there, continuing my muscle worship, helping the jock stud get off, probing and rubbing all his most intimate place while he urges me on. Feel my muscles, feel my cock, now suck on it, yeah, harder, take it deeper, yeah! I open my mouth and take his cock inside, sucking it slowly deeper, harder, faster, until pretty soon his cock erupts and I pull off just in time as big spurts of hot sticky cum hit me in the face and run down over my chest and abs to my groin where I use it to lube my own cock and jerk off too and he urges me on.

And my cock starts to erupt too, and I stand and Tyler hugs me and licks his hot Gay muscle worship stories off my face as I rub my cock against his muscles and cum even harder and the unbearable ecstasy of my orgasm makes my whole body shake and our cum-soaked bodies rub together and we kiss. Tyler is the sexiest guy I've ever seen. He stands about five eight, and weighs one-sixty-five, every ounce of it muscle. I know all his stats, because he has me write them down on his progress chart every day.

He has broad shoulders, narrow hips, big round hard pecs, washboard abs, a perfect body. Sixteen inch arms, a inch chest, inch thighs. He keeps his light blond hair cut short, and the rest of his body is almost hairless - just wisps under his Gay muscle worship stories, and a light down on his forearms and calves.

He spends a lot of time by his pool and has a smooth dark tan all over. Sometimes he lets me sunbathe with him, and we rub suntan lotion on each other. When he does me it's pretty cursory, he barely gets the stuff on me, but I don't care, because doing it to him is another opportunity for me to stroke his smooth soft skin and feel him up. I take my time and cover every square inch of his body with lotion, massage him all over, then go back and do it again. He directs me, so I know he enjoys the way I feel him up. Tyler wears just the skimpiest thong imaginable when he sunbathes, it's barely enough to contain his equipment, and if I'm subtle about it I can even slide my fingers inside from the top and feel the base of his cock, and it's usually half hard at least, straining to burst out of the gauzy pouch covering it.

When I do his awesomely Gay muscle worship stories thighs he spre his legs apart to give me better access, and I can slip my fingers into his pouch around his groin, and rub his balls and the area beneath them, and his cock swells harder still. If I go too far with that, Tyler makes a grunting sound and I reluctantly pull my fingers away from his boner. But he'll usually let me rub it for a while and watch it swell bigger and harder as I rub in and out, testing to see how far I can go before he'll stop me. When he turns onto his Gay muscle worship stories for me to do his back, his ass is totally exposed, of course, just a string running up his crack, and I love to rub and squeeze the big solid globes of muscle, and slide my fingers into his crack and rub there, working the tanning lotion up and down from his balls, probing gently into his crack, feeling his tight pink hole as I slide by, getting bolder, rubbing his boy pussy.

Tyler lets me do that for much longer than I would have thought. He moans and sighs and lifts his hips to offer his ass, spre his legs wider, makes soft grunts of encouragement as I probe at his asshole. The idea of actually pushing my finger inside his asshole never occurs to me, I haven't discovered my own fuck-hole yet, and have no idea what Tyler wants. Eventually he sighs and pushes my hand away, sounding annoyed and frustrated.

What does he want? I especially love Tyler's pecs, they're so big and firm, and his nipples get hard when I rub them. I love to pinch them between my fingers and twist them until he gasps. Usually he'll stop me when I do that, but sometimes he doesn't, and I see his eyes go glassy as he gets hard and horny from my attention to those sexy knobs of flesh. It turns me on to feel Tyler's muscles, and when he sends me home I run up to my room and lock the door and strip naked and lie on the bed and look at pictures of Tyler and jerk off.

He has let me take lots of pictures of him flexing and posing, and in most of them you can see his cock, clearly outlined through his tight skimpy lycra shorts or thong or posing strap, and at least half hard. I have lots of close-ups of Tyler's hard cock inside his tight shorts. Then today as I'm jerking off after watching Tyler pose and feeling his muscles, I remember I forgot to ask him something. My mom said I could invite Tyler to our backyard barbecue on Saturday. We have them almost every weekend during the summer, and sometimes Tyler comes, and lets me trail around worshipfully after him as he talks sports to my Dad or one of the other neighborhood d.

Sometimes he even throws his arm over my shoulder, buddy-like, as he quotes RBI stats or passing yards or baskets, and I get dizzy with pride and hunger. Reluctantly I stop stroking my horny teen dick. If I wait, Tyler might go out, and I'll miss my chance.

I go into the john and splash cold water on my boner to make it go down, then pull on my shorts and tee shirt and run downstairs and back to Tyler's house and knock on the back door. I hear Tyler's mom call out "Come in, Bobby," so I open the door and go into their kitchen. Peters is standing at the kitchen sink, fixing dinner. My cock is still half hard, and I try to stand so it doesn't show. I skipped putting on my briefs, so my erection is pretty obvious if she looks at me, but she's intent on what she' doing.

I haven't been to Tyler's room in a couple of years, he used to let me go there a lot when I was younger, but when he started High School and became Gay muscle worship stories major jock he stopped asking me up. I used to lie on his bed with him and look at comic books, and he would throw his arm over me and I'd move closer and we would cuddle as we read. He would throw one leg over me and rub his crotch slowly against my ass, and I realize now he had a boner and was rubbing it against me, getting off on the intimate contact, but at the time I didn't have a clue, I just liked being so close to him.

Once we did that naked. We were lying there together on Tyler's bed and Tyler took off his shirt, and when I told him he had awesome muscles he let me feel them, and then he said I should take off my shirt too, so I did, and he felt my body the way I had his, and he was breathing hard, and then he took off his shorts, and told me to take mine off, and we touched each other some more, and then he said we should get completely naked and lie on the bed together, so I turned away and took off my briefs and when I turned back he was lying on the bed naked face down with his face turned away, so I got on the bed and snuggled up against him and he told me to get on top of him, so I did, and it felt great, my naked body pressed against his.

I got an erection, but I was too young to understand what it meant, really. Tyler was moving around under me, shoving his hips into the bed, rubbing his ass against me, and panting and moaning - "Oh yes, Bobby, do it to me!

I think he came, and then he told me to get dressed and go home, and that was the last time he let me go to his room like that. The door to Tyler's room is closed, and I know I should knock, but I don't, I'm so eager I just open the door and walk in. Tyler is on the bed on his back, naked, his legs bent and spread wide apart, one hand slowly working his hard cock.

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His other hand is underneath him, and at first I can't figure out what he is doing with it. I just stand there frozen in awe for a long time, watching. This is what I have dreamed about, Tyler naked, his dick hard, every inch of his awesome physique exposed to my hungry eyes. I'm afraid to move, entranced by his beautiful naked body, his hard cock, his hand working up and down urgently.

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My own hand slips inside my shorts and rubs my rock hard erection. I close the door quietly, and walk over to the bed. This is too good to be true, Tyler my idol is jerking off while I watch. I'm totally horny from the stimulation of touching Tyler's muscles a few minutes before, and then stroking my own cock, otherwise I don't think I'd have had the nerve to just walk in like that, but I do, and my cock throbs and oozes as I look at the naked hunk. My hand slides back inside my shorts and gropes my totally hard cock.

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Tyler's head is thrown back, his eyes half-shut, his mouth hanging open, low guttural sounds coming from his throat. He looks drunk, his face slack and dazed. His hand is stroking his cock slowly up and down, stopping at the bulbous head to squeeze and rub it, then down over the shaft to his big heavy nuts to squeeze and tug them, then back up to the head again. Once I get close enough I can see that the muscle-boy's other hand is holding a long thick flesh-colored pole that he's shoving in and out of his ass vigorously, grunting with pleasure each time it sinks home.

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His muscular legs are wide apart to spread his ass cheeks and open his asshole as he fucks himself in the ass. I don't say anything, I just stand there and stare, shocked and a little worried. I've never heard of a dildo, so I have no idea what Tyler is using, or why. But the big dumb jock is fucking himself with the long thick rubber dick so hard I'm afraid he'll hurt himself.

And now I can hear him murmuring something. It's hard to tell what the words are, so I lean closer. I'm shocked, but totally aroused. I push my shorts down far enough to free my own cock, which is totally hard. I start stroking it in time with Tyler's thrusts of the rubber cock up his ass. I must have made some noise of surprise, because as I watch, Tyler's head turns slowly towards me, and a look of recognition, then of shock passes across it, but then is replaced by a grimace of ecstasy as the thrill of being caught makes his cock start to spurt cum all over his chest and abs.

The muscle stud smiles drunkenly, then shoves the dildo all the way home, and his body is convulsed with spasms of pleasure. He grunts "Oh God! Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me! I'm stunned as I hear him speak my name, and realize that's what he's been saying all along. As I watch in delight, big white gobs of jism shoot from Tyler's cock and hit my muscle-stud idol in the face, dripping down onto his neck.

I'm surprised how small Tyler's cock is. I've only seen it packed into his workout shorts or thong, and thought it would get bigger when released. It's about six inches long, and looks tiny compared to whatever it is Gay muscle worship stories awesome stud is using on himself.

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Still, it makes me hard to see Tyler's dick bare at last, its wide flared crown purplish and swollen and glistening with cock ooze and cum as he gasps and jerks his hips to drive it into his fist in the throes of orgasm. His muscles look incredible, still pumped huge from his workout, every awesome cut sharply defined as the big stud jerks and bounces on the bed, his awesome body glistening with sweat and cum.

I reach out a hand and touch his pecs, rubbing the big slabs of flesh. His nipples are hard, and I grab one and pull it, loving the way it feels, and the look on his face as I do it. I already know it turns the muscle-boy on, from doing it to him when he is posing for me, and now he doesn't stop me, so I really work the little knob hard, and he gasps and spurts with pleasure.

Gay muscle worship stories

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