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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It was the winter ofthe weather had been really cold for a couple of weeks, freezing the ground. Work had been slow on the golf course, mostly cleaning and maintaining the machinery, making sure everything was right for when the weather picked up.

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The new guy, 19 year old Sam kept things lively, he was the new butt of the practicle jokes, but wasn't a shrinking violet himself having locked the boss in his cabin with no heating for an afternoon, he was now on his usual one day a week,Friday college Greensman course. It had reached 11am when Frank the boss called by to see if all the gear had been sorted, when he saw it was he shouted over "hey guys, if all's done, you might as well take the rest of the day off, I'll see you back here in the morning".

Never one to miss a trick, I thought i'd call by the florist and get Susan, my wife some flowers, Susan had arranged a party for me the week before for my thirtieth birthday, she herself had turned thirty two, two months ly, both her and my families were there, as well as all our friends, some of the guys from work turned up too.

It had been a great night, every one seemed to of enjoyed themselves, my wife especially, dancing all night. I was about to pull into my drive after calling by the florist, when I noticed a car was parked across it, I thought either a deliver guy was delivering a package nearby or maybe one of the neighbours had family or friends round, as I didn't recognise the car, I drove down the road and parked up, walking back to our house. Walking down the drive I noticed my wifes car was parked in its usual place but I also noticed that the lounge curtains were drawn, which was unusual for that time of day.

Entering the house I immediately knew something was wrong, there was a pair of mens boots in the hall way and they wern't mine, I also heard a low moaning and grunting sound, the hairs on the back of my neck rose up. Myself and Susan often watched porn together adding something to our sex lives, she even told me she'd masterbate herself with a dildo i'd bought her when I wasn't home, whilst watching porn, but this was different, these were the unmistakeable sounds of my wife having sex Gay outdoor sex stories another person and by the sounds of it, he or she had my wife close to climax.

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Anger and fear rose up in me at the same time, I stood there almost transfixed, as if it was a dream and not real, I wanted to burst in and confront them, but at the same time I also wanted to turn around and simply walk away. I found myself at the lounge room door, my hand reaching out, gently and quietly I pushed the handle down, opening the door slowly I entered the room. Susan and her lover were facing away from the doorway and had obviously not heard me come in, I surprised myself next, rather than confront them, I found myself moving slightly over to my right, moving into the room so I was almost right behind them, just to their left, not only was her lovers cock pummeling her juiced up arse, but I could now see the dildo I had bought her poking out of her dripping pussy.

But strangely it was this guys long thick cock I was interested in, it was covered with my wifes anal juices, it looked beautiful as it moved in and out, glistening, my own cock stirred in my pants. Once again I found myself unable to move or even speak, watching as this guy as his meaty cock took my wife deeply up her willing arse, it was only when Susan came with a sudden gutteral scream, did I come to my senses, she was climaxing, shuddering, pushing further back, his cock now pounding her faster and harder until he also reached his zenith, pulling out of her gaping arse his cock easily eight to nine inches long, spewing sperm all over her arse and back.

I don't know why but I started clapping, both their he shot round, they looked at me with absolute terror in their eyes, they untangled themselves, moving quickly over to a couch, both trying to hide their modesty, I still carried on clapping, my wife now saying something, it was at that precise point I realised who'd just been fucking my wife and who's cock was now flopping down in front of him, still looking about six inches long, it was Sam, our new nineteen year old trainee Groundsman.

Sams departure from work and my wifes constant contriteness didn't deminish my feeling of loss and betrayal over the next three months, I kept myself busy at work, then found myself a new hobby, walking, I'd drive to a location and walk for hours, over miles and miles of the Peak District national Park. Our marriage had been kept together by the fact I still loved Susan deeply, if I could find myself forgiving her, then maybe we could move on, make some kind of new start, one which had total disclosure and complete honesty, I was certainly prepared to give it a try.

I arrived at the hotel on a Wednesday just after midday, booking myself in, putting my stuff away, then finding out when the first Greensman seminar was, It had been 2 years since my last refresher course, so I jumped at the chance to get back up to scratch with the latest technologies, equipment and procedures, but mainly because the course was being held in the Lake District, giving myself the chance to continue with my new found walking hobby in stunningly beautiful surroundings. Most of the walks I was going to take had been Gay outdoor sex stories before I left, so after sorting out the training course and seminar itinary, I changed into walking gear and was about to walk out of the hotel, when I heard a familiar voice, spinning on my heals I came face to face with Sam.

At that moment it took all my inner strength not to punch him straight in the face, but I didn't, Gay outdoor sex stories I actually did was ask "why are you here, haven't you done enough damage". He Replied "thats why i'm here, I found out you were on this course, so I booked myself on it, I needed to talk to you, you've ignored my calls over the last few months, so I thought this would be the best way to see you on your own".

All sorts of thoughts had passed through my head over the last three months or so, I found myself going over and over the scene that I found that day in my lounge, but what kept coming to the fore was my attraction to Sams cock, how I wanted to reach out and take hold of it, help him almost, to fuck my wife, but even more so for me to enjoy the feel of another guys hard dick in Gay outdoor sex stories hand as I wanked Gay outdoor sex stories off. Sam returned about ten minutes later, dressed in grey coloured, loose soft cotton shorts and a gym t shirt, his trainers looked old and had obviously had some wear.

He went on to tell me, he had an idea I was denying my sexuality and was secretly wanting to explore male on male sex, how during one of the mornings at work, he'd caught me looking at one of his gay mags whilst I was on my break, feeling myself through my pants, then taking my cock out and wanking, cumming all over the front cover, before putting it back in his bag, also telling me the only reason he'd fucked my wife was through frustration at not getting any sexual attention from me, futher, that the opportunity came about to fuck her, at my birthday party.

Susan had danced with him up close, feeling his hard on, as they pressed together, she then followed him half pissed up, upstairs, sucking him off in the bathroom, he told her, after she was begging him to fuck her there and then in our bathroom, he only fucked women up the arse, but that wasn't the time to do it, swapping phone s, they arranged for him to call round the following Friday when he was supposed to be at college.

Sam went on to tell me, how he'd got to my house only thirty minutes before i'd found them fucking, Susan had phoned him and said she was waiting for him already turned on and horny, just to come in when he got there, Sam walked in to see my wife naked, sat on the couch masterbating with the dildo, he said he then helped Susan to cum, fucking with her with the dildo as she sucked his cock, moving her onto the table before finally impaling her arse from behind, "you know the rest" he said.

All this talk of sex had gotten me hard and feeling real horny especially the thought of Sam knowing i'd been wanking over his porn mag. We'd just gone over a rise and were now decending into a wooded dip. Thats when I turned to Sam and said " Sam you were right, I've have been and am attracted to men and boys before that when I was young myself, but i've never done anything about it, following societies usual pattern of sexuality I suppose, but right now and here with you, I'm both attracted to you and horny". Sam stopped and caught hold of my arm, I stopped and turned, he stepped up close without saying a word, taking hold of my other arm, he pulled me close, our faces just inches apart, he moved even closer, his lips touching mine, their gentle softness pressing my lips, we kissed, our mouths starting to explore each others, my hands taking hold of Sam around his waist and back.

We continued kissing, his tongue now in my mouth, seeking out mine, our desire becoming more fervent. Sams hands moving down passed my arms and onto my backside, squeezing and pulling me into him as our kiss became ravenous, I moved my right hand down and in between us, taking hold of his growing erection through his shorts. We parted, Sam moving me away slightly "take them off, take my shorts off, but first I want you to strip". I stood there looking around, checking for people or the sound of people, then proceded to strip, removing my top half of clothing first, revealing my smooth muscled chest and flat stomach, a trail of hair leading down from my navel under my trousers, Sam held me as I removed my boots, then my trousers and underwear at the same time, my seven inch uncut cock falling forward as I did.

I was there almost naked but for the socks and boots, Gay outdoor sex stories front of Sam in a wooded area of the Lake District and couldn't have cared less, I was so horny. I moved forward and squatted down, taking hold of the tops of his shorts and pulling them down, I knew what was inside, because I'd seen his cock twice before, once at work and once stuck deep up my wife Susans arse.

But when I lowered his shorts it still came as a bit of a shock as his cock sprang towards my face, his dick seemed bigger, much bigger than I remembered, but it also looked beautiful. Sams hands moved to the top of my head, I knew what he wanted and wasted no time in giving him it, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, letting him move my head towards his impressive manhood, my tongue came into contact with his cock for the first time, then I began to lick and slide my tongue over his bulbous cock head, tasting his pre cum each time I drew my tongue over his slit.

Taking my time, I began to take him fully into my mouth, feeling each inch slide over my tongue as I started to suck, I was sucking him faster, taking more of his throbbing cock inside my mouth, Sam was moaning as my new found skill for sucking dick became more and more intense.

I did as I was asked. He moved my legs apart, then I felt his warm breath on my arse cheeks as he squatted behind me, his hands grasping my arse cheeks, kneeding them, then pulling them apart, his warm breath was then replaced by his warm mouth as he kissed and licked my arse, his tongue sliding ever closer to my rear hole, then he was on it, licking it, gently probing, it felt devine, now his figers were at my rear entrance as well as his tongue.

One finger slipped in easily, his tongue licking his finger as well as my opened arse, then another finger, this time a little more resistance, but still he pressed until they were both fucking me, in and out, in and out. Sam rose up to stand behind me, his mouth next to my ear, "Do you want the real thing" I heard Sam whisper "Do you want me to fuck you just like I fucked your wife Susan".

I only had one reply "Oh fuck yeah" I was so turned on, a whole party of walkers could have walked past and would have still have wanted to be fucked, right in front of them. When it came, it wasn't slow like you hear in story's or porn, it was sudden, his cock penetrated me, sending shooting pains throughout my body. Sam stopped, only a few seconds but enough for the pain to subside a little, then he pushed forward again, until a third of his cock was inside my arse, once again he stopped.

I quietly replied through the pain. He wrapped his arms around my waist and chest, as if he was bear hugging me, pulling his cock out slightly, then in again, the sensation was getting better, the pain almost gone, he began to move in and out a little more, until his cock was sliding deep inside my bowels, The feeling was totally overwhelming, his dick felt like it was part of me, his fucking of me as if as one. Sams thrusting was building, I was backing onto him just as i'd seen my wife do, when Sam had been fucking her tight arse, he reached down and gripped my cock as his thrusting continued, wanking me to the same rhythm as he was shagging me, he was now banging into me so hard, his hand furiously tossing me off, it wasn't long before I was shooting my load all over the trunk of the tree, that familiar grunting i'd heard three months earlier getting louder in my ear, until he plowed into me one last time, spunking up my new gay boys fuck hole.

His shudders as his climax continued was electrifying, he leant back holding my shoulders now as he pumped my arse with his massive cock until he was totally satiated, pulling out and leaning forward he turned my head, we kissed again, but this time as lovers do, gently and with feeling, I turned around still kissing him as we held each other, his left hand feeling between my arse cheeks, a finger entering me, but this time slowly Gay outdoor sex stories gently, Sam brought his hand up and held it to my mouth, inserting his finger inside my mouth letting me taste his cum.

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It was a taste I was to be come familiar with, as we walked together exploring the Lake District aswell as each other over the next couple of days. I had invited Susan up to me before I left for the Lakes, she was arriving on the Saturday morning, she had a suprise when she saw who i'd met there, but as now, with Sam and my other male friends some years later, she was and is more than happy to in I don't have a Horse Cock, but it is longer than most, and very much thicker.

At a party on our estate, I fucked a woman visiting from a town about 50 miles away, who was married to the brother of the host, it was just that kind of party. About a week later I received an e-mail from the husband, which turned out to not be at all aggressive.

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He told me that his wife had bragged about how well I fucked her and that he had talked to his brother about an episode from school when I'd screwed anothher lad in my class. He then asked if I would fuck him while he was dressed in his wifes clothes, and had attached several pics of himself en-fem. I was intrigued as I'd never Fucked a cross dresser before, and agreed to meet him at a hotel about half way between us the following afternoon.

He had booked a room and we went up there.

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I stripped hur down to hur lingerie and got her mouth struggling with my girth onto the end of my cock, and spent about ten minutes stroking hur body and fingering her well used arse-pussy which was nicely lubricated, before I threw her face down onto the bed with two pillows under her to bring that pussy to a nice angle, and one for her to chew on as IT WAS GOING TO HURT!

Getting into hur was a struggle, as even well used, she was too tight for my cock. She was a good ride and soon began to push back to get those last few bits of our strokes, and came herself a few minutes before I blew the first load into hur. I had hur three more times before we slept, and twice the next morning, before we left.

The outcome of this was that he belonged to a Husbands club that meet to fuck with each other regularly, some CD's like hur and some just "straight" Faggots, and I now regularly visit their gatherings to ream a few of them out each time, with of course plenty of screaming. And half-believable too. I love to suck and - even better - I love to get fucked, not that I get a lot of opportunities to do so.

My wife is attractive, elegant, slim, etc I know a lot of guys would go insane if they discovered their wife with another guy but I wouldn't: the thought of it turns me on immensely! As long as neither of us get an STD and she doesn't get pregnant I really wouldn't care. And it would be really hot to share a guy or guys! At my work party, held at the local golf club i could not find my wife of 8 years. I walked outside, strolled down to a lake, I saw another work colleague, have you seen Michelle, yes ,she was with Kevin, over there, pointing to the opposite side of the lake. I walked around, Kevin was a good friend of ours, gay or so I thought ,same age, I couldn't see them but as I walked past a green hut, I heard voices.

I looked in the window, my wife was on her knees, Kevins cock in her mouth, he was holding her head as he fucked her, I moved just as he pulled out, He moved behind her lifting her dress, she said Gay outdoor sex stories let me suck you, i can get pregnant, he ran the head of his cock up and down her pussy, she was wriggling around,she wanted it, then he said what about here as he moved his cock to her arse, she said yes, careful ,theres some cream in my bag, he squeezed some on his long cock,then I watched as he eased his cock into her arse and began fucking her.

It wasn't long before she was pushing back as Gay outdoor sex stories fucked her arse and I heard her say that's it, that's it as he emptied into her, then pulled out,cumm dribbling from her just fucked arse. He said we better get back, as they dressedI was angry but strangely enough my cock had gotten hard watching my wife take it in the arse. My wife left, and as Kevin went to leave I met him at the door. Whats going on, I thought you were gay, our friend.

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Not gay, bi, and I am your friend. Bi ,huh,well show me how bi, and I dropped my trousers, my semi hard cock sticking out,he looked at me,then went down on his knees, stroked my cock and then took it in his mouth. Wow could he suck cock,better than any girl had and he had me cumming into his mouth in no time. He stood up,spat on his fingers,turn around,look I, turn around, I am going to do you like I did Michelle, I turned,his wet fingers moving around my hole, probing,my cock semi hard,he pushed me onto my knees,the head of his cock at my hole, pushing, then it entered, pain,he waited,and then slowly he worked in and out of my arse, grabbing onto my shoulders, pulling me back onto him,until it was me pushing back onto him until I felt him swell and warmth filled my arse as he went faster,cumm dribbling from my cock.

He is a frequent visitor to our house,filling both my wifes and my arse. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Gay Male Gay Sex Gay outdoor sex stories. Gay Sex Outdoors. Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Deanbarkley 1 Stories. What I saw next changed my life forever, but in a way I thought would never happen.

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At that moment it took all my inner strength not to punch him straight in the face, but I didn't, what I actually did was ask "why are you here, haven't you done enough damage" He Replied "thats why i'm here, I found out you were on this course, so I booked myself on it, I needed to talk to you, you've ignored my calls over the last few months, so I thought this would be the best way to see you on your own".

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