Gay roommate sex stories

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My sophomore year I got a roommate. His name was Will. He was a basketball player. Ebony God! Damn he looked good! Will was about 7 feet tall, nicely built. I jacked off many times to his images in my head. One night I came home to find Will drunk and jacking. At first he stopped, but then he saw me, and kept going. I asked him if he had a rough night, and he told me that he had a fight with his girlfriend, and he is not getting any tonight. I asked him why he didn't find anyone else, cause there are many other girls that would fuck him, he told me he was too drunk too look, so that's the next alternative.

Then he stopped and asked me if I was gay. I guess I had a look on my face, cause he proceeded to explain that he doesn't care if I am, but I can help him. Trying not to sound too excited, I jumped at the opportunity.

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I told him that there are first time for everything, and proceeded to get on my knees in front of a work of art. It was a beautiful and thick, black, 10 incher. Oh, I drooled before I even put it in my mouth. I started slowly, licking the head and up and down the shaft. Then I put his balls in my mouth and played with them. I felt that they were filled with Gay roommate sex stories, ready to come out. Then I started to suck. Slowly, starting with the head, inch by inch I took his dark meat in my mouth.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get all ten inches in. From jacking off before it didn't take Will long to cum. But when he did, it felt like I was drowning. I swallowed as much as I could, but he kept cumming and cumming, it just dripped out of my mouth. Hot, sticky, sweet jizz!!! Will had the look of ecstasy on his face, he sure was happy. He thanked me, and told me that's the best blowjob he ever had. Then he got dressed and told me he was going to drink and smoke with some friends. I stayed in the room, jacked off, and blew one of the biggest load ever and then hit the bed.

About 3am I felt a little breeze and I woke up. Well, apparently Will was back, drunk and high, pulled off my blanket and my boxers, and was standing over me with his dick in his hand, stroking and looking at my ass. I never got a boner so fast!

I asked him what's up and if he wants another blow job? He asked me if he can fuck me? I asked him if he was sure, I mean I am a guy? He told me my ass looked so nice and tight, and he loves ass fucking, which his girlfriend doesn't. I almost came right there. Gay roommate sex stories was so excited! That gorgeous ten incher was about to tear me up! I couldn't wait. I got out my lube and lubed my ass hole as much as possible, while Will was lubing his stiff prick.

He turned me on my back and lifted my legs in the air. Then slowly, inch by inch he started to slide in. Oh, I never felt pain till that day! When his head entered my hole, I had to bite on my pillow and I almost came at the same time! But when all 10 inches were in, the pain from before seemed like nothing. I think I had tears coming out of my eyes, but I was in heaven. He started moving slow, in and out, picking up pace.

He was nice enough to stroke me, while he was fucking me. Faster and faster, and I was ready to cum, but then I felt it I lost sense of reality!

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All I felt is hot juices leaking out of my ass hole, exploding in my body. Sometime during that I came all over myself, but I don't even remember how. He stayed in for a few minutes, and then slowly pulled out.

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I didn't want to loose the opportunity, so I licked him nice and dry. I fell asleep exhausted that night, and skipped classes next day, but it was worth it! My junior year I didn't have a roommate, I had a single. Will lived in a different dorm, his basketball schedule kept him busy, so I didn't see him at all during the first semester.

At then end of the semester we had a semi-formal at a hotel downtown, and everyone was going. As soon as I got there, Will came up to me. He told me he has a room for him and his girlfriend, but he would like me to him there now, for a quickie. Hey, don't have to ask me twice! We got to his room, and he quickly pulled down the pants from his suit. That was a nice site to see, he was in a shirt, tie and jacket, shoes and socks, and no pants or boxers, just his long dick hanging.

I didn't waste time, got on my knees and went at it. He was telling me that he had a favor to ask of me, so I told him whatever he wants, as long as he sticks that dick up my aching hole. All of a sudden I heard someone else in the room, and in the corner of my eyes I saw Tyrone. My first thought was Gay roommate sex stories, Shit! Both of us were still puzzled. Tyrone said that all Will mentioned was the tightest piece of ass ever, then I started to understand. Will wanted Tyrone to fuck me. Hey, Tyrone wasn't as tall as Will, but good looking, so you didn't have to ask me twice.

He was nicely built, also on the basketball team. Will told him to try it, that I was the best ass he has ever tried, but he was still hesitant. I came up to him, and sat him down on the bed, and unzipped his pants. The thought of that huge, thick, black pole entering my hole made me Gay roommate sex stories as hell! I started licking it, then tried a few times till I finally got the head in my mouth, it was so huge. He closed his eyes, and started enjoying it. But Will didn't want him to cum in my mouth. I bent over and Will started lubing my hole, while Tyrone lubed his stiff dick.

Will then starting pushing fingers in my hole, one, two, three, then four, playing, massaging, relaxing it. Finally I was ready. Tyrone started to push slow, it wouldn't go at first, I tried to relax my muscles, but they were too tight for his thick pole. Finally I told Will to come closer, I was going to suck on his dick, and Tyrone would just shove the whole thing in. I knew it was going to hurt, that's why I wanted Will's dick in my mouth, so I won't scream.

I started blowing Will, and Tyrone pushed Oh the pain! I felt like someone was ripping me in half. After a minute, I started getting used to the pain, and I told him he can start fucking me. But Tyrone has already came inside me, he was in ecstasy, he has never had anything so tight. So he took his dick out, and plunged it into my wet and wide hole again, and started fucking me. Oh I was on cloud nine. I was getting fucked by the thickest and beautiful black cock I have ever saw, and I was blowing the longest black cock I have ever saw.

We had an oreo cookie thing going, and I couldn't wait any longer, and exploded all over.

Gay roommate sex stories

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