Gay sleepover sex stories

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On a Monday afternoon, my good friend Connor asked me if I wanted to have a sleepover at his house. He is fairly new to my school and I have liked him for ages! He is 5'7 with jet black hair. He is a footballer so he is well built! This is a night that I want to go out with a bang! Thursday finally came and I was so excited! I left my clothes in my sisters locker and went to hang out with Connor. Of course, I was being as flirty as hell!!

My friends and I were talking about girls we liked. Me being bi, I had to lie and say that I liked a girl I went out with, Aimee. So that went by and everything was fine. I hung out with Connor for the rest of the day and Gay sleepover sex stories about girls.

Lying about that type of stuff was hard for me. I had to make up lies and it just made me feel so awkward! So with that done, we caught the bus and then went to the train station. When we were on the train, there was a HOT guy sitting there. He had a chiseled jaw line and pecs that were greatly defined through his tight t-shirt. I staring at him, day dreaming really, with a growing erection. Connor snapped me out of it. Thank fuck he bought it! So for the rest of the train ride, I kept sneaking looks at the hot hunk. Arriving at his d work was the hottest thing I had ever seen! Hot, sweaty and hairy men in overalls, covered in grease.

What a sight! Lucky it was a mechanic shop so it looked like I was staring at the cars! Finally, Connors dad clocked off and took us to his place. When we arrived, Connor took me to his room. He lived in the garage which was very spacious.

White tiled floors with a raised roof. Clean and tidy.

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In the dark corner lay a very seductive double bed. Hopefully it will be used for it's full purpose tonight! So with that, I dumped my stuff, we ordered pizza and started having showers.

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This was going to be a very seductive night!! After we had eaten the pizza, we retreated back to Connors room. We set up the PS3 and started to play some games. Before we knew it it was nearly We decided to pack up anther went to sit on his bed. He was kinda looking kinda guilty so I sat there with him. With sad eyes he said "I have a secret that you have to promise me that you wot tell anyone k? He stared at me, deep into my eyes and said "Matt, I'm bi With that, I nearly fainted.

I knew that I had gone pale. Connor looked away from me and I knew that he thought I hated him. I touched him on the knee and turned his shoulder. I then said "Connor, it doesn't really matter to me".

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He looked at me with those sad, pale blue eyes and said "Why Matt, why doesn't it matter to you? The only person I told left our group and hasn't talked to me since!! So tell me Matt, tell me why it doesn't matter to you! The tears were beginning to stream down his face so I went out and said it. And with that, he turned and kissed me with the most forceful kids I have ever had! I opened my mouth and we started to explore each others mouths with our tongues.

This was the most exciting feeling ever! I started to feel his chiseled jaw-line with my hand. He was so muscly all over!

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I broke off the kiss. I mean, what if people find out? I sat there, completely in awe, staring at his body. Nice, muscly chest and pecks, which lead down to his sexy six pack with a little snail trail leading down to his cock. I lightly kissed him on the lips and then kissed him down the neck until I reached his nipples. I licked and lapped up his nipples and relished his moans.

I then switched to the other and did the same. I trailed down and I kissed and traced the lines of his six pack.

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Then I licked down his snail trail and pulled down his jeans. What I found astounded me! Hanging between his legs was a huge 8 inch cock. On his pelvis was a patch of thick, black pubic hair. His cock was absolutely amazing. Not only was it huge, but it was also veiny! As it was my first time, I started to slowly wank it until I put it in my mouth. I couldn't take it all, but what I did tasted amazing! His thick cock stretched my mouth and my throat. His soft moans were spurring me on to do more!

In the end I had managed to take it all. About another minute later, he pulled me off and said that he wanted to fuck me. I had no objections. He told me to get in the doggy position so I did. What happened next surprised me. We got behind me and started licking out my ass! It was Gay sleepover sex stories most intense feeling! He was lapping his tongue back and forth across my tight hole. Then, he put his head lower and started to suck the back off my balls. This tipped me over the edge!! He licked balls and then eventually went to my dick.

After a few minutes he asked me if I was ready. I let out an unintelligible sound that he interpreted as a yes. He went on his knees and put his hands on my back. He slowly started to put his cock up my ass. Slowly, but steadily, he started to put it all up my tight hole.

He then got faster and faster and with the speed, came my moans. His cock gelt great up my ass!! He kept going, keeping momentum until he started to moan. He said he was gonna shoot and I said is was close too.

Another loud moan Gay sleepover sex stories grunt escaped him along with the ribbons of cum up my ass, hitting my prostate. He came out of me, panting. He said "Have you cummed yet?? And I shook my head. He slowly crawled up to me and he took all of my cock down his throat. I started to moan, knowing that I wasn't far off. I asked him, "Do you want to swallow my seed?? He kept going, and I started to moan louder. He took me down his throat and he started playing with my cock with his tongue.

I moaned and my cum went in long ribbons down his throat. We were laying on his bed, panting and laughing at each other.

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We both rolled over and stared at each other intently. We then started to passionately kiss again. Suddenly, the door opened and his dad came in. He was wearing low cut boxers, with his muscled, hairy stomach defining the most part of him. This is going to be fun, I thought : [ protected]. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. That guy H-h-he kinda looks like my cousin PART 2 coming soon if I get some positive feed back from this. Thank you for reading :DD. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

Gay sleepover sex stories

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