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It was my junior year in high school. I considered myself popular and somewhat attractive. I was not at all athletic, but did play some intramurals. It was the third day of school, just fitting in, and finishing the summer stories.

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The football team was going to begin practice after school, inpreparation for the season. My best friend Steve, whom I had known since first grade, was very athletic and played for the team. One day, for no apparent reason, Steve came to me and asked me to play for the team. I think you could do a pretty good job. If you are interested, practice begins afterschool. Meet in the lockerroom" I did not no what to say, since I had never participated in a sport in my whole life.

The final bell rang, and I decided to go to the football practice to see what would happen. I walked over to the lockerroom and walked in. All those guys! I had only discovered that I was gay my sophomore year. I had always kept it a secret. I didn't know it then, but this was one of Georges' favorite 'pick-up' places. I was 18, just, and had for about seven or maybe more years been attracted to hot guys. Now I had an opportunity to find friends, lovers and, most importantly, sex.

Being gay and 18 years of age I was totally gagging for it! There I was one night, chatting away in a chat room when a message popped up from a local guy. We chatted for some time and then decided to meet up. I can remember the first time I ever heard about an all male movie theater, although I knew I was into guys, I couldn't figure out how you could make a porno movie that was all-male. Here I was Gay suck stories off to whatever straight porn I could find that had guys in it, and there were fucking movies that had nothing but men fucking!

The first time I ever went, I remember cutting school and going to the first one I could find, which has since gone to fuck-flick heaven. But each time it happened I found my self more in awe of just how damned much they seemed to love sucking my cock. It was hard to believe that they seemed not bothered at all that I wouldn't suck them off and in fact seemed to enjoy sucking me and taking my cum as much if not more than I enjoyed being sucked off.

Two spoiled rich kids share a room at preparatoryschool. Both are probably just gangling under-developed teenagers, but begin to find each other more and more attractive from a sexual perspective! My thoughts began to wander as the Sergeant went over how to fill out all of the Forms. I was impressed with this man. He had dark hair and eyes, and told us he was from Guam. I wondered if I had made the right choice about enlisting in the Army. I knew that it was going to be tough to be a Gay service member - I had lie to get in, but I wasn't sure how tough it was going to be.

The office made me nervous, it was completely in white. I had come here because my friends had recommended this place as having the best masseus ever, well that and the fact that the guy was suppose to be this major hottie.

I told the hot receptionist that I had an appointment for a full body massage. The health club that I go to has the best locker room Gay suck stories up that I could ever imagine. The club itself is enormous, covering several football fields. The second floor of the building, where the men's locker room is, has been added to and altered many times over making it a maze of shower rooms, saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools.

By now, Dan and Slava have seen my erection a million times over. Everywhere he looked, Dean Jones' eyes feasted on virile manliness. He thought he'd be observing a class of adolescent boys starting out in the world of bodybuilding. Instead, the private school's weight room boasted 8 of the humpiest studs he'd ever seen outside of a bodybuilding convention. It's hot, it's steamy, and above all it's sexy. The barman is hassled though, too many customers and the bar is too small.

He should have had help tonight, but the other barman has called in sick again. There's not a lot he can say. It's to be expected. Some people think he's quite cute, fuckable. But Gay suck stories not interested in picking-up tonight. He's got a sore arse from last night. He told me. I was trying to be cool, all the while thinking no way will he let me into his life again.

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Thing is, - well okay I did dump Danny a year ago, it happens, - sometimes a guy needs to move on, search fields anew, thing is the field I searched did not bear oats - it was a lousy choice I made and the guy was a downer anyway, it really made me appreciate Danny.

I wanted him back.

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We collided in the middle of Harrods store in London on a very busy Gay suck stories. Poor guy he really stumbled and went sprawling across the floor. His legs were spread wide to reveal that tight ass, which I have become accustomed to seeing now. I was pulling him back up, he looked very embarrassed and very, very cross. Tommorow came, and football practice began. This was the first time I had worn a jock strap, and it felt funny. My innocent behind as feeling funny. Practice proceeded, and it turned otu I was a pretty good player. I walked into the lockerrom, and to my surprise, the athletes were getting naked right in front of my eyes!

I then realized that a shower was mandatory after every practice. I couldn't beleive it. I sat on the bench for a while, when the team quarterback Tom came over and said, "Hey buddy, you have to shower. Don't be nervous. I did not look at his penis, for fear of being caught.

Nervously, i took off all my clothes and paced into the showers. I had never been naked in front of other people before, especially guys. I then decided to look at cocks. I wanted to see who had the biggest. I always thought Tom did, since he was the most athletic. I took a glance at his, It was small! I thought, what a difference.

I stopped looking at everybody's friend, showered, and got dressed. Still in the lockerroom, Steve walked over to me, and asked if he could go to my house for a while, I said yes. Then Tom, asked me the same thing, I also said yes. I couldn't beleive what was happening.

Steve, Tom and I arrived at my place and went staight to my room. We decided to play computer games for a while, when Tom said he had to use the bathroom. I had a bathroom in my room, so he used that one. To my surprise, Tom left the door wide open. Steve and I could easily see inside. Tom unbuttoned his tight levi's and pulled them down a little below his waist.

He was wearing some bright red underwear, like something a stripper would wear. I then notice that Steve was watching too, and wasn't noticing me. Tom then lowered his underwear and took out his penis. It was bigger then it was in the showers. I then thoguht that your penis shrinks when you are in water.

Tom started pissing, and he glance at both of us in my room. He smirked and winked his eye at both of us. I turned around and pretended that I wasn't looking, but he knew I was. Steve however, did not. He kept on staring at Tom pissing. Tom was pissing for a long time.

I then noticed Steve's shorts, they were rising. I could tell he was getting a hardon! After seeing Steve's package, I decided to make my move,and touch it. I leaned my hand over and just nudged it. Steve then turned around and stared at me. Steve reached out towards me, Gay suck stories thought he was going to hit me. To my surprsie, he grabbed my hand and then placed it on his shorts were his penis was.

He started stroking his penis wiht my hand. Steve then got up and gabbed my shoulders. You see, we were sitting down in front of the television playing games. He lowered me down, and I was laying on the floor. He then took of his shirt. He had a beatiful chest. No hair, but very muscular.

He then took off mine. I was very nervous and scared. He said, "I never knew that you were gay. That please me very much. Tom then walked back into the room, and saw what was going on. His pants were back on. He then took off his shirt. He to had a nice chest, very muscular. Tom the then to me, and reached for my pants. Steve, meanwhile staring to massage my chest. Tom then unbuttoned the top of my pants. Then he pulled down the zipper. My penis was 5 inches soft, but 8. Steve, Gay suck stories took of his shoes and socks. Followed by his grey workout shorts. He too was wearing white breifs, and he had a big package too.

Tom, then pulled down my pants too my ankles.

Gay suck stories

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