Getting caught jacking off stories

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I woke up a couple of hours later and I was as Horny as could be a and my dick was as hard as a rock. So I grabbed ahold of my dick and I began slowly stroking it up and down, it was really very good. I gradually stroked it faster and faster until I felt my big balls bouncing around and that also felt really good. Then I thought about all the times that she used her dildo in my asshole when she would be either sucking on my dick on when she would be jerking me off and just how incredible that always feels.

Then I grabbed my rock hard dick again and I d stroking myself. This was feeling really good and then the phone rang and I saw that it was my girlfriend Cheryl calling. I answered the phone as I continued stroking myself. She asked me what was I doing. I told her that I was stroking my dick. She got really excited, because she loves it when I jerk myself off in front of her of when we would be having phone sex.

She then told me to describe to her every last detail. When I told her that I had her dildo buried deep inside into my asshole she practically screamed out loud from excitement. She said, babe I just love fucking your nice tight sexy little asshole with my dildo.

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I just absolutely love how much it makes you cum. She Getting caught jacking off stories told me to rock my hips back and forth so that her dildo will fuck my ass. I did exactly as she said and it felt amazing. I had her on speaker phone and she told me that she could clearly hear that very distinctive sound of a hard cock being stroked very fast and the slapping sounds of my big balls bouncing off of my ass cheeks. She was really talking dirty to me and she was fingering her pussy and were both getting me very excited and before I knew it I was really moaning a lot and breathing heavier and I felt my big balls tightening up and I told her that I was about to come.

Just then I moaned out loud as I came like crazy as I was furiously stroking my rock hard dick. Just then I realized that my face was getting covered with my own semen and I even felt it going into my open mouth and to my surprise I swallowed my my own semen and even then licked it off my lips and swallowed it and then I told her that I had just came all over my own face and into my mouth and swallowed it.

She screamed out loud as she was having an orgasm Then she told me that when she comes over tonight that she was going to fuck my ass with her dildo and then she wanted me to fuck her and come into her pussy and then she was going to have me lick her pussy clean.

That night we had the hottest sex that we had ever had. I am a 31 year old man. I have been single forever. And that's why I am still a virgin. Last week I went on a solo trip to Srilanka. After I had reached and was about to check in to a hotelto my surprise I met my school maths teacher there.

She immediately recognized me. We exchanged hugs and had a chat for a while. I came to know that she had lost her husband 4 years back due to health issues. Her daughter was working in the US as an ant. And she was alone by herself spending the vacation in Srilanka. I was meeting her after almost about 15 years. I had a crush on her during my school days. She was a beautiful lady, about 45 years old.

Tall and slim. I asked her if I could her this trip. She said sure, but she would be leaving back for home after 2days,as her trip was almost coming to an end. She told me we can share the same room for the last two days.

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I was happy. After we checked in to the room, we freshened up and were talking to each other. She came to know that I hadn't married yet. And I was still a virgin. She was giggled and laughed a little. Soon it was late and was time to sleep.

We said goodnights and went to sleep.

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We were on the same bed, just beside her. I didnt know why I was having a boner and I decided to get rid of my boner as soon as my teacher had fallen asleep. After about 15mins I stripped off naked and started jerking off laying in the bed beside her. Within just 2minutes of jerking I was just about to cum when suddenly I realised my teacher was awake and watching meand she said "Wow". I stopped jerking immidately but it was too late.

I started cumming already. Multiple lo of cum spurted out of my dick and fell all over. She was giggling and laughing while I was breathing heavily and uncontrollably. After about lo of cum spurted out, I could finally relax. My teacher came close to me and kissed my forehead. And whispered softly in my ears "you're such a naughty boy". I slept naked that night beside her. I love to be naked at home. I also love to jerk off by the window.

I know the older women next door had seen me. She has commented on me having a fun evening. She always had ahuge smile on her face while saying it. Really turns me on know that she watches me. Yeah I know. Long ago I had something like that with a cool neighbor. A gril roundabout my age.

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I'd make sure I'd know when she would be there, she began to know my schedule and so she'd watch me masturbate 1 or 2 times a week. Until one time, and I just didn't quite check well enough, but the person that I saw turned out to be her mom.

I'm experiencing the same situation now. I woke up before my girlfriend this morning with a massive erection, I was super horny and needed to get off. I had the idea to get a pair of her dirty panties and pulled my pants down and started sniffing and jerking. While in the process I pulled her thong down and I was about to blow and I put my head in-between her cheeks and came. I was still hard so I too my cum and used it as lube and slid it into her ass immediately waking her up.

I held her back and we fucked till I cam again this time inside her. Not a bad morning. I'm 21 and my boyfriend is My boyfriend is a very attractive guy and many girls want to be with him. Well my friend Courtney had mentioned drunk one time that she really wants to see his cock.

I kinda liked the idea of another girl looking at my boyfriends cock.

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I told her that she could see it that night when we got home from the party. Her eyes lit up and she got super excited! This made me really horny knowing she wants my boyfriend but can't have him. We got back to his apartment and she whispered when she could see it. My boyfriend had no idea that I said that she could look at his cock.

He was kinda drunk so we sat him on a chair and pulled his pants down. His cock fell out and she awed and grabbed it in her hand instantly. He started getting hard as she gripped his cock and started jerking him off.

I asked her what the hell she was doing and she begged for me to let her jerk him off she begged and begged for it. My boyfriend seemed to like it so I said that it was ok. She screamed thank you and grabbed his cock firmly and jerked him off as he moaned for her to go faster.

Then I took out his pocket pussy and told her to fuck his cock with it. She spit on his cock to lube it up and even tried to sneak that she sucked his cock for a second.

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His cock was throbbing and he was moaning her name and it made her so horny. Then he exploded all inside his pocket pussy and she slid it off and then sucked his cock clean. I have to say that it was super hot and has happened a few times since! You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

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Getting caught jacking off stories

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