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Jesse came walking down the pathway and saw them. A dark figure started to appear about 20 feet away from Jesse. He took off in a sprint dash for the park exit passing and leaving the other two stuck. Jesse was nearing the entrance to the park which had tall black fence with a gate.

He ran Ghost wedgie stories to open the gate and somehow from the time he got there to now, someone had put a chain and lock on it. He started to scale the wall next to the fence. Right at that moment Jesse felt his red briefs shoot out the top of his pants. He was then dragged off the side of the wall by his briefs and suspended in the air by them. He felt himself getting further away from the ground until he was dropped. He fell like a foot before being caught by his briefs. The ghost had lined up both his leg holes on the bars on the top of the fence so that each leg hole had a bar through it.

The ghost was then standing on the ground in front of him and his tentacles went up the side of his legs and pulled his pants down and off. Then ripped his shirt, shoes, and socks. So Jesse was hanging there in just his briefs and hat. They got into a spot they liked. About an hour goes past, when Matt brings up the wedgies they got from the ghost. While Matt is going on with his rant he picks up and small rock and chucks it at the house. Right after he threw it they heard glass break. Then their hearts sank when the dark figure formed in front of them.

Then all the sudden Matt and Daniel were pushed up against the gate. One of the tentacles went around the back of Matt and pulled his red briefs out of his pants and lifted up over the pole of the gate and latched over it. The ghost then drugged Daniel over to a bar in front Matt.

Then next he removed his hoodie and shirt. Then the ghost went over to Daniel and yanked down his jeans and ripped of his hoodie. Now Matt was in just red briefs and Daniel in his cartoon briefs. They ghost grabbed some more and walked over to Daniel and pulled the front of his briefs out and dropped them in. After that the ghost vanished into the air. Both of them are stuck tied up in just their briefs in the middle of the park with cold slimy worms crawling in their briefs.

To their unfortunate luck it was only 6am and no one came to the this park before noon. Luckily there chances of being seen are extremely low and especially since Jesse was going to them fishing around 9am. The guys just wanted to separate Doug at first from his T-shirt to make Doug worry that he may be standing right in front of all the guys in only Ghost wedgie stories underpants.

But it be only fun if it was slow and prolonging with lots of worry.

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Doug Ghost wedgie stories now worrying the guys could see the white outline and know that he had on wimpy little boy whites, not boxers. Alternative course. Oh my God, now I am truly realizing that will be in the unsettling, Ghost wedgie stories, degrading, demeaning, and mortifying, truly embarrassing and humiliating position of being in public with no pants yet again.

It does not matter how times I have pants taken, I am always totally embarrassed and try covering my crotch which makes look even more subservient. You are elevated with a high pitch of intensity of self-conscious distress with everybody looking at your pant less prediction. Doug was now flush with embarrassment wishing that he had worn a belt so that his brief waistband would not be exposed. Oh my, Oh my— Doug was wondering now why he ever given his shirt to his best friend who not rushing to give him his shirt back.

Was Doug really going to have pants taken off? Being only in underpants in front all the guys? No, No, Doug realized that without shoes he could not run and with no shoes pants could be taken off easily. Now— no less than three other guys said take your pants off and you can keep your underpants—Doug now was in great pain of humiliation and total embarrassment of choosing to have guys roughly take in pants or comply with there demand and volunteering to strip to only his underpants in full view of all.

Having to strip to his underpants was bad enough, having his briefs stripped off would be far worse. Troy was a RA for his college dorm. It was a Thursday night and he was making his rounds. He walked past a group of guys and saw bottles of beer, which were prohibited on campus.

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He reported the incident to his boss and the guys were disciplined the next morning. It was now Friday and about the same time as Thursday, Troy was making his rounds once again. He approached the group of guys. As he walking past them, they walked up to him and surrounded him. They all busted out laughing. They took off his jeans the rest of the way, then his socks and shoes. They walked him down to the dorm lobby. They then tied him up and put him on the couch and left all night. They came back in the morning and picked him up and carried him outside.

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They then retied him so his hands where tied in the back and his feet were also tied. To his dismay he was standing in front of a statue on campus. The statue was of a man riding a horse with a sword sticking out. They then let him go and Troy yelled but it was on deaf ears due to the gag. As he was hanging there he remembered it was the day that prospects were viewing the school. Troy was praying for his briefs to rip but they were stretchy and not giving up.

Eventually the guys came back let him down. One of the guys said if he snitched again it will be worse. They untied his feet and Troy fixed his briefs. They then walked off saying good luck. Troy now had to get back to his room while he was blindfolded, gagged, hands tied, and just in his briefs. Oh my, Oh my— Doug was wondering Doug was now flush with embarrassment wishing that he had worn a belt so that his brief waistband would not be exposed Oh my, Oh my— Doug was wondering now why he ever given his shirt to his best friend who Ghost wedgie stories rushing to give him his shirt back Was Doug really going to have pants taken off?

Now another guy said get his shoes and Doug can keep his pants No, No, Doug realized that without shoes he could not run and with no shoes pants could be taken off easily. Orders: Drop Step out Bend over now. Instagram find.

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Wait for it. Wedgie in tighty whities! Top Photos.

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