Giantess little sister story

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New round starts October 1! Your Little Sister's Plaything. Intro Rated: Non-E. Paging: Next Item. Location: My Portfolio. Genres: FantasyEroticaFamily. Chapter 2 Giantess Sister. She flops down on the opposite end of your bed, and puts her feet into your lap. Despite the fact that Melody is your sister, you like it when she gives you all this attention. She pulls out a small vial.

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You give her a confused look, so she explains. She sits up and grabs something else from her pocket.

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You look and see that she is holding a tiny chair. It is identical to the one that is normally at her desk. Her parents are chemical engineers," Melody says. It also works on living organisms. I kinda want to try it on you. I have always wanted a shrunken man.

Can I shrink you?

Giantess little sister story

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Chapter My Sister